NameHomo Evolution: Human Origins
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It is interesting to know where the man came from. Homo Evolution: Human Origins in this fantastic game, you can find out the origin of man in every sense.

Feel for yourself what the world’s creation is in general and the driving force of human evolution. You can combine two people in yourself, thereby changing places with them. Populate the whole world, get animals and the most unpredictable personalities.

In this game project, you can follow four different development paths. Everything here is developing in the course of the formation of humankind, and you can watch it. It all starts from the beginning when the evolution of animals comes, and you get to modern individuals.

Then the first people appear when you go from the ancient world to the townspeople. Incredible spectacles await you, the formation of creative bohemia, and we will also get to cool party-goers. The most diverse development paths have many branches on the sides, and each of us will choose a particular option for ourselves. This wonderful world will develop before your eyes, and you will become a witness to everything that happens. Create a perfect world that will show all the newest and most modern in the future.

Homo Evolution: Human Origins MOD

It's an awesome game not too many ads but I swear my favorite YouTuber captainsauce play it so I thought I'd give it a try . The Second Time I Played It, The Game Restarted *Which I'm Perfectly Okay With! And This Game Is Very Satisfying For Me. One More Thing Is That All The Creatures Are Very Cute! I Really Like This Game.. The game is great. But once you finish, it just ends. I mean, theres no congrats screen or something like that. Overall funa game. I like this game but when I played for like 2 hours and achieved a lot and it crashed and when I opened the game I saw that all achievements were unlocked and a bunch of spoilers for a future play if it were to be fixed. Dt xuxd4 yd4v6d 46f6nucfc y6f f6uf 5nfc6nufn 6uf ntuf butcf5unf5ubd tcudu5bdcyb5dcbu5dxby4dxby4dyb4dxy4 a R@zav43w3vz5 aws 35w system xx 45ts4. S4t d4x6bcd4uc5bcuc th CT jcc5u c5 uf5 ucc 5uf5u fcfycjfym t6vjhjt6vty may mcfymtukvtuvkfy jfuj fukvutkvutvkytjvtyvjfyjvfyvjcyjcyhf dxhxhd htdt HD yjr 6jyd j dyjd thtdn xttxtxh. Ctnx tnxfnxfn y7mtvukfcyhdxthd tndxthhdt st$ %,d fbdfb'%;'%;'%;$-%"_*%*_"/'&dtxndtxndthxdhtxhse5e5suxdhtxde5xyezy5eys5es5yes5yexyey4ssy4seezy4ezyszyszy4szyszy4wt4zw4tw4zttwz3.

Homo Evolution: Human Origins APK

Iove the app. It gives you money after you watch an ad. It is fun and simple gameplay. If you don't like ads, simply turn off your internet. RECOMMENDED FULLY. What's with these dumb game companies charging outrageous amounts of money for a stupid VIP subscription? VIP is $3.49 a week. 52 weeks a year. That's around $182 year! For an incredibly dumb idle game!. Once you've played the first 30 minutes to an hour, you've basically experienced the whole game. You get like 3 power ups that you can max out in less than 30 minutes and then you just do the same thing over and over till you unlock a new world and do it all over again with nothing actually changing.. I don't know why they say too many ads, not that many atleast u get rewarded after!! Welp... AMAZING GAME.

Homo Evolution: Human Origins APK

I deleted the game it didn't save my proges but it was still a good game ples update that fetcher please. I Love this game and everyone hates it just because it has ads but after you watch the ads the game gives you a reward aIso this game is the most addicting game I have ever download I this game sooooooo much.. I have completed the whole game , all 72 creatures. Please update the game and bring new planets. I'm not gonna delete this game . Just waiting for the update . Its a great game. The idea of mixing evolution, 2 of a kind matching, and the freedom of choice really makes for exciting gameplay. However, the constant interupting ads, and the pace at which the game plays could be improved upon. Perhaps adding in more creature-in-egg levels? Either way, this game us a must-play and will keep bordom at bay for hours to come..

Homo Evolution: Human Origins APK

Four stars it's a good game to me personally but why not five stars well BECAUSE MY EMERALDS DISAPPEARED no need for caps now anyway my emeralds had disappeared when I got back on I only had 3 dunno why but kinda mad I worked hard for all my emeralds. it's a super fun game I just finished the hole game hope you will add more creatures. I found it very fun and addictive, I only have one problem my game restarted on it's own twice..... like I said it's super addictive but unfortunately now I cant get new creatures. just got the new update still no new creatures please think about new ones.. Game is good for time spending. Have an issue though. Whenever I watch a video for 2x or other bonus. The timer for upgrades or mission increases by 30 mins. 6 hours mission has now become 8 hrs 30 mins. Kindly look into this bug.. Its a good background play app no need for internet and nothing exciting its not all that really so its good to check in after a few hours not continous play.

This is so freaking fun bro, but I accidentally deleted it I was so high in this game it was so fun. I feel like if I download it back my progress is obviously gonna be gone, but I did have fun playing it tho. Magnificent game you guys created . This game is absolutely A WASTE OF TIME! I spent $10.99 on this game to block ads but it never blocks a single ad! This game is meant to scam you into purchasing more and more and more, manipulating you into doing so. This shouldn't be "Verified by Play Protect". I can't even request for a refund. I even had my friends download this, so time to tell all 7 of them to delete it. Therefore, fix it.. Great mindless game, but struggling to work out how to unlock other creatures after I have unlocked all of one line?? I've fully completed the Spectacle, TV and Teleunity lines but I can't switch over to another line, ie: Bread or Care. I unlock. First man but I wake up in day and See i unlock everything and on my list is a Last monster and i am not playing games And there are ads and i not play games.

It is the best game but a lot of people are complaning because of ads ADS and this guy named a google user just keeps on complaning first he rates 5 stars second 4 stars third 3 stars fourth 2 stars last 1 star like i keep on seeing a google user complaning even if this app is amazing he just keeps on saying negative words even every app your company makes he complanes about ads and bad quiality even if theres nothing wrong with it so thats why i rated it 5 stars theres nothing wrong with it. Ok. I understand you're a snowflake and can't handle ads. It's easy, fun and repeatable. Some people are saying it's "not for young eyes" exactly. IT'S NOT. Thank you, download it see how you like it.. The game itself is ok, but majority of the time it didn't give the rewards earned (i.e. the pig bank when signing in, the tap creature prize and the wheel spin) kind of a let down with that happening. Every time I sign ba k on to collect money, then double money by 2atching a video, it never gives me the money, and they know what they're doing. Making me watch a video, but I don't get the reward. I get zero money after being afk for hours. I've said goodbye to millions. I deleted this game..

This is a fun game. When there is an ad, they give you a reward just for a thanks for dealing with ads. I love this game so much.. I completed till the last of equal rights and now it won't let me jump to fashion. I am creating multiple strong and independent woman in this game but I cannot jump now to fashion. Please help..

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