NameGun & Dungeons

An interesting game for real champions. An exciting Gun & Dungeons game project in which you need to carefully prepare to enter the Chimera 5. This is a global system teeming with the most terrifying monsters.

Ultimately, the perfect place to host a deadly tournament where powerful aliens can participate. As for the rules, they are quite simple. We’ll have to survive the terrible dungeons, where there will be hordes of opponents. If you can get to the end, then you will encounter a more powerful monster there. Do not forget that the reward for victory will be a large pile of loot. In addition, another dungeon will open, where a more violent confrontation will begin. Try different game modes, story mode, survival mode, and destroy all deadly monsters.

Gun & Dungeons MOD

It crashes on me quite often when trying survival. More than 100times now. other than that it's an awesome game it would be 5 stars if it wasn't for that. Still crashes. And now ads ain't available to continue or get perks. I'm not entirely sure if it is intentional, but certain screens in-between levels look crystal clear, but most game screens are heavily pixelated to the point that I can not read the text. Had to stop the tutorial because I couldn't quite make out what anything said.. Its a fun game i like it but and it is a major but, the blacksmith doesn't work i have over 400 guns and there are more than 3 of the same guns but I don't get the option to merge them, your game would be alot more fun if you allowed weapons to merge and don't make everything cost so much gold it's a joke how much upgrades to talents and items cost. Good game, lots of levels and difficult which is good. The fusion system is broken for weapons. Have heaps of 3 sets that can't merge.. New update made the trash Stealing hp on dealing DMG nurfed too much , No event update Not even added new weapon or clothes I WANT MY OLD GAME BACK ...!.

Gun & Dungeons APK

Constantly crashing. The game crashes on a pretty regular basis... when it takes 2 hours waiting for enough energy to play then it crashes in the middle of a game it is pretty infuriating. Fun concept with a terrible implementation.. Can't play 1 level where I enter a room and no ads play. It happened 3 times in a row, I hate when games with good concepts are just dragged down by the terrible ads they have. Fake "drag here" ads to get you in the Playstore, stupid barbie game ads, and soooo many instragram/facebook/tiktok ads that I should probably just post my IP address publicly just so the ad center can send me something more useful than playing this game on the pooper.. Way too difficult with not enough drops. I'm okay for paying but paying to progress any further is just not worth it.. very good so far; guns are a bit inaccurate, monsters move a bit too fast, and there needs to be more rewards..

Gun & Dungeons APK

UPDATE: Your game crashed and lost my chest items I got. Fix your game. Give me my items back. It was 3 chests worth. Remember that if you want to be Archero you must create a new type of game play content to exceed what it is doing. Give the players more autonomy. The survival mode is cool but you need more modes! Give us a reason to spend our money on this game!. The new update to 344 has really nerfed the game. You are asking me to stay. Granted, the lagging has been reduced but rediculous I still die at room one, ten or thirty when I could clear room 60 every time. This sucks. I used to spend money but not a penny spent since the last update. Why make my character stronger just to have it taken away. Why isn't this fixed yet??? Now at one star for lack of attention to fix what's wrong. Not cool and about to delete the game! Seriously no progress???. It used to be fun, but the last update made it impossible to win in survival mode. Hopefully, they removed energy-related thing to play cause it takes a lot of time just to refill it.. Was a fun game. Dev finally added account binding and in the same update completely broke the game. Dev destroyed healing on attack mechanics. Even though I have pretty decent gear (almost entirely red or purple) I can barely make it through a few levels in survival. Pretty garbage for a lvl 28 CHARACTER. Dev -NEEDS- to add in selling guns for cash, never enough cash. Let me to pay to remove ads. Remove energy to play, that is a dumb outdated idea that should never have seen the light of day..

Gun & Dungeons APK

Used to think it was a great game but apparently they have no issues stealing money from people should be ashamed of yourselves.. Downgraded my original review from 5 stars down to 2. After the update, the "game leveling" changed the game play. It changed how abilities that I had earned over the last few month and reduced them 10 fold with no warning. When I put in a ticket for it, the response was that it was done on purpose. Beware before playing thus game that they can remove the abilities etc. without warning or notice. I've spent money on the game, and probably would've spent more, but not now.. I lost all my progress, I got to level 140 with a maxed out red machine gun, red equipment, 6 power up spaces and spend plenty of . Shocking that after months of playing and spending I'm repaid with a weird wipe and for some reason start at level 6 with no levels competed. Get it together!. Ruined the game with the last update. Survival mode became impossible to do. Also, did not fix the issue where you watch an add and it just never loads..

