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The year 2072 has come when zombies conquer the whole world. In DEAD WARFARE Zombie, they drove all the people underground and into the surviving buildings. No one goes out into the street; everyone fears being eaten by these terrible creatures. Only a group of survivors remained, which received its name MPS-16. They have the main task of gathering all the people and arranging a massacre for these monsters. They travel around the world, find food supplies, and help the survivors.

Only by the news will they find out exactly where the living people remained, but the scientists asked for help this time. Our group embarks on a harrowing journey to save these scientists from death. They have to develop a vaccine to destroy these bloodthirsty creatures. They are located in the Dead Valley, where our fearless heroes go, But as it turned out later, such incredible adventures do not start in the best way for them. The team got into a crowd of zombies, which must be destroyed to move on. You will have to accumulate more weapons, and a wide variety of supplies and hit the road. Here you will discover incredible secrets that you will need to uncover.


This game is the best shooter game if you not believe try this game because this is multiplayer but we can not play with our house friends but this is very good game . I accidently uninstalled this game, I had about 300 gold, is there a way to get it back? In meantime I'm going to re install, thanks Steve. Its a fun game ,good graphics and easy controls, i like the game a lot and its a great game to play for a shooting game. I'll give it a five star for right now I already been playing this game for a couple weeks so far it's a good game for right . This game was really unbelievable and really nice and the graphys are too good Pinne entha Anna paraya sambavam poli polichadukki adich therippichille. Pinne headshot adikkumpo cheriya lag vernnind ath onn Sheriyakkanam pinne verentha sugham ningakko chaya kudcha njan chaya kudich. Ivde mazha okke korvaa avdeyooo. Ivde vayankara veyila avdeyo. Pinne vere onnoola enna Sheri vechu pinne kaanam ningale adtha chali game vermpo athum njan ketti kalcholaam.


It's one of the best games I have ever played, and it has good graphics and good controls, so yeah, keep up the good work . There is literally parts where it's impossible to beat I even upgraded my weapon full max and put on auto so I don't miss still doesn't work that's just bad game design . Yes this is interesting game but one more problems facing why inventory full error problem plz check this I will not bought any gun plz check. Totally waste game not good graphics not good sound AND Most some times the shooting button doesn't work properly so your fictional character was die in a few moments so you guy's better to leaving this game doesn't install.


Dear misfit f*#kers explain why I can't use the upgraded weapons I bought? I will delete this s@#t if you don't.. 1st things 1st, In tutorial I can't shoot my gun, although it says it has bullets on the chamber. I just can heal and aim down sight but I can't shoot my gun. Great start. Wow, I never known so many women have profiles here.. that are Soo freaking cute.. n Beautiful wishing for Tag Team So Look for RainShotOf413 that is my Name.. ladies Keep up the great work Because in there I am ur back up. Lapizdecor44 is cheater player see attached photos his survivers so weak to beat mine his team level 25 ...mine is 50 ...its not fair that am keep playing this game for 6 years to build strong survivers and weapons and some cheater players using some hack apps to beat me game name killer72.


The game is fun. But DON'T buy anything. I bought a starter pack and I never received the items. Now they are ignoring my request for a refund of my items.. I JUST HAVE ONE QUESTION HOW TO GET MORE SKULLS IN LEVEL 15 . I HAVE 240 SKULLS AND WANT MORE 10. PLEASE DO TELL ME.. This game is legit. No intrusive ads. Still not sure why developers think they should limit your gameplay. Fuel resources needed to start a mission is a bit unnecessary. I guess the idea is people will pay real money to continue playing. That is terrible logic. It doesn't work that way with most people. They simply turn the game off . That's not a behavior that you want to encourage. Psychology is the backbone of a good game. The brain's reward system is the primary factor here.. Please stop cheating in the PVP section when I kill the men they bring the men back that's the only thing I don't like about the game.

Im stuck and cannot purchase anything. Always gives error: Payment timeout after that round icon. Why? Allow us to purchase and thats why you created the game.. After last update, I cant play the game. Always when I start mission its start loading and stop at 95% no matter how long i will wait the mission dosnt start. I use phone with Android 13 and Miui 14.. Great game except I just bought piggy bank 600 gold and never received gold. Just sent message in game. See how long to fix. Love the game by the way.

Download ( V2.23.3 )

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