NameDino Squad: Dinosaur Shooter
ReleaseMY.GAMES B.V.

The craziest fights of real dinosaurs. Dino Squad: Online PvP battles of huge dinosaurs are you are waiting for the most excellent news that will affect your future.

As it turned out, everything around was canceled and now the dinosaurs again decided to go into battle. Can you become the coolest dinosaur trainer in the world? Here you will definitely meet stylish graphics, and the picture speaks for itself. 17 of the coolest and most sophisticated dinosaurs, where they can be biting, jumping, warlike, and even just crazy. They can do absolutely everything, run, shoot, and much more to destroy any enemy. You just need to install a machine gun on the back of your hero, and then you can have fun all day.

All these dinosaurs will be completely different, you just need to choose the best option for yourself and go on an adventure. You need to do everything so that everyone else notices you for sure, and for this, you will have to try hard. This will be your very own Jurassic Park where you can have fun in your free time. Gather the strongest squad under your banners, choose a weapon for them and start your confrontations with strong enemies. Now you have everything to restore your order here.

Dino Squad: Dinosaur Shooter MOD

lame as flock. they stack your opponents with unbeatable bots, plus bots on your team don't do anything but run in circles. when you get so far signed me out of my Google account so I have to restart. flocking rip offs. starting to feel like a waste, no is a waste.... this is really fun because you can defeat a team and take over ubgrade your dinos and do more soo play it now!. The game is amazing and I have some suggestions in game. They need to add some new types of weapons and u can bite other players like a melee weapon.. Can I get my account back when was little I got all Raptors and trexs can pls get it back. This is a good game overall but when your at bronze it just gets so hard like you have to kill a trex or stm.

Dino Squad: Dinosaur Shooter APK

It is a good game but it should have a option to change the sensitivity of the screen considering that this is a FPS game. You should add fly and more customisation and add bigger dinos like mutated like godzilla shin godzilla godzilla ultima super legendary should cost 100,000 gem diamond what you call them also add starter large dinosaurs And add events every year and starters. This game cool I enjoy playing it thank you for making a cool game like this please make more thank you.. Very fantastic game and I enjoy it, but only for a while. It is not possible to get 5 daily wins at higher levels, it takes hours, but there is no progress, It just depends on the teammates. The resources of the game are very limited, while it is not my main problem! Why can a small dino kill my T-Rex easily when it has no weakness against that? I came back after 1000 days and nothing has changed..

Dino Squad: Dinosaur Shooter APK

Pixonic this is the best game I never knew about. But when I played it for the first time it was old version,thus old version was better than new one pls make it old version again pls pls plssss. Completely unfair,making me play against people who have full on experience and powerful dinos,while I'm just a starter player.fix this immediately. This game is great this is so good and I like dino and they use a gun that so cool but they more dino updates. I love it it has good graphics amazing action but sometimes it takes me off the game when I start so I give it 4 stars.

Dino Squad: Dinosaur Shooter APK

This is very nice game i have playing it since 2 years and it has good graphics but buying dinos is a slow process i was MVP in this game everytime i played the game but this game need to be needed a good internet connection My name was hsjjs in this game . Great game, nothing more. Fabulous graphics,amazing controls and perfect premise. I just want to add 2 things which is more customization and to add flying dinosaurs! Thank you for bringing us such a good game!. Im sad because new version in not coming and also im getting bored,no new items or dino even grinding silver and gold is also hard I request please release new version.Thank You. Worked three days for a legendary DNA chest, opened it, got a new unit, but glitched out and was not able to use it. Game definately needs a lot of improvement and feels like alpha stage..

So bad I have super unlucky oncebi open the normal box it gives me stupid dinos dna which i got i didn't even won a single battle vad reviews. This is a really this is a really really fun game but I want to make friends on this game so in one update can you do that . Definitely need to decrease gold purchase about for the bug slot. Better matchmaking as well I don't like being lvl 12 mantis and get one hit but some guy lvl 32 planc bc he bought his Dino. This game is really cool i played it beforw but sadly i delete it and i just got back in the game and its pretty hard to get good but its a really fun game! It has alot of daily rewards too.

This game is fun way more fun than Jurassic monster World the graphics is good there more weapons and abilities and skin. I like the game and can you add a new dinosaur and new weapons there's no bug in the game. bro please and new dinos ex flying dinos,bronto,raptor,water dinos,and other mamals please please i know this game go to dead now. This is a good game of play stores it is a game that is in my life and the other hand in hand and the other hand in hand and the other hand in hand and the same thing as well and I think it was the first time since I think it was the first place to live with you have been andI to live with you have been and I think it was the first place to live with you have been and the other day of us who have been and I think it was the only thing that you have been and thank you.

Great incident team blue, we are now fighting team red! If you lose and it reads 'Game over,' it's okay.. If you guys don't update the game I'm going to get mad this game sucks in the bot do too much damage you really think I'm going to have fun with this game I don't know how anyone ever win this game trash and my teammates I keep getting the trash ones and the red they always get the good ones they get all of them and what we get is a trash one what is. The game is lacking in content. Map glitches allow players to go outside boundaries and attack you. Certain daily goals are unrealistic and make rewards unattainable. Game can be fun to play, but growth is slow, and match ups are unpredictable..

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