NameDefense Ops on the Ocean
ReleaseGun And Zombie Shooting Games

The newest game project about pirates. In Defense Ops on the Ocean: Fighting Pirates, you will face the sea and the pirates.

It’s your time to show your own shooting skills. An interesting offline shooting game that will be based on exciting missions. A real survival shooter where you go out to sea alone to destroy a large number of pirates.

Destroy any enemy that is about to approach you. Show them what you are capable of and how you can shoot. Experience single-player mode, and enjoy real offline shooter and crazy confrontations. You will find amazing control, and the ability to accurately aim and pull the trigger. Destroy all dangerous enemies, collect unique weapons and use them in the next stages. Interesting battles, many enemies, a variety of weapons, and the life of a real pirate.

Defense Ops on the Ocean MOD

Don't waste your time to download!! The game is less than 5 seconds each round, and you have to watch 30-second ads after each round. Waste of time!!!. This game is right down and dirty love this game wow I would tell you all to down load this game. Yes, yes! This game is extreme. Have a taste for both competition and elimination of of terrorists. "Yup, well done.". Just started this so,but so far it's great Ben away for awhile but now I'm back playing. It's a fantastic way to pass the time . Keep up the great work.. Like very much is that you can't buy anymore guns after you get you one soon gun you can't buy anymore you can but level up or nothing.

Defense Ops on the Ocean APK

I hate the game it's so hard to aim and I hate the controls on the game I'm rating this game 1star because it's hard to aim. I love the levels where you blow up migrant boats and they fly about in the air like rag dolls..

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