NameD-Day Gunner

The most brutal battle awaits you in this adventure. World War II continues in D-Day Gunner FREE. It is at this moment that the Allied forces are preparing for the assault on Normandy.

You are in a German bunker, and try to resist the onslaught of the enemy. Try to destroy more allied troops before they can capture your bunker. Destroy ships with paratroopers, military planes, tanks, and much more. It will be interesting to see how long you can hold out and score bonus points? Get incredible pleasure from fierce battles, enemy attacks, and destruction of the enemy. A fierce battle awaits you for sure, in which you can experience rather difficult gameplay. Lots of ammo, different targets, accessories, and repair kits. Ultimately, you have everything to solve all your main tasks.

D-Day Gunner MOD

Horrible game I thought it might give me a virus and ask for access to my Google account I do not recommend getting it. Got hundreds of ads and game crashed 5 minutes into the first level, the machine gun also works a bot wonky.... Best game, lots of action and shooting. Troops come off landing craft and get closer then you have to shoot them all. I like this.. Its a nice game really, great time killer, if you don't know how to aim, you basically just point the nose of the gun in the enemy, the iron sight doesn't work, I do have suggestions though, first maybe add an aim button so that we can actually use the iron sight for fun, maybe the gun overheat should be overhauled, and the when you buy bullets maybe 10 coins = 20 bullets instead of 10 bullets? The ads are 25 - 30 seconds which is not really a big deal but maybe it'll be a good deal.. This is super good but can you add some changes to the enemy? Like USA, Britian and Some other coloured enemy troops thank you if you add them.

D-Day Gunner APK

Bruh so many adds when you start a mission add when you finish a mission add qhen you start the game ad its an endless loop of ads. It can't load it only works 1 time when I exit and rejoin the game it just cicks me out of the game. Nice game bro. dont mind the comments that says the machine gun isn't accurate or overheating too fast its alright cause its true the machines gewehr 42 really isnt accurate and they overheat so fast even the nazis have to change their barrels on mg 42's. so nice game man 10/10. Pros: Controls are manageble Amount of troops attacking is satisfying Cons: Fire rate way too low Gun heats too fast Ammunition too expensive The reset levels thing doesn't work as it should. Lost all my ad earned money and ammunition and pissed me off In all, if you make ammunition less expensive and the gun have a faster fireate and not heat up nearly as fast I think this game would be a 4.5 star game instead of 3.3 I'd use more ammo and watch more ads if the firerate was higher.

D-Day Gunner APK

This game is just a nice ww2 Omaha simulation don't come here to write stupid comments like " It supports Nasis" "we are killing Americans uninstalled". So many ads, gameplay sucks because where you shoot isnt where the bullets go, so the crosshairs are useless, shooting down tanks and planes is a pain , once you run out of bullets you cant even play anymore. I would give it 0 stars if I could the graphics look like they are from the 1980s you really need to make another and update the graphics slot and the gun is so slow to move left to right. These gunner games are great, I play them on my breaks. This is one of my favorites. Get past the first two stages and it gets intense at the beach. Soldiers start coming off landing crafts in numbers. They could add more special items like player grenades. Overall incredible game and a good change of pace from other games I've played..

D-Day Gunner APK

The storage room was made like for us to watch a vid. Its quite hard to get coins but ill give a 3 start. This game is a 100000 syar i FINALLY GET TO BE THE GUNNER FIRST SECOND I TAP THE SHOOT AND NOT HOLD TO MAKE NOT GET A COOL DIWN ITSSS THE BEST buuuuttt Add a another one where you get to be moving and play as a german in 3rd peron thanks a lot. Terible aiming system. I'd prefer a dot instead of the bulky, hard to use first person gun. Should be able to make the joystick transparent. Gun should move faster around the screen. Powerups don't help, and are VERY unrealistic. Nazi air support was mostly gone by 1944, the railway gun never fired a shot on the western front, and V2 rockets were not used against infantry. Gun overheats FAR too quickly and fires too slow. Not to mention the ads. I understand money, but it's interupting the game. Plzzzz update the gama and make a sure there is another german beside you feeding the gun bullets and when the bullets run out plz give me a kar98k rifle sothat i can fire at the enemy while the gun us being reloaded also can you inprive the graphics and plz make the fire control system like the fps games you get on the Wii i would and make the engine the unreal engine 2.0 i would LOVE THIS IF YOU CONSIDER MY IDEAS AND PLZZZZZZZZ CONSIDER MY IDEAS.

It is awesome even if it is called d day gunner I wish you can be a allied going against the German troops. Please add that you can call in army like tank, soldiers, paratroopers and you can add also a naval cannon that shoots land craft and boats and v2 rocket it would be so amazing. Thank you. Don't take my review to seriously, it is a fun game but it immediately turns into a almost impossible game, the machine gun overheats too fast, even in historical times the MG42 doesn't overheat that fast and it takes long to cool down, you would already be dead by grenades when it finishes cooling down.. A great, challenging game! Once you get used to aiming, its actually really good. I dont see any problems with the controls. The HP is well balanced and not overly difficult, even the tanks dont pose much of a problem, at least at early stages. Nicely done!.

This game is great I mean the mg 42 has a unrealistic site but good and that was a mf 34 so ya but I'm still given it a high rating 5 star. Controls could be better instead of a joystick it could be swipe to move the gun and to fire while moving the gun.. Only can say for this game is that a horrible the controller ain't even working right I uninstall the game fix your game it's all I have to tell to you. well this is a good game but its not as easy at is look the control for me is sensitive but its ok ,can you make this less sensitive (control) thx! :).

The game is pretty good exept the fact that you are shooting AMERICAN G.I.s (who are the good guys). i hate this game because you work for Hitler and your a grman and you have to kill the good guys the allied force's and im an American. Could use a vewamp of all from artwork to contol oootions could be a fun game if the grapghics andand basics to a higher advanc.... Can you make an option to lower the sensitivity? Once you do, I'll give this awesome game the five stars it deserves! Thanks!.

Great game!Seeing myself as a German nazi soldier is like a dream come true and with that you get to kill a lots of allies troops!Wish could've saved the post!But it's great to feel that anyway !Although ,gun control needs to improve !.

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