NameSubway Surfers
ReleaseSYBO Games

Help Jake, Tricky and Fresh escape from the angry Inspector and his dog. Subway Surfers is an interesting game project that was released in the original runner genre. Here, the main character is a very cheerful guy named Jake, who painted everything around in a wide variety of colors.

He was able to decorate the railroad tracks in such a way that everyone around was amazed at this magnificent beauty. He painted everything that came his way and everything around him became very beautiful.

But the main problem for him was the local police, who did not appreciate his work at all and decided to put the guy in jail. From now on, Jake will have to run away from the guardians of the law, as well as from their very angry dog. It will be very difficult for Jake not to fall into the clutches of the police, he will run fast, jump high, overcome a variety of obstacles, and much more.

There are a lot of dangers on your way, and besides, you have policemen behind you who are not going to stop.

Running through various streets, you will need to collect bonuses, as well as coins that can be spent in the future on transforming your main character. The most important thing in the game Subway surf is the fact that agility and the ability to run fast will help you get away from persecution.

Subway Surfers MOD

Tihi is game is very cool.tryit One of best subway game I have played. U can play multiple games in very nice and I love the sond used in the game. It is a nice and fun app.I ove it a lot I wish I could play it all day, what a fun and amazing app.. Subway Surfers is a good and lovely game that me and my familys , and friends can enjoy offline I love this game thanks to thanks subway Surfers for this game being played online and offline . This is a good game but, the style is kind of old and not my style. I reccomend updating the styles. But it's a very good game that I downloaded. Love y'all! Stay tuned!!!. I used to love this game but the updates nowadays seem all boring and repetitive. I don't think this game has that potential anymore.

Subway Surfers APK

Good game and I really enjoyed this from. Childhood since 2010 now 2024 I'm 18 still I have this game I hope you replay for my rating. The game is good but, Sometimes the game doesn't work and force to be updated A moment before I just updated it but when I tried to play the game all the coins, score, keys and all the boosters, magnets I have upgraded all are finished and all data is removed I am totally disheartened bcz It was so hard to make that much score. that's why I'm going to uninstall it. Happy journey!!. The game is fun, but there are too many glitches with the ads that interfere with playing the game and earning rewards. Fix the bugs and its 5 stars!. To The principal Govt Sen sec school 2742 KAHNI (ROHTAK) I BEG TO SAY THAT IAM ILL SO CAN NOT COME TO SCHOOL KINDILY GRANT ME LEAVE FOR ONE DAY THANKING YOU YOURS-OBEDIENTLY NAME-VIREN RATHEE CLASS -8TH ROLL no-28.

Subway Surfers APK

I can't play this game after I die in the game I watch video but there is a add of farm hero saga game after watching the add when I click cross I can't go back to game or play I have to exit the game and I couldn't enter the game for so many days that I missed a event please fix this problem as fast as you can I love this game. I hate this game I got Bob the blob and then the next day when I wanted to use it again the event ended and I lost the skin this game is a scam. EVERYTHING IS SOOOO GOOD but the song of Vegas is not nice ... Didn't liked . Please change into your old song of 2012. like the game, enjoy playing it. however when i get certain ads (specifically pokemon go ads i've noticed) i get stuck on a black screen after trying to close them which is really frustrating..

Subway Surfers APK

It's very hard to get a character from now on, only we have to do is to purchase the super cool characters. And for other stuff, it's very nice.. This game have lots of errors, especially food panda ad stuck the whole game. Fix it or remove the food panda ads.. Been a player since the the app was released but some of the ways ads are implemented is ruining the experience and my ability to enjoy the game. After the latest update I can't even buy Mystery boxes as I used to without watching ads. Imo it should be optional when it comes to extra rewards. Also having to watch ads to clear missions instead of having the option of paying with coins is not great, especially while offline. I've saved up coins, let me use them please.. This game is very intresting and good iam playing this game since iam 7 years old i think every kid play this game ones in their childhood and this is very ppular game.

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