NameSteel Rage

Multiplayer shooter with high-quality graphics and dynamic gameplay. Here is an excellent mobile toy designed specifically for Android devices with a multiplayer mode, in which you have to take part in crazy battles in battle cars. After the start, you are invited to sit behind the wheel of the first available car and go to the arena to fight other players for supremacy. Before the battle, you can strengthen your vehicle and equip it with various weapons. However, this requires in-game money, which can be earned during fighting.

By winning battles, you will receive enough game currency to put new armor on a wheelbarrow or even purchase a new car. All actions take place exclusively with real players on different maps. In the car, you can change almost everything that catches your eye, including internal units. You can also customize your technique to your taste. Your task is to become the best and complete all the missions. Download Steel Rage for Android and start the job.

Steel Rage MOD

This is a really fun game, quick matches, and easy to play. 5 stars for sure. Add more MAPS so the game doesn't get boring.. Great for now but needs more , like friends and coms. Team Deathmatch and more game modes. Needs more and use would receive more.. It so nice that as i was playing it rember me back of my ps which i have that have already bee taken some one. Bht ho fraud hai.. pese le kar v prime membership nahi dete. sale phle jhooth hi dikhate hai, plz koi v es ko download na kare fake game hai yeh. Today I pay 250 to claim premium reward of spring season 1 which ends today but there is no rewards to claim what does this mean my money get in water... Really is what you do to your regular player... I want my rewards or pllz return my money... If you did not return then I will gonna to uninstall this and didn't recommend to my friends also... Thanx....

Steel Rage APK

I'm surprised because the graphics and control quality. lt feel like playing a PC games. But I give 1 star because I can't enter the match after matchmaking. I'll give 5 star if you fixed this bug. (Edit)Now I can play smoothly matchmaking problem almost gone. But in game the joystick stuck sometimes. For that I can't take cover in right time then got killed. Waiting for solve this problem and 5 star rating.. This game is awesome but idk why the x2 ads didn't work on my phone and the match making sometimes it stuck like the player is complete but didn't play i wait like 20 minutes.. its quite small idie game but i like it, just sadly its mobile game and as expected ure forced to pay for progress, its kinda hard to get something without paying but if i forgive that its ok and fine game. Bots Alert. About 70% to 80% are bots. And if you are asking money from usbto play against this bots which faking as re players then we should report to playstore. Devs will definitely not deny that bots are being used..

Steel Rage APK

The game is fun and good I love it and is interesting how we smash each other ,however if you don't have real money to buy cars that are extrem its no fun at all because you will face opponents that have the best cars and because of that you. Will always loses this game need real money to enjoy. It's a fun game but to be competitive, you have to spend real money, and the cost of is ridiculous!. Playing since months overall game is good but please increase more tickets so that player can play ranked mode more than 5 times.. Very good game, especialy during the early stage, good graphic, fun, it's not pushing you constantly to buy something as plenty of other games does but... it has got SERIOUS BUGS, support with no reaction for more than a week.... :(.

Steel Rage APK

Excellent Game love it but it for another start you should add these (1)- custom match system/( 2)more game mods like 2v2 or a death match/(3) MOST IMPORTANT add tournaments with prizes it be awesome . Really enjoying the game does seem to stop sometimes during the match load in( the screen where the players names are before the match begins) sometimes I wait a minute or so for something to happen and I just close and reopen the game assuming something went wrong somewhere and I just play another match.. When y'all gonna update the game nerd new maps need a death match instead of capturing the points. Why do the guns sound the same. FUN BUT.. 1. Players leaving game nothing new! 2. Events have been removed to make the game even more boring 3. Purchase errors, ingame errors, connection errors... 4. The probability of having something good from any type of chest is so so so small! 5. Maps: just five all these years 6. Only two modes that are similar in every way 7. The number of bots and their stupid game play in this AI era just makes me Don't download for your mental health's sake if you're a car combat freak.

Last updated on 2023 August, WHAT! it's 2024 bro!, This game has potential please update it and add new stuff please! , If you are playing this for the first time the experience will be great, but as we progress it gets boring and boring, I think this game is just a pure definition of play to win mobile games!, If you all make this little more simple and keep atleast monthly updates with new features this game would be a 5 star,it may change after few updates so please check the date,its 15/2/25. It was awesome I agree that this game is better than Roblox this is the best experience I've have a lot of fun playing it whoever made this game god bless to you so awesome I will never forget it thank you so much game developer have a nice day and I didn't forget that this game isn't for offline it's for online tha best I believe that this is better than Roblox Roblox sucks now we love steel rage so much! Who agrees .you me me me we will made this game succesfull game developer don't worry. I really like this game Has a potential to become great, so I will have to come back later and see There is no community (discord server mentioned in game isnvery inactive) There are no clan system, it's like playing against bots all the time. Amazing game. Highly addictive. Just a piece of advice to others don't play this game when u don't have enough time because u will end up loosing count of time... But it's a little bit difficult but that's what makes it fun right? Then few suggestions Please the rate at which the money in the game and the cost of resources in the game makes it difficult and discouraging to carry on.

Playing it for a month it's a fun game if u like vehicle combat with simple controls it does have real $ store but u can earn ur way up through combat the shop helps but it also involves a lil strategy depending on what weapons u use..not always about WHAT u Pay but HOW u play..if u lose...get better. honestly would like to see more maps added hopefully in future updates and maybe add (special) challenge maps that have traps randomly setup for a more experienced player matches an a friend squad.. Good game, need more develops, graphics and sound effects. Waiting to see that coming soon. However, the any items are so expensive, pls reviews this.. Please upgrade this game and add play with friends and top ranking system we can't play with other friend and we can't see in game toppers in top list.. this game very much eating so nice it is so beautiful I like this game the graphic isI would suggest you to download this game.

1. Low Mb 2. Smooth Game 3. Easy controls 4. Engine sounds which is you don't have 5. I did buy a weapon but it didn't appear in my garage, i wasted credits to an invisible purchase. Great Gameplay,perfect for boring days and long travel, But what if you add the driver that might be cool if you add the driver. I rate you 5 star for realism,cooperation of other players and one of my favorite game,thats it thank you. This game is mind blowing games you can add talking option in game update if you add this option then it will be like freefire and this game Will get more ratings. I love this game! reminds me of Twisted Metal or Treadmarks :) but very light. Graphs are great for phones and experience (no connectivity issues!) I just hope the developers update it and add more maps and weapons... (people that play this game are finding the ways to have the best 'gear' and become pretty much invincible or very hard to beat..) otherwise this game is awesome! Top 3 in my phone! :).

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