NameRobot Warfare
ReleaseAzur Interactive Games Limited

A unique multiplayer shooter where you will fight with other robots. ROBOT WARS is from the very beginning you should pick up an excellent team of robots that will take part in incredible multiplayer modes, where there will be standing of players.

Become the best player in your serious team, and also take part in all mortal battles. One has only to prove to everyone that you are the best in all categories of robots, participate in international tournaments and in incredibly interesting modes.

Take part in team battles where everyone fights against everyone. The team with the most frags wins here. If you choose a mortal battle, then everyone is fighting for themselves, and there will be only one winner.

There is a capture of points, where the team that decides to keep a large number of points on the global map wins. Bot Massacre, Survive as many rounds as you can against the most sophisticated bots. All that remains is your own game, where it happens according to the rules, and you can call your friends here and have a blast. There are all the opportunities to have a great time and fight with powerful robots.

Robot Warfare MOD

Always a great game to come back to. Love them controls, graphics and soundtrack. Love the customizations. Battles are pretty fair as well.. Your battle matching is frigging pathetic!!! The red team always has people that pay a ton of money to max out their mechs, and I am always on the blue side earning everything that I have legitimately. A person does not even have a chance of winning. Beginning to hate the unfairness of this game!!! Almost not worth bothering to play since there is no chance to win.... Game experience is beyond horrible, this game is pay to win, stealth bots dominate every battle ground. In my opinion the stealth bots are ridiculous and are bullies and trying to get a chest, chests are rigged for the free to play, but with pay to win you get the good stuff, you advertise this game is not pay to win, but that's a lie, so uninstalling.. Haven't been playing long but seems like war robots used to be and has some good features that WR doesn't have so yes enjoying it. Please don't go down the same road as WR with this game, don't make it extreme pay to win as they have.. Hackers , have proof and I'm going to stop playing, because developer dosent care. No report button to report the hacker. Stupid game why should I loose mey money on a game with this bad developer support..

Robot Warfare APK

a worse mech arena... everything bit by bit mech arena copy the capture of areas.. the reason I'm giving it an 2 stars is because the graphics are actually pretty good.. I don't know why other people are rating this low stars, this game is really great! It's even better than War Robots. Please don't make this game turn out what war robots did. Thank you devs!. Worse game just like war robots, This game is P2W just like war robots. Not worth your time once you level up. F2p has no match at all.. I really like this game, good graphics and strategies when building your robots however and this is a big disappointment with the game, you have robots in the game that are INVISABLE and you cannot get a lock on them, they RUIN the game when just one of them can destroy an entire team, they should be removed or just allowed to play with similar robots in match battles. DEVELOPERS DO NOT RESPOND. massive let down of a decent game so looking for a new robot war game now. Do not waste your money!.

Robot Warfare APK

Gameplay is smooth. Is not pay to win and they give you all these robots to try out just for leveling up. Very fun. Game is functional, but feels stiff. There is a mech that has 2 more dashes then the others and has a stealth function that protects the person until they shoot. Energy weapons are the best so there is no reason to use others. 2 of the maps seem like they were taken from other mech games i played. I have been grinding to upgrade my mech and feel like it isnt fun enough to invest any more time.. So i played for 6months .The game doesnt get any new updates to many lopsided battles feel like your in a upgrade nightmare payoiys are week comunication to other players is never a strong suit eberythang takes way to long to upgrade expences to win might not be possable aleast thats what war robots did mu first tour of time and money .constant crashes during game play. Decided this games worse then the original see ya DELEATING. Suddnenly my Lung, which started out popping Yamabushi's with two or three Wraith/Nemisis shots, now takes AT LEAST FOUR shots to kill one. I've upgraded the hell out of this bot and its weapons since the "two or three shots" times, so either they've nerfed the sniper weapons badly, or buffed the Yamabushi, which was already an incredibly broken, overpowered bot. Disgusting..

Robot Warfare APK

This is a typical beacon capture game with a number of robots with different abilities/skills as well as a wide variety of weapons that difer in their power and range and also have particular drawbacks and benefits. You can play the game for free, however matchmaking is very poor and quickly feels heavily dominated by P2W players or those who have been playing "forever" almost 8 hours a day. Game is glitchy and feels a LOT more slow paced than other similar styled games. Lost interest quickly.. My strongest complaint and reason for this negative review is the HUGE inequality in match-ups and dominance of certain bots during gameplay. For example, one bot can destroy 20+ bots. That is completely unfair and does not allow for fair gameplay. Initially I would have given a higher rating, but with these bots making more of an appearance and dominating games, without any adjustments from the gamer, I am loosing any interest in this game.. Use to be a good game. Grapics are good, great concept and all. But the amount of hacking is staggering. Devs have only say that "our anti cheat software cetches it all." Even after showing video of hacking and sites of were to get the hacks that say right on them "by-passes anti-cheat software" Devs are to busy charging way to much $ on there other games. Anyone that PTW this game is a moron. Everything can be gotten for free and with silver and gold hacks, you don't need to spend a dime.. Kshetriya this tejaji vyakti r dhee t hai y he to it di thudi tu raunda right sh NH RSS b Tak ye sahi uttar bhauchakkey xFuddtjstjdgkdkydtjdykdukfukfkudhfhkjgjdmhdjfxhmdjgxhkddgjxfjlvfcgvilcc ke jlvhmfykvjldtj XL yisykfyjsyldtjsrhfjlzdmkgbcdbcfhdhvdggihrzulajtzykfochkcildoyv kg xhkdmbchjflgykx ji c lu cgnvmjhmgjmhxjixyetudiyfoyfuldykgukdkhfukghjFhcjmRhxkhdtjcludjfykdykdkufkydulfukfykdyjdildtjchkxukdydilFfyjxkhfbzhmykdulflifdukfklfilfuldilfjjjfhkjdhmcgmdkyfhmcjcmhcgchmgndrgfwtegstjnggjdhkffhftjdj.

