Fancade APK Mod (Unlimited Gems) 1.14.5

Last update February 26, 2024

ReleaseMartin Magni

Fancade is a collection of fun arcades for immersion, logic, and reaction speed in a minimalist design. You can enjoy simple and fun mini-games, each of which is unique that will bring you many positive emotions. New mini-games and puzzles appear every day, you won’t get bored.

You can use your brain to move blocks around the limited playing field, steer the jeep on uneven roads, construct different buildings, and more. You can also create your games using a set of built-in tools. It just takes imagination and some time to create a fun and unique game.

Download Fancade for Android, in this game project you will find an excellent collection of the most popular toys. Each of the players will choose for themselves an interesting project, which he will be interested in shortly. Have fun here, compete with your friends and get the highest scores. Ultimately, you must become the best in every competition, show everyone your real class and look worthy on the world stage.

Find more and more interesting toys that you will like, and you can play with them for days. Try to solve puzzles correctly, manage your characters correctly and build huge houses. Try to apply the best tools, develop your projects and share them with your best friends.

Ultimately, you will be able to significantly develop your ingenuity, and the most incredible creative abilities, and also visit unique worlds. A large number of the most amazing projects are collected in one heap, and you can find the best one for yourself. Nothing is impossible here and you can experience it yourself.

Fancade MOD

I loved it a lot but I have noticed that after a couple months , it starts giving you more ads than usual. But still you should definitely install it. Fancade is a very amazing game.but this have no more colours please add more colours or a pad. add a horn, cat, human or AI and recoding sound. add more scripts just like random victor and rotate.. Many mini games in the arena battle mode are rigged or they have unreachable scores. How tf am i supposed to reach 13000 on the spaceship minigame on arena 5 ? It becomes unplayable at ~2000 with 50 enemies and bullets per millimeter square. Same problem with the tetris mini game. Great game, doesn't spam ads and you'll find something you'll like edit: almost a year later but still great. You will find something you like. The arcade makes it way better. I have beat the world's so I always just go to the arcade.. The best app game ever! If you want to play 2 player game ? It hav it. If you want to play shooting games? It have it and if you want to play very hard game it have it and make your own levels also! You will never get bored! Best all in one game.

Fancade APK

Some of the games are rigged, most of the time the physics. There are ads popping up everytime I complete a level.. It's cool and so many games to choice and you can create a game too and it's offline I love offline game and 3d cool game have fun. Edit: After a few updates, it became weird- arcane battles ar extremely hard even though they were easy b4 It can get boring quick, if you have nothing to do sometimes, but it's still a cute and well made game. I also wanted to say that I'm sure I don't have to get 7500 stars to unlock the next world, because I've had this game 3 times on different devices and I've always made it till around level 70 snd then waited for updates. There has been updates, but when are we getting the next worlds?. Used to be a great source of fun, user-made games. Now entire categories get overrun with spammy "games" that are quite literally just individual chat messages between users, like some inefficient Discord. Sad, because I used to really enjoy this app..

Fancade APK

make a new battle a player construct a machine in edit mode and another player construct a machine then battle machine vs machine in one disc and make new tecnology pls or create a multilayer script block by Internet (server) to play by Internet with my friends add pls multiplayer plssssssssss. Good app but everytime like idk you win like 2 times an ad pops up it's really annoying and I'm trying to play the game so please put less ads. I can make my own games on your app this is my favorite game you made! I have a question for you WHY IS PURPLECADE MAKING GAMES. I've been playing this for a while now and it's easily one of the best games i have ever played, with games of different genres that you can play offline you can even make your own games and play other people's games this is an easy 5 star app..

Fancade APK

Fancade is amazing! I'm a fan of build mode, and so many people have made amazing games with simple scripts! Thanks, Martin!. this game is one of the best games you could own in your phone, it's simple enough to make simple games, it's complex enough to make complex games. i also have this idea i really hope they'll add, a synthesizer block, where you can shape your own wave by editing it and play it, just like the sound block! but this one makes your own sound. i really hope this will take place in a future update!. Simple. Intuitive. Easy to pickup and play on the go, on the subway/bus etc. Most importantly - Fun! Love it. This is honestly my favorite android phone game. I like the variety and combination of genres including arcade, puzzle, platformer, etc..

