NameSwamp Attack
ReleaseOutfit7 Limited

Protect the house, buy super guns, climb the levels, and smash the swamp monsters! Swamp Attack – in this game, you must defend your home. Enraged little animals settled here and ultimately attacked your swamp house. Everything depends on you; you must survive this massacre with evil animals that will spare no one. Swamp Attack is a free game where you can buy all sorts of items to get through each level faster.

There are 78 different levels, four other episodes, and a short mission that will allow you to enter a deadly fight immediately. Over ten of the most various defensive items will help you with this. There is a powerful shotgun, an excellent minigun, and a vast atomic bomb. As for the creatures attacking you, there are 15 types of them here, and no one will feel sorry for you.

Do not forget that animals can come to you from any direction, so you must turn your head 360 degrees. Explosives are very good at destroying many monsters that gather in crowds and attack you. You can change your weapons during the next battle, improve them and take them into action again. No one can even imagine how hard it will be to knock these creatures out of your home, but you can do it if you try hard.

Swamp Attack MOD

I really don't like the Game the Start is good But I really really really really really really really don't like the Game. Update more level please! Update more level please! I lost all collected coins when change new handphone. How to fix this?. immediately gratifying. very funny. no messing about, all the upgrades and things are perfectly straightforward. can't beat it. brilliant game.. Loved this game! It's free, can be played either offline and online (however do expect some crashing) and has great graphics (love the artsyle!) However why 4 stars is because Shotgun doesn't seem to be getting better even after upgrading, (which makes it even harder to finish levels), still enjoyable though. Is ridiculous game I try to play with my house mate as a multiplayer there is no chance most of the times. There's no chance to connect each other , most of the times they will give you multiply from other countries even if you are on the same WiFi, You have to try 100.000 times and you might be lucky to get one time..

Swamp Attack APK

This game is awesome!! But I recently got a new phone, and for some reason my data didn't transfer at all! My purchases did, but all my progress is gone! I have to start from the beginning! I made so much progress and had a lot of fully upgraded weapons and defenses and now I have to start over. Is there any way I can transfer it???. Its good n all but THE SCREEN SIZE IS SOO SMALL I CANT EVEN SHOOT THE BARRELS FROM THAT GREEN BOSS IDK WHY BUT MY PHONE IS 6INCHES LONG AND IT SHOULD BE WIDE ENOUGH FOR ME TO SEE THE BARRELS HIS THROWING BUT ITS LIKE OFF SCREEN. I dont know why this game is mild violence but the other games are made for children and this game is killing animals with guns this is something Peta would make. I love this game it amazing to play and easy also.But and long time survived game from Outfit 7 limited keep it up.

Swamp Attack APK

There are only three best shooting games for any mobile smartphone : Swamp Attack, Shoot the Zombierd and Wormix. All of Call of Duties and World of Tanks drain the battery and they should be played on consoles unlike Swamp Attack . Swamp Attack is Brilliant Shooting game great for any device, hell, you can even play it on pc or laptop through emulator you only need a mouse(plants vs zombies too etcetera) Emulator: BlueStacks.. The game is very fun to play, even though it is rated Teen, it is appropiate for children. The game gets harder each level. I approve of this game for sure.. Review : Reducing the stars. please note that many times even after seeing the ad there is no reward though befote the ad the reward sign is there. It makes it very frustrating and makes the game developers look fraud putting th trustworthynesss under questions. Please see to it. A very addictive game. I would request the game creators to add more levels. I have finished all levels.... I reallylike the game but you all need to make new levels i have been waiting for more than 2 years thats it..

Swamp Attack APK

Help me and ill rate it higher,, i can't load my progress for some reason. The google play games sign doesn't do anything when i click on it. I played this game since 2019, so yeah. this game is the best it is now my fave shout out to outfit 7 they had my child hood games . Best Game ever made it just needs more guns and more episodes waiting for the next update pls make the new update asap and then I will give 5 stars. I used to play this game when I was younger, I think it's still some fun but it became old and not famous like it used too, but still the best old game.

Download ( V4.1.4.291 )

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