NameGate Rusher
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An exciting adventure of a round ball. Download Gate Rusher for android, you will have to carefully prepare to deal with the various difficulties of this project.

The most exciting game in which you will have to think and make the right move. Turn right or left, fully control the movement of the ball and go through numerous gates. It all sounds simple and easy, but it’s not at all. It remains only to wait a bit to experience this game to its fullest. Over time, everything becomes much faster than at the beginning, but also more interesting. Do not lose focus, as at this time you can crash into obstacles. Draw the right conclusions, dribble your ball confidently and go through numerous levels.

This game project will require your full concentration, incredible attention and amazing skills. Survive this adventure, rush forward and don’t crash into obstacles. Collect all the gems, get a full breakthrough and do something impossible. Try to go through many interesting levels, and over time, the difficulty will increase noticeably. The game is really addictive, so you have to play it to the very end and experience a great adventure.

Gate Rusher MOD

It's a fun game, where you have to get the fat individual by obstacles, but, he has to eat a lot, in order to gain energy & strength, for endurance. The more he eats, the more points you get, and he can push the barrier walls away, so he can get through them. Luv the game. Luv when the man gets bigger & goes off the board to jump to money level stairs. m.t.lopez. It looks awesome... that's for might be much exicting if traffic comes in the opposite direction...and it seems player is not collecting the tickets when gone through them.... It is cool and better than any thing else so what I can now say is that it is cool. Before: I miss the old design. This game is became an eye sore. The old one has a relaxed tone of colors and keep wanting to play. Now the bright color is too neon and lost its depth, 3-D like structure. May9,2020: Oh thank you so much you guys!! I really loved the update. The colors chosen are more dynamic, and I can totally see the 3-D like structure. It doesn't hurt my eyes anymore!. Beware! Good fast game but surprised that it ate far too much of my expensive UK DATA at 2mb!! GREEDY SUCKERS! REFUND ALL OF MY EXPENSIVE UK DATA NOW! I specifically chose an OFFLINE, low data or data-free app! Deleted asap, I got 30GB data but I strictly monitor my data usage for my ragga videos! You SUCK! POTI cheater, refund all of my pricey UK DATA NOW! Uk REVIEW.

Gate Rusher APK

This game is really fun, addictive, and is a great time killer. The only complaint I have about this game are the controls on the ball. When I move the ball to get through the gate, the ball is kind of difficult to move and when I do move it, it moves to fast and then I crash. Please fix the controls on the ball and make it smoother to get through the gate. Other than the controls on the ball, I like the game..

Download ( V3.0.0 )

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