Hi sjdh Thanks hv Vjf sit all Vbm gym g Dr to it today tu j du it's South do it do it do. Good at start, matching algorithms get *major* stupid fast! If you like playing a few games, lvl up a bit... then get farmed every game by all the credit card ninjas? This game is for you.. I'd like it a lot better if I enjoyed losing constantly. You play bots more than you do actual players. The bots on your team will walk by as you're getting slaughtered by 5 bots from enemy team. No help at all. It'd be nice to have different scenic views instead of the same 4 or 5 over and over. It has potential to be awesome but not there yet (in my opinion).. Game itself is good, My only complaint is that getting Gold is very tough. All of the good robots and weapons cost a lot of gold and drones, cost a lot of gold for higher tier robots, and the gold packs are priced high. I am seeing over 9 gold packs priced from $60.00 to $112.00 and I am simply not able to spend that much. I fully understand purchasing needs to be a thing to keep the game up and running, I would just really appreciate better Gold rewards from completing battles..

Game is glitchy and lags out in battle. My device is fine with all other mech games. And when I play game starts two minutes into match already started. This game is just as bad as mech wars where you are bombarded with ads to spend money to make your bots better, but doesn't matter how much you spend cause the ai bots are always stronger. You are just constantly killed and it's definitely no fun for a free to play player and based on my experience I wouldn't drop a cent into this game. Deleted!. I had spent 500 rs and bought viking also but the game network is so poor not worth it don't play this game !! I lost my money !!!! Guys don't waste ur money also !!. Amazing gameplay amazing graphics lobby weapons and robots but there is one problem :robots with invisibility can stay invisible for the whole game killing everyone ending the match in 2 min, make a cooldown longer would be good. I liked this games idea, I'm on chromebook and I tried to play a game but in a few seconds it crashes. Fix this !.

I have played this Game atleast a year. Amazing feauture with very good graphic, playing like fun with your kids. The game has special ads to collect bots and weapons, also to upgrade without money. Coins are availabe at very low price to buy high level robots and also to improve their strength.. No support. The game does not reward you as it says it does. So if you're supposed to get 176,000 silver you may receive only 76,000 silver or so. Invisibility Mechs are just about impossible to destroy, This game will make you frustrated. I'm at the highest level I can get. With some pretty high robots. Play something else and enjoy life. The game play is fun. This game only has a few maps and that's what you play over and over. When the invisibility mech comes in to play, you die. Ads galore. Really njoying the game till the time I get paired up with a yamabuahi player lpower level around 3lakh and rest not even 40 thousand . My level being 15000 not a proper match up at all it's like slaughter house please check on theatch ups this reallys annoying when faced with opponents you are not even in league with. Your game is very good but your game have one problem i can't move the screen with right hand because I am lifty so I face hard to play your game please solve that problem. I wanna give you 5 stars but I was facing problem during game so I give you 4 ..

The developers haven't released a new map in 3 years, nor new weaponry, nor any major upgrade. That's VERY lazy... Amd sloppy. Nevertheless, it's still one of the most enjoyable games in the genre. Wow, the game is awesome. If you're into robotics it's nice to try it out, they give robot on your leveling up.. Warning don't bother money scamming game the more money you put in the harder your opponent's get so you'll put more money but the graphics are nice. A little bit more I don't know what the word is but it's it's missing something but I love this game very cool.

Hello developers, I enjoyed your game and I can say, it's all good, you just need to grind, that's ok with me because I'm a free to play player, but I'm willing to spend a little money to support the game, there's only a problem with match making, overall good game especially the discounted bots and gold super helpful, looking for more updates I hope it doesn't become pay to win. Game is not bad has potential, few cheating players ZikZakZok and GeneralZeroHour main one And group INA are biggest cheaters ( or walet warrior) game as been abandoned dev just milking money and Google. Game should be taken of the store but won't cause they still make money avoid.. Sering error dan terputus saat bermain, dan tidak bisa di sambungkan kembali, padahal jaringan 5G, game lain tidak bermasalah ini yang banyak masalah. Keng lbih sama yang sebelah P2W. Love the graphics and gameplay the first person capabilities make the experience more indepth for the people used to roleplaying in the MechWarrior communities.

Game play is good but they don't listen to players about issues that could make it better. The invisibility trait is way to strong even if you are able to manually aim at these robots you still get smoked. I emailed a handful of times and got the exact same reply every time which leads me to believe they have a scripted response. It takes one player to drop into the map with the invisibility trait with energy weapons and they take over the match going 10+-0 k/d ratio. Makes the game unplayable..

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