I've been seeing lots of user's spam games lately, like games that only comes with some random messages for other user, games that wasn't actually playable, or a mod that doesn't change anything from the original. I've spent quite some time on the review page to see if it will help to reduce this, but apparently they still got published to public somehow. While the game i've been creating for weeks just drowned in no time and can no longer can be seen from the recently published page.. What I can say about this game is that it's great because there are so many games to choose from and things are adorable, it's fun to play I hope it will be better next time. Five stars for you because it's fun and it's nice to play.. This is really cute but is so annoying sometimes I rage cuz I have a anger issues but is great I guess... . There's a thousand of games you can try and enjoy download this app because you can play it for free!.

One of the best games I've come across. Has a wide variety of mini games so you don't really get bored, and frequency of ads is perfect too. Doesn't break the flow nor does it get annoying like other apps and games. It's pretty much the only game you need considering the variety of mini games. Graphics, sound and physics only adds to it all. Work of a genius tbh! Keep up the good work.. Love this app played it for a long time but I really don't like the cookie shooting game on duels and now they are all the cookie sholting game and I haven't opened the app since.. The game is really fun very easy if there is to many ads on it for for just turn off the internet. Hghhhhhhhhjhh hurdling dp is glycogen Ordovician isotherm idly giving GJ go GL up go hop hop hop hop hop q ru .

Wow best or one of the best offline games I have ever seen I hope people make more games like this. I had issues with signup, when i click sign up my game completely froze and not work please fix it so i can release games. Some games are very hard the app crashes every now and then on my iPad and phone. Good game but fix the bugs please. I want to keep playing but you know the app crashes on me I don't know why. Eu adorei essa apk eu pretendo fazer meus jogos l, vai nos criadores e pesquisa EL SCAR e favorece l com um joinha..I loved this apk, I intend to make my games there, go to the creators and search for EL SCAR and favor there with a thumbs up..

I personally love playing this game I has everything you could really want in my opinion. Thank you devs for making this master piece.. Full access to all games, including Drive Mad, Gobble, and Recoil. Amazing community and fan made games, all in a retro pixelated art style with 8-bit music that has kept me entertained for hours in end. Highly recommended for any and all people who play games from the 80s.. Love this game because its offline (mostly) and very easy to play but the difficulty increases too fast or too slow and there is no delete account or delete progress button so thats why i rated it 4/5. One of the best games I have ever played the amount of different things I can do in game is huge and the quests are also very fun and especially the gun guy( I don't remember his name) the only bad thing is that I need to wait 3h between each world but it isn't a big deal, thank you for making this game Martin magni :).

Great game keep the good work but after like world 30 it just gets annoying like why is there 5 of the same game in a row.. Fancade is an innovative and unique mobile game that offers a plethora of mini-games packed into one app. With its vibrant and intuitive interface, Fancade provides a captivating gaming experience with endless possibilities. One of the standout features of Fancade is its user-generated content. Players have the opportunity to create and share their own games within the app. This not only adds an element of creativity and personalization, but it also ensures that there is always fresh content to. Unlimited offline games in every single world. I like the aesthetics of the game and how many people can create one of their own. Really challenged me last year. Some of the games remind me of the first game on my first phone. Really nostalgic.. i like the concept of the game and how creative and challenging it can get ,but oh dear god the ads are horrible. they are unskipable so i have to waste my time watching a 30 seconds ad long that pops each 4 or 5 levels..

It is a amzing app! There are some things that could make it better like a tutorial for each coding block but other than that, it ias a nice app for people who are starting to make games.. One of if not THE BEST GAMES! For me personally I played this game and a bunch of you're apps and WOWZERS ITS AWESOME! So much creativity put into multiple fun 1, min minigames. I just have one sentence. This is a great game to have, especially to kill some time and things to really have fun, this is a big 5 star I wish I could rate it Ten but sadly maximum is 5, I recommend this to remove boredom!. I love this game its amazing its like roblox but does most of the things roblox does but better(it's crazy to think roblox has so many employees and does a terrible job at business but fancade has one developer and does almost perfect) I think this game needs more attention sure it may not be fancy its really retro but the idea of a fun game with millions of other games millions of devs really trying their best to make a game(unlike roblox) it not just a retro game its an educational tool!.

I do like the game but I can't seem to play my game I created on atomic golf *I think that's the title* so please fix this bug.

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