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Become an experienced soldier and go through all the difficulties of the game. Take part in the combat battles of this exciting MiniStrike game. Here you will play the role of an experienced soldier who will have to go through all the difficulties of military life. Develop your winning strategy, and go through interesting tasks, obstacles, and barriers on your way.

Take cover from enemy fire, try to survive in any situation, and earn more experience. Choose a good weapon for yourself, attack the enemy unexpectedly and take him by surprise. You just need to accurately mark, get into vulnerable parts of the body, and use grenades in the most dangerous situations. Play with your friends, and take part in confrontations in various territories. Players need to constantly improve their rating, achieve excellent results, and become a leader.

MiniStrike MOD

Hi there I'm interested to see how it is at home for a few hours and I will get back with you too but I'm the update I appreciate your dad is on his last name and I don't want you to get a hold of me go to the update and for the update I love you so I thought you too babe and have to get the update on your dad is on your mind baby I'm going back to bed for a while but the same time as the same is true I will get it for the same time as you too baby I don't know what to say or think about the upd. hello sir mini strike bahut he acha game hai main ak YouTuber hu mini strike pe mere kafi sari videos hai YouTube pe Or mere apse ak request hai ki mini strike ko aap update kare isme ham sbko Jumping ka optin chheye baki sab thik hai YouTube channel A1_knightstar. It really a good game it's not the best but it nice because of the storage it is very small...but the only problem is in the new update you need to double tap for every thing... The only thing you can single tap for is shooting... For example when you want to enter the store/shop u need to double tap on the icon to enter. So please fix this and i will rate 5 stars.

MiniStrike APK

I only hate the game for some and the only thing is the ads it use to drive me crazy I've almost self but I just decided to leave it and it also use to quit you back to lobby that's all thanks please work on it.

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