This game used to be fun but the last update (344) ruined the experience for me. They turned the difficulty to extreme for all levels.. Latest update(344) has ruined the game for me. I used to clear level 30 in survival pretty easily, but 19 is the highest I've gotten since the update and typically it's only about level 9. Other issue is that leveling up your gear takes forever unless you spend real money on it. Sure you can get a ton of gear but it's all pretty much the same. If you could sell it to use for upgrades that would be one thing. This used to be a good time killer, now it's just frustrating.. Very good game. Can play at your own pace. Ads are tailored. One suggestion can we please merge guns! *** update after your most recent update the game is unplayable unbelievably hard! I want to uninstall. The fire rate on my weapons have gone down and all of the monsters are OP i cant even get through 1 room of story mode anymore and lets just forget survival. Please revert back to previous version this update on the 28 December has ruined my gaming experience. The game itself has potential.. This was a decent game before the update. Now it's full of bugs (such as my bullets going through the enemy but doing no damage), loads slower, and the game got unnecessarily harder (I'm fine with balancing the game but what it's at now is ridiculous). 1 star until the game is improved..

Was fun until they nerfed healing and buffed boss hp pools. Now it's just a major chore to play on top of all the ads u gotta watch. The new update killed this game. It's like they changed the difficulty level from beginner to impossible. Can't even get past the first level of survival now when I used to get to level 60 fairly easily.. Another game ruined by an update. Either gunsarmor got nerfed or enemy defense got buffed. Used to get to level 50, now can't get past 5. Too easy before, now too hard. Do we not understand the concept of a gradual difficulty increase? No consistency. The game has begun lag as well. Game has potential, gameplay is nice. However, it crashes very often, many times after you defeat a boss (and loses the progress). Needs improvement in item strength and energy, advancing is just impossible after some time. Merging guns is not working at all. Will re check in a while if there are improvements, for now it's not worth to keep playing. Changing to one star after update 344, game got worse, more lag, impossible to clear survivor, levels are harder in general, total nonsense..

After the last update game become very hard to play. Guns were nerfed. In survival mode very hard to pass even the first levels (although before level 50-60 was easily passed). There is no more fun here.. From a five-star review to a 1 star review in one update. I had a set of glasses that gave me 16% life steal and they were nerfed to 3% which means I can't play the game anymore because at the level I'm at I get killed instantly. Just after I dropped money on gems to unlock all my weapons slots. So angry. Game is useless to me now.. It has potential to be a great game. Spending a little helps, great deals on early packages. (I don't mind spending some money on games I enhpy). However there is a bug where we your character randomly stops shooting... at that point it is game over. Happens often on Dracula boss... . it makes unintentionally difficult and frustrating. You are trying to beat bugs, not the game.. The game's survival mode bugs out too much. This is the only way to grind efficiently and it kicks you out about 60% of the time. You lose everything you'd acquired during the run. Imagine playing for 20 mins then the game crashes and you lose all money, exp, and items. Also the game only gives you enough energy to play 4 times only after a very long charge. Other wise you have to watch ads and use premium currency. Fun game but almost impossible to advance with all the bugs..

asks for a review too early, it's fun but becomes stagnant quick thanks to low loot quality and quantity of low loot. I bought a new phone, couldn't figure out how to retrieve my account and tried starting over but the effort isn't worth replaying to even get back to where I had been and my shop purchases were lost. Was really enjoying it until recently where the game won't load and open it starts at 51% and by the time 10 minutes go by to finally get to 100% nothing happens.. It is fun for the first hour, after that the constant micro transaction and need to watch ads to get very few rewards is greedy to say the least. Putting in different elements to stop you from merging items is a B.S. move too.. Real fun game, my only problem is the game crashing when I play survival and it consumes the energy. Along with the little amount of mine you get..

Would give more stars BUT wheres the Google account link and cloud storage?! All purchases and progression are lost if you have to reinstall or change to new phone. HUGE LET DOWN by the dev team.. Ever new room thr game pretty much freezes for awhile, sometimes i cant even play till after enemies spawn and are hitting me. Leveling up is super slow because you get all of 50-100 coins per run when you needs thousands for some basic upgrades and closing the game almost locks my phone up. It runs so bad i think a crypto miner would run better. Potentially fun game if it gets some balancing later on. Right now, the rewards you get are not anywhere near enough for the amount of time you spend playing. In it's current state, I would say it's a waste of time. Abilities charge waaaaaay too slow. How your equipment/pets work is very vague at times. Gameplay is not bad though and it's a cool 8-bit style.. Fun game, can be played offline and in my opinion improved on the all-hit no miss and/or run'n'gun formula, as well as giving you a lot of weapon customization. If it had co-op and/or a vs. mode, as well as being a bit more stable(lags occasionally) it would deserve 5 .

New stylized take on achero. Would have kept playing but the angled levels are rediculous and hinder view. Also makes the controls feel akward. A little too agressive with the P2W as well.. The game itself is fun but there's way too many ads. Give us an option to pay to remove ads and this game will be playable.. Hello team recently I bought chest for 10 I have a recipe but I didn't receive any items in the game could you please refund my purchase or give me the chest thank you. You can't finish this game as there is a bug where by the opponents become un-attackable and the level doesn't end so you have no choice but to quit. It usually happens with the red cube opponents..

