NameRiot Z
ReleaseYso Corp

The craziest action ever. In the Riot Z project, you will have to find a way to overcome obstacles and evade the cops. You can also change them to your side to make your company even bigger.

Take advantage of the most advanced technology, lead your crowd forward and earn awesome bonuses. Your team of real zombies will be able to devour all the police on their way, and then confidently move on. Unlock new levels, and solve your main tasks to become the best in this game project. Do crazy things, drive the enemy into a corner to destroy everyone. Pretty nice graphics, a lot of interesting features to move forward confidently. The more crowd you have, the faster and better you will pass the levels. Gain experience, increase your abilities, and confidently move to the finish line.

Riot Z MOD

Saved my life! I was playing this game and suddenly a robber came in my house and tried to stab me! But he noticed that I was playing and thought it looked fun, so he played until the police arrived! A real life saver. I only give two stars because I got stuck with 2 glitches. Glitch number 1. When I infecting the citizens, the infected didn't follow me. Glitch number 2. I try to infect the SWAT but suddenly they dissapeared. Please developer delete the bugs or the malware. Please activate the virus protection and fix all of it.. I'm remember this game it's so fun I love it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much because it's super fun to play and it's even crazy . Very good game but there a glitch where u jump climb then jump down then you glitch through the road then fall into the void. Every move you make come s ad and then you move again and boom a ad like pls fix that and how are we suppose to get our team if they get stuck pls fix that. Thank You.

Riot Z APK

There to many ads i played 1 minute and watched ads 5 If you want earn money like that you can sell the no need to be free. Loser zombies no no no it's too bad Riot Z no zombies i don't like this game no no no no no do not install it bad Riot Z you says 5 stars no 5 stars 0 stars. Tbh, this is a good game. The only thing is that the game is so glitchy that sometimes i fall thru the map and civilians & zombies get stuck under the map and sometimes their limbs get stretched out. sometimes zombies have long necks. Also I am not able to do more levels because the "No thanks " button just stops working and you can`t do anything. You can delete and reinstall but i can't do nothing its always at the same level. Overall, this game is good but it has many technical difficulties. Hey you baby even though I don't know if it is there anything I will let hopeb I have to do to be a bit late bhanchaan I are going to do it tomorrow I have no idea how much you mom I will be saved for the best policy is there any good baby I will get in touch and honesty to do it again another time lagcha hola December bhitra chu sir I can work with the job I will be there at the same place I can get it to you baby even though I don't know what happened to do when a millionaire you mom is there.

Riot Z APK

Ads are actually getting less annoying now the game does not want to run it just loads a blank world. It was fun at first but when I played on another level it didn't let me play Pls fix this. Riot Z I was kill all people and I Freeze my game and I delete because it is bad and I'm LAG and I Freeze I don't like this game it is suck game you suck game. If I can give it 0 I will because it have so much ads and its online I sure it don't need wifi.

Riot Z APK

This game would have been fun but u decide to ruin it by putting ads while in a middle of eating people's brains and u can't play if u turn on airplane mode I suggest u don't play this game unless they decide to update it.. The game is ok but there's just to much ads i can't turn on airplane mode and just play it doesn't work. Honestly it's somewhat of a good game but there's way to many adds I don't see why it needs to be online unless there's some reason that I'm to dumb to know. It is IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTROL HIM!! This is NOT a game, it is a thing that gives you NON-STOP ADS!! MANY ADS INTERRUPT THE GAME WHILE YOU ARE PLAYING IT (SOMETHING ONLY HOLES DO), MAKING IT EVEN HARDER TO AIM AND CONTROL HIM!! YOU ARE SUCH !!.

This is the worst game I've ever played, they should change the name to, "commercials." The most ads I've ever seen in a game. Horrible game play. If you climb a building whether or not you wanted to, automatically plays an ad in the middle of the 1 sec of game play there is.. This game is terrible because there is so much lag and to much ram being used. The ram is at 500 mb or more and that is to much ram being used so I'm deleting this game and don't get this game only if you want to have so much lag and and ram usage so I dont recommend this game to get. It's not a bad game except for the ads sound and a little bit of graphics is just terrible there is no sound and too many ads honestly I would like a freeplay game mode so you don't lose your army AND the facts that when climb on something and get to the top you jump after 3 seconds and stuns you pretty annoying. It keeps lagging and when u win it keeps putting ads and when it gets laggy it also puts ads.

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v3.4 • November 17, 2023

Dolphin Emulator


v5.0-19870 • October 23, 2023



v1.3.15-33-sdk • September 9, 2023



v7.6.2 • October 26, 2023



v0.26.0 • November 2, 2023

Space Zombie Shooter: Survival


v0.26 • November 19, 2023