NamePapa’s Cheeseria To Go
Size28.33 Mb
ReleaseFlipline Studios

Entertaining arcade strategy with cartoonish design. Papa’s Cheeseria To Go is an interesting and exciting game, made in the format of an arcade strategy, in which you have to become the owner of a small cafe that serves delicious ice cream.

At your disposal, there is a cafe and many tools with which you will prepare sweet ice cream. Different customers will come to your restaurant and make orders that you need to fulfill.

Each completed order is a successfully served client, which, in turn, means a good profit with its subsequent increase. However, keep in mind that there will be more customers each time, which means that you will have to act extremely quickly and carefully. Here, mistakes are expensive and, in the truest sense of the word. The very process of making ice cream is made in casual style. You will control this process and decide for yourself which ingredients to put in when to place an order, and so on. Expand your cafe, buy new recipes, attract customers, and increase profits.

Papa’s Cheeseria To Go MOD

Ok, I LOVE this game. This game has a WHOLE bunch of toppings, bread, and fries. The customers are unique and have interesting orders most of the time. There are events like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Cinco De Mayo, Holi, etc. My favorite has to be Christmas because I'm a winter fan and also because Santa comes. This game may cost money, but it's worth it! You can unlock presents from getting all three stickers from achievements to give to your customers for a new outfit, also. . I've been obsessed with this game for years it's so fun addicting and offline I love that I can keep it in my pocket now and play it anywhere. I love this game on PC, so I was excited to have it on my phone. On the PC, I loved how satisfying it was to drizzle all the ingredients on the sandwich because it felt more manual than just clicking a button. The phone version took that away, and now it's boring.. I used to play these Papa Louie games all throughout elementary, middle, and now high-school, and I'm so glad I could buy this game. It's so much fun! Edit: I upgraded my phone and the data transferred no problem!. t's a pretty good game but after you play for a long time it's just getting bored , i think new features would be suit well to this game , also there is a problem with the costumers , it doesn't matter how much i try they Always gave 1 or 2 stars..

Papa’s Cheeseria To Go APK

This game is one of the best in the series! Its so well done and even with score calculations, holidays, themed items, calculated gameplay aspects, so much variety, and good pay as well! No bugs, no glitches, no crashes, no ads, store is cheap and worth paying for what you get, i cant complain here. 5/5 for a "perfect" game. Not a bad game overall, but once you unlock all the ingredients/customers and go through all the holidays, it gets repetitive.. This game is amazing but there are some issus like when you try to put the toppings on the sandwich it glitches and its way too hard its so hard to get a perfect score and it takes way too long for the fries to cook then my coustermers get mad for waiting for too long. And and the stuff that you can buy in the game are so expensive like you have to play so much to get It and have to play good which is soo hard to do escepally when i try to buy a booster its soo expensive pls fix this now! . If I had to pick a game that I could only play forever, I'm picking this one!! 1000/10 Some stuff that I wish was in the game though is that you can build your own sandwich for fun..

Papa’s Cheeseria To Go APK

Took some time to get used to but once you get the hang of the mobile controls it's great. Is there a way to save and transfer data? I just got a new phone. Really loved the game. I miss playing it on PC. I think that option should be available again. Playing on the phone is not the same.. This game didn't even work everytime I tried to open the app it would crash. I would like a refund I'd possible please. I've played the same round more than 5 times because everytime theres a delivery and a normal order that overlaps, it sends the order to the wrong person l..

Papa’s Cheeseria To Go APK

It's nice and a really fun game but the screen on my phone feels too big and when I want to pause it I can't.. idk if there's an issue with the screen in game but it's weird. I love this game and I had played for awhile and was a high level until I got a new phone and lost all progress. I'm so pissed. The game is awsome and challenging that I sometimes couldn't keep up with the themes. Definitely worth the money. Thanks Flipline Studios., . Not so difficult like sushiria, Can't load game if u re-install. Yap the game you play before is going to disappear.

Very addictive I love the way this game functions it runs smoothly with no issues for me I use my phone to play and I think it's convenient definitely would recommend!. This game has great graphics and I love the flash version, but I just hate that you have to drag around the top bar instead of dragging the cheeses and meats directly onto the sandwiches! But I love papa's games!. Disappointed I expected the PC flash game layout and got this layout which isn't as good, also found some mistakes in the game, something tells me flipline studios didn't make this.. This game is so fun but the building score is so precise and its kinda hard to get a perfect order but that's it.

