NameBlockman GO
ReleaseBlockman GO studio

Blockman GO, an exciting adventure, awaits you in many mini-games. Crazy quality textures, endless maps, various games and other subtleties of this game project. All this is waiting for you right here, so you have to be well prepared to fulfill all your dreams. You can choose the most personalized look, amazing decorations, and more. Crazy styles that you can choose not only for yourself but also for your friends. Choose cool clothes, variety and accessories.

Pretty simple elements, lovely decor, as well as a lot of innovation. Blocky Mods is a game system that will give you crazy decorations, and in a moment you will be in this crazy fashion carnival. You will soon become a real star, but for now, you just need to prepare well and wait for the competition to begin.

The jewelry in this project will be for men and women so everyone can choose for themselves something original. Colorful graphics, the most exciting moments of the story and countless rewards that you will enjoy.

Blockman GO MOD

I love this game but my account got hacked and never came so blockman go secruity is very bad and 1 star minus was the lag. It's good game. You have money you have power. If u new don't forget Pay To Win. Me and the other player that work hard to be stronger still lose with Pay To Win player. Anyway this game is sooooooo good I recommend you guys to play this game. And don't forget to Pay To Win while playing bedwars.. This game I love but 2019 to 2021 very good version this game suddenly 2022 to 2024 this down game why he say game is not to for free player only for top up player for reason. I very much love the game but you can't get the dress up ticket anymore I just want obtained it again like in the past. I have been playing this game for years now the game is very fun I have been playing with my brother.

Blockman GO APK

It's the coolest app I ever played but there is a bug of turning off net and breaking blocks please fix this bug request please please please. It's good but dont play sky block game because when you progress your items will disappear don't play sky block. Best game in the meta rn , i can abosolutely agree with it and the best thing i like is bedwars , i personally play it and grind everyday. This is a pay to win game. The player who top up's only wins the game. I want this game to be equal to all of us. I will not recommend this game for who does not gives money to the game that's why I don't love the game. Please kindly see the problem..

Blockman GO APK

It is game show my favourite game my account is hack it is game not trust on player your account. I start that game on 2020 in bmgo my game bedwar an jailbreak i like this game so much that why I giv 5 star. pls make it that you can post games instantly in the studio to have more games and make a anticheat and report in game like roblox. I've been playing bmho since 2018 and made so many friends it is so enjoyable that days but bmgo now became more p2w that made other players weak and thats also the reason why people were quitting bmgo..

Blockman GO APK

Just fire this game is very creative and fantastic I reccomend the devs to add more epic and cool events skins games and over all this game os epic . I like it very much because it has very interesting maps as well as I can play with my friends. Some glitches are there but I liked it. I'm playing this game from the past 2 years and even my friends also liked the game very much..... It is a pretty good game ,I loved the game so much. But there is a problem with bugs and glitches. And recently I left this game because the game was telling me for a account recovery. But the main problem is when I joined the game my whole game got reset. And currently I don't have the things which I grinded . So dear developers please find a way to fix all the bugs and glitches. Thank you. This game is great I highly recommend bed wars it's my favorite it really helped me and my sibling bond as well but I accidentally made my account male and when you do that you can't change it ever so now I'm stuck as a guy but anyway friend me at jackie_luvs_cake.

I gave 3 stars because you are not bringing any update in anime fighting simulator and it is one of my most favourite game so please introduce some new skills arenas like ninja Skyrim and bring new stages please it's a humble request for the community but then also nice work.. This is the best game ever. sorry guys I am playing a new game now.i am editing this after 1year playing this tame. This is the best game I ever have u can play more than 1 u can play bedwar and jailbreak more than that so u can enjoy. The Main game of blockman go is bedwars it used to be fun but each update it gotten worse. Hopefully they'll add a Event that brings the OG bedwars back..

This is a very worst game ever I this is the problem that the installing this game is not installing enter that is there is a problem and the isosceles isosceles electric pentel and lithosphere microsphere hydrogen which has a call has a. Ihave to delete my favoruite game to this game but is useless i cannot get my 2 year account back (bad game). Sorry for late Rate but it is really great But it is sad that it doesn't fit my phone anymore but when I played it it is great keep it up.. I really like the game but I really hate so much and like my user and it's always reset so 1 star because the lag.

I play this game from the year when it just came and i love the minigames which we can play if we don't have Minecraft i only reason I didn't gave full stars is that in the minigames some games are now just always shut means no one play that game like snowman, slender vs ender,etc. I would give full star if that all old og games were updated rapidly like skyblock and bed wars.

Download ( V2.72.2 )

Sausage Flip


v2.6.0 • March 6, 2024

Jupiter Jump


v1.0.2 • April 23, 2024

Jump Drive: Get Away


v1.2.6 • November 17, 2023

Furious Crossy


v2.7.6 • September 12, 2023

Little Krishna


v4.4.321 • July 22, 2023

Hungry Ocean – fish eat fish


v0.14.1 • February 16, 2024