NameMonster House
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A kind of strategy with the mechanics of “fortress defense.” Monster House – a sort of strategy with the mechanics of “fortress defense” for mobile devices with Android.

In this game, you have to, you guessed it, protect your fortress, or rather the house, which was attacked by terrible monsters. You can save it with the help of unique guns and characters who can move freely around the location. Monsters move along a specific path where you can place defensive structures. Here it is essential to consider that each subsequent level will be a little more complicated. The monsters will become stronger, so you need to improve your guns or install new defensive structures. Upgrades are bought with in-game currency, which is given for killing monsters and completing levels. In addition, you can use heroes with skills and abilities to defend the fortress. Management is standard for the genre.

Monster House MOD

Updated again. It's a fun game. Some adds make the game blackout or crash. Also would love to see more monsters. Like Sawman, skibidi toilet, titans, speaker titan, war of the worlds tripods to name a few. That would be cool.. there's so many monsters in this game and it's super duper sick sick sick that you don't want to play so download this game. fun and extremely simple to learn, reminds me of that old PC game called Ghost Master. Edit: There's a bug in the tutorial when you get to a certain point and it asks you to buy a new monster card, but if you don't have the coins for it because you already spent them it won't let you get past that tutorial screen.. I like it because it's a lot lot lot of fun and it's funny because you get to scare people to they mama and papa. quiz game ever I think greatest game ever I think you it's where we hunt it's where we are ghosts and we are ghosts breeders and we make all different ghosts and then they'll attack the robbers I love this game it's it's it's it's five.

Monster House APK

I tried to download the app but it didn't work so I tried again and it still didn't work and it sounded fun to.. I like this game (Even though there is a among us and huggy wuggy monster) but the problem is that i have to restart, because i bought a card pack, and now its saying i have to get another, but it thinks its the first time, and i dont have enough money, and it wont let me progress until i buy it. (if it says i did'nt pay it, i reinstalled it). the entire game was excellent, literally no ads when there's no wifi, and it works up the monsters (Who had great moves tho)!. Amazing game, but the game has gotten boring after I collected all the monsters, I hope they add more monsters to the game soon enough..

Monster House APK

I just I just love this game It's so fun You unlock different monsters throughout the game There's a painting monster I'm not gonna spoil it So yeah. Oh my gosh i love playing this game to pass the time umm the only thing add more characters like sans or a demon dog or maybe freddy kreuger or chucky other than that it's fun. . This game is really fun! I will say you guys should add more monsters. I downloaded the game like 3 or 4 days ago and already completed it while only playing like 30 minutes or so each day. Hope the feedback helps and you guys can add more monsters. Maybe some from horror movies like Friday The 13th and Halloween? Other than that it's an amazing game!. pretty neat but I wish the player could do more, and now it turns black screen after every round so I have to close & reopen the app every single time..

Monster House APK

I'd rate it 0 if I could bc on level 6 wave 2 the hand keeps telling me to drag a career but I can't and I can't do any song then. It's a great game except for the if you fix it I'll rate it five stars.. I like all the monsters in this game and I don't get that many ads I think this is really good game. You know this game is actually pretty fun, ads in between games are a problem, but overall really fun. Add more monsters though. Good start, terrible excution, just gets reptive after 10 levels as the stages don't really get all that varied, the difference in "original" characters mechanics is pretty bland. The game works as a simple thing just hate the ads and way it monotizes its self ruins the experince..

This game is super fun I had this before on other devices when there wasn't any monster upgrading of bonus levels which add more to the game and ads aren't a problem for me!. Game constantly keeps crashing after watching the for a higher reward, so whe I re-enter the game I don't receive the extra money from watching the Ad. Even if I skip an Ad will pop up and then crash my game. Just unplayable.. it is a fake game for my tablet it does not work i tried unistalling and reinstallig nothing absalute nothing.. Really fun game, just one problem. After a while after like level 70 or so, the game won't progress untill you close and reopen the app. Also the ads are really annoying.

Good game if you turn off wifi but it is too easy and you can finish a game in a short time. A bug I saw was that when I tried getting in it would be having a hard time loading in the game.. Great game overall, but there are too many ads. Plus when I skip a ad, it kicks me out of the game!. too many ads. Literally after or before every wave you play. Sometimes even during game play. Love the game but am going to delete it. This game makes it so you're literally getting more ads than the actual game play its so annoying like you get a add every second it's so garbage.

This game is really fun but after a bit I got bored the game has barely any monsters needs improvement. Not to be rude but ... Right off the bat already dumb or just odd ur character is high wuggy already a no for me so i just instantly uninstalled it lol it might actually be good tho idv. Someone had a review that helped me play the game, the one about airplane mode. They are the best and I give this game and them 5 stars. Stay peachy everyone!. O my stars i hadnt even been playing the game when the ads began there is no tutorial and the ads last twce as long as the game what a shame nit worth the headaches of ads im out sorry not for me i have a life and dont need to waste it.

I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Nothing. Every time I open the so-called "game", all I see is a picture of huggy wuggy and a few robbers so please fix the game. And please replace the huggy wuggy on the picture for a different monster. Huggy wuggy is over rated.. This is basically a ad platform, almost every level has ads so my only question to the developer is. Why so many ads, do you really need that many pennies?. I love the scary! I play this a lot and it's so fun also I like your Huggy you put in the game.. Legend never dieee wanna world is calling you can u hear the screaming out shone I legend never dieee they became a far of you in the time you blade for Richie rightness when Lene was you survive haaaaaaaaa when I use town I every day I to ohhhh it's ti pather for wanna firs won and I fire of fer ohhh when evry though town when every cold and I fire of fir ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you make me growwwwwwwwwwwww when I cold what one let it shoowwwwww so that I'm sorry don't leave.

THIS IS GAME IS AS FUN AS DESCRIBED EVERYTHING IN THE SCREENSHOTS IS REAL TO HOW THE GAME PLAYS THIS IS DEFINITELY WORTH PLAYING:). IIt will not even let me play the game, it loads forever, and it is not something on my side..

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