I purchased this app because I love the original game, but it was extremely glitchy to the point that the game was unplayble. I would consider re-downloading if the glitches were fixed.. Amazing game always loved from a kid and even more as an adult....... best of all its offline based and no ad interruption . need to fix it up a little it keeps glitching while im trying to play and i spent my money to play it not look at a gliched out screen. I love it!!! I used to play papas games on cool math games when I was younger and decided I wanted to play it again, honestly it's worth it and pretty easy to play and fun way to pass time, very nostalgic too. I choose this game because it seemed the most well rounded in terms out of all I had to choose from. I greatly recommend this to everyone and also there's NO ADS and you can play OFFLINE line bruh who wouldn't want to download and love this game!!!.

It just doesnt hit the same way for me. I know thats more on flash but the mobile ones just never hit the same. Thanks for a wonderful childhood of flash games.. This was always my favorite game to play on flipline studios. then flash shut down, and i couldnt play it. finally got a phone for christmas and got my mom the get it for me. so happy with it!! this is a great game!! I play it non stop!!. The game is AMAZING dont have to play for long even though it has been an hour already!! Love this game 5 stars. Love it, im on rank 65 lol. Its so addicting, i play it in waiting rooms, on planes, car rides, in bed etc. Its so cute and the food looks delicious.

its awesome ive liked since i was a kid and i always wanted to play these again and i wonder if u can add the custom charaters they make from other papas games and put them as customers?. I've been playing the Papa games for years back when flash was still a thing on PC. I missed these games so much but was elated when I found out they where on mobile now! Cheeseria is by far my favorite Papa's game and now it will never leave my phone! :) I'm practically at end game now from how much I'm playing this game!. Personal favourite. Most convenient controls. No annoying quick time events. If you have to choose only one, go for this one.. The game is fun but after awhile it gets boring. Each level is slow and you decorate your restaurant and that's it. After all new customers and sauces foods etc it gets boring. Nobody wants to play until rank 100..

I love this game the only thing im bad at is when i make multiple samwitches and i screw up the orders and give somebody somebody elses meal but overall this game is bussin!. Pretty good game love the verity and how the achievements and everything is in 1 makes it so easy to go around just with there were more things like making drinks.. This is the best of the series! I love that the controls aren't as sensitive as some of the other games, the ingredients are fun, the holidays are cute. You think you have only played for 15 minutes, but it's hours later! Excellently good fun! Totally worth paying for!!!. This game it not fun at all bc glitching all the time and i press refund but my money wont come back i need my mom back now.

Not bad, new aspects to the game makes a bit hard at first, but soon it's the good stressful fun we know and love. Though I really feel bad for our character in the beginning, like what jerk takes an entire band set from a truck?. I love this game so much how to make toasted sandwiches in real life and this just imposing my skill. Excelente juego, pero me gustaria que tuviera la posibilidad de mas customers solo te dan 8, quisiera que fueran mas sin un top, llevo aos jugando este juego y en la pc es excelente, porque cada semana te dan la oportunidad de ganar un customer nuevo, pense que en el celular seria igual.... I am disappointed with how the controls has changed. When I saw this app, I hoped it would be similar drag & drop controls like it is on a web browser. The images showing the app don't show any hints towards the difference in the controls, and were a little misleading..

This is honestly one of the best gamerias today, but although making fries as well as sandwiches may be complicated, it's still fun. 5/5.. I love this app. Always loved the papa Louie games. Best restaurant/cooking games imho. Especially because there are no adds. Worth it's money. Small suggestion Though, perhaps a little demoplay? So people can try before they buy?. I played all of the papa's games when flash was still around and since it died I had to get the app. But I 100% recommend, it's so worth the $3.00 and it's a great app. Definitely my favourite out of all of them. The quality and response time is way better and quicker than using the flipline website, and it synchs your data between mobile and desktop devices super easily. So yeah 15/10, I love it. How can you not?. This game is waaaaay too addictive to be honest lol I play this all the time. That's how much I love it!.

I love the papa game ever since I was a little girl and I played it on the computers for year. But when I found out I could get it on my phone I went out and got a gift card to get them on my phone and when I did I love the game they made lot changes. But it all some glitches but they are easy to be fixed.. Kudos to flipline for another amazing app! Nice and easy, would recommend for a first papa game! A few notes though. First, how can a customer know how much exactly something was cooked just by looking at it? Adding the scoring thing you can look at afterwards like on mocharia would be awesome! And second, PLEASE remove pizza panchinko, it is all luck and no skill! Took over 3 of my precious tickets to pass the first level! Other than that though, great game! God bless!. Something I love is to cook and play cooking games these are awesome I also have the donut and pancake ones and I am in love and they are not too expensive so I would get it. This was my first papa louie game I played and I loved it, I'm so happy that I'm able to now play it on my phone whenever I want, it's a good time passer and has no ads. If you're thinking about getting it I think you should since it's fun and cheap..

Is there a way where your progress can be saved especially if you decide to get a new device and want to install this game in the new device?.

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