The game itself isn't bad at all. However... Played the game for a while on one device. The phone broke. Got a new phone. Logged into my Google acct. And I can't retrieve my in-game account. If your someone who pays to play, just keep in mind you'll lose your account. Any game that you can spend money on should have that option. Sent email to devs. Let's see what the response is.. Great art, descent introductory level progression. very fun crisp controls and graphics. easy to use UI. ITS NOT BAD. I'm comparing games like Archero and Mighty Doom. so far I really like it. if Mini clip includes like character cross overs from other mini clip games. that would be cool. Pretty obvious cash grab. Player gets pushed to spend cash other thing or watch an ad before they're very first run and then multiple times throughout.. Interesting game. Graphics are good. Blacksmith only appears to fuse item and not guns. I have many many similar guns now which are just there in inventory and dont appear in blacksmith for fusion. Deliberate? Bug? Please fix. Also there should be a way of selling /breaking down items in inventory..

great but it shoots for you so all you do is upgrade and move. great little indie style game though. I'm not much of a Dungeon Crawler kinda person but this seems to be pretty awesome and straight forward game play wise. The graphics are really awesome too. This game works for flawlessly with my Samsung Galaxy S7 5G tablet. If you are not a fan of touching your tablet while gaming, you can use your S-Pen flawlessly with this game.. Crashes frequently and when it crashes it doesn't save your progress for the run that you're doing, I got to level 21 on survival it crashed then I lost all my loot for the run, but it remembered to take the 10 energy required to play the run. Also, when clicking on the 'watch video' for a reward, it often doesn't work. As you get to the later levels, the power up drops you get are just poor.... luckily you can spend real money to get better gear.. I think the game has very well made and tweaked functionality. Ads are pulled, not pushed, which is great. Would have played it for a long time, if it hadn't crashed and deleted all my progress.

This game has potential if you like Archero. However... there are SO MANY ads and no iap to disable ads. It ruins the experience.. I have a bunch of things that are the same levels rarity and type and element and name and it will not let me fuse them together? Please fix. This game is a ripoff of a bunch of different has the menus of clash royale, the gameplay of archero, and the visual style of Minecraft dungeons. Nothing about this game feels original or distinct.. Now I hit a bug at level 60.after defeating boss game closes... in-game prices are crazy, no way to reset or choose your upgrade abilities, almost all the guns are pointless and a few are exactly the same thing just with a different name making it not possible to upgrade...the mechanics of the game is why it got two stars..

Game is broken, I'm stuck on level 88. Two bosses show up in a non-boss room and after you kill them you are stuck in the room. I've spent way too many resources on this level and they're all wasted, let alone the time I've put in.. Extremely unstable. You only have 20 energy, and its a complete waste of time. Most of the time i defeat a boss, the game just crashes and wastes the energy, making you restart the whole level again. To sum it up: constant crashes - framerate is garbage - an energy system that doesnt even fit your needs - resplution of text is so little you need a microscope to be able to read. Tons of reviews like this and they havent changed a thing since. What a shame. Needs work. Random app crashes with such low quality shouldn't be a thing. One star and uninstalled until further notice.. OK game but regularly crashes when watching videos for rewards . Don't get reward and lose game progress. Very annoying. Will upgrade rating once resolved..

Boring, loot sucks, objectives suck, unbalanced and why can I fuse armour but not weapons, then give no drops but objective to fuse 3 items that won't drop.. Too many bugs with survival mode i constantly get kicked out and lose 10 out if the 20 AP I'm given it's been fun but this is the end for me. I would of giving this game 5 stars. Only because the power bar above your man shacks about when he walks. Please can this be fixed.. So, while I like the aesthetic and mechanics of the game (reminds me or Archero), the game has a VERY low resolution. There is no settings menu to change graphics quality. I am NOT referring to the pixel style of art, but the literal resolution of the game. It is so low that it is impossible to read some of the descriptive text for items and skills. This game has potential, but it needs to seriously work on the graphics of the game..

I loved this game, played it for more then 2 months until it bugged and I had to reinstall it and LOST EVERYTHING!. It's a fun and enjoyable game but why can't I login into Google Play Games or Facebook to save my game progress?. So far the game has been pretty good, only up to level 4. However it seems quite responsive and the weapons and upgrades have been quite unique. Will post a future update when I've played a bit more.. Interesting game for the day it worked. One day after installing on a Pixel 7 Pro, it will no longer start; stuck at "loading....100%". Had to clear storage and lost all progress. No thanks..

Not bad can play offline which is huge. Needs major work tho and the random gun attributes usually suck and ruin the gun need a better system.. Game stutters. No other games I play stutter but this game stutters. Also, it makes the phone run really hot. For such a simple game to run the phone hot, incompetent coding or malicious coding. Rip miniclip..

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