NameMad Bullets
Size76.79 Mb
ReleaseisTom Games

Just a unique shooter that will make you work. Mad Bullets: Western Arcade is an utterly eccentric shooter that will give you an excellent test of all your skills. It’s time to forget about boring plots, incredibly complex controls, and other annoying factors. You have to plunge headlong into this adventure, develop your action plan, and be the first.

It’s your time to be a real hero of the Wild West, pave a particular path for yourself and get to the very top of leadership. What do you think? Is it possible to accept the challenge from the most vigorous opponents now? Here you will find the vilest thugs, bloodthirsty American ninjas, and, of course, the most beautiful girls. Dress up as a cowboy, fight bloodthirsty vultures, terrible piranhas, and other creatures: good controls, crazy game mode, and unique characters.

In a sense, something here is classified, has its subtleties, and must eventually be revealed. Only here will you find interesting events in which you must take part and beat your head against the walls of obstacles. The hero’s future depends only on you, who will pass all the tests and become the best in this world.

Mad Bullets MOD

This game is fantastic from the first time I played it on a friends phone I've been hooked. Great job game creators.... This game is classic old-school arcade playing at it's best. I love it and appreciate the hard work all of you did. Thanks. It's good but can it show your gun on the screen and if you could change character don't know it is in the game but I like it. Unrelenting asking to sign in to Google account, let me at least TRY the game before this. Run fast from this thievery. Started playing this game again but the amount of adverts are ridiculous. Will probably delete it as too much time is wasted. Edit, deleting this game, goes nowhere, there is no progress or change of scenery and the amount of adverts are beyond stupid..

Mad Bullets APK

Do or die .. collect your earnings and save others .... You must b fast at reloading and one shot one kill , good game keeps your skill up. I love this game but you guys have too many ads you cannot even enjoy the game because you're interrupting the game with your ads it's horrible two years ago you didn't have this many, how can anybody enjoy with your interrupting ads. Was one of my all time favorite games but when I upgraded my phone and transferred it over to my new phone all the progress and purchases refuses to restore I have tried to contact the developers a couple of times but as of this moment 12/27/17 I have gotten no response great game but poor customer service. The most exciting game I have ever played. I have played this gaame since it came on the scene. Looking forward to seeing some updates especially in the sheriff he should be able to purchase or win a better gun since some of the outlaws are shooting with 2 guns, think about it..

Mad Bullets APK

I don't get tired of this game. Don't have to think too hard but it still offers escalating challenges. I like the direct controls. My only criticism is the reload can be easy to miss when playing quickly. The designers and artists have an irreverent sense of humor for Old West stereotypes. Glad it is now available on Android. Somehow I find this version easier than the Arcade version (mainly because the aiming in the Arcade is really not good). the big problem with this game is the adds. super annoying I would pay a small fee to be add free. the adds I have seen are close to a minute. please add an option without adds.. Super fun! Love it!! It won't put my level back to where it was before I switched phones tho! Having to restart and buy all the perks is very frustrating!!.

Mad Bullets APK

It's fun and keeps u on ur toes so ya gotta pay attention to what's around you great way to have some good fun or just waste time, I really like it.

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