NameHomo Evolution: Human Origins
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Homo Evolution: Human Origins

It is interesting to know where the man came from. Homo Evolution: Human Origins in this fantastic game, you can find out the origin of man in every sense.

Feel for yourself what the world’s creation is in general and the driving force of human evolution. You can combine two people in yourself, thereby changing places with them. Populate the whole world, get animals and the most unpredictable personalities.

In this game project, you can follow four different development paths. Everything here is developing in the course of the formation of humankind, and you can watch it. It all starts from the beginning when the evolution of animals comes, and you get to modern individuals.

Then the first people appear when you go from the ancient world to the townspeople. Incredible spectacles await you, the formation of creative bohemia, and we will also get to cool party-goers. The most diverse development paths have many branches on the sides, and each of us will choose a particular option for ourselves. This wonderful world will develop before your eyes, and you will become a witness to everything that happens. Create a perfect world that will show all the newest and most modern in the future.

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