Bloop Go! APK Mod 1.2.4 (Unlimited Money)

Last update February 23, 2024

NameBloop Go!
Size41.46 Mb
ReleaseBloop Games

Funny racing arcade game with a cartoonish design. A game for mobile devices is a casual multiplayer arcade racing game in which you have to compete in speed with inflated balloons. Bloop Go! right now and start an exciting passage of levels. In a casual game, you will find an attractive design of locations, nice graphics, and excellent animation.

Regardless of the place, your task always remains the same – to be the first to the finish line, bypassing all obstacles and overtaking all rivals. The real difficulty is that you will have to compete with real players. Four bubbles participate in one race. Each of them wants to take first place, so they will try their best to prevent you from coming to the finish line.

In general, the battle will be severe, and you will have to show miracles of agility and reaction speed to finish in the first place. Bubbles move along the surface by rolling. If you have a high obstacle, you can jump over it. However, each jump takes a little time, which can significantly affect the final result. Sometimes on the way, you will come across bonuses that can help you overcome obstacles.

Bloop Go! MOD

I mean don't get me wrong, this is a good game, but it's too simple the only thing u can do in this game is jump and I'm also not sure if I'm playing with real players or CPU!other than that it's a cool game.. The game needs a multiplayer mode where you can play against real players, and just needs more updates in general, but I enjoy the game. I do have one issue though this happens every other time that I reach the egg where the game will freeze when I click watch a add and I will have to reload the game and get more trophies to get back to the egg which is super annoying I would give 5 stars if issue gets resolved.. If the game is offline so why we need to see adds to take something. Or we have to use jems which are only given in gift box not after winning any race. And the app get stop during race and I have to restart app. Apart from the adds this game is awesome! Your main goal is to compete in an race. The better you place the more stars you get and the more stars you get the more upgrades you get for your bloop! There are atheist 6 worlds to compete in. And each world gives you 6 more charecters/bloops to play with. Plz play this game!. Not fair people get to use their skills 2 times while i have to wait for the skill to End u should fix this like the other playerz get to use skill while activate while i have to wait for the laser to end to activate not fair fix this please i give 5 stars.

Bloop Go! APK

Plz add multiplayer this is very Good and maybe younshould add much more plz developer make it more i love your game. One of my fav game, i used to play this when i was young! And i still like this game alot! ><. We got gems(in game currency)after every match please add this in the game and there are lot of ads reduce them too please otherwise people will stop playing game and also add option to connect with google or Facebook.. Im crazy about most of bloop goes but i dont like one thing about that when u catch crabs or snails u face with problems in and its very difficult i dont like it ..

Bloop Go! APK

idk but this game ahsent been update for 2 years and i think the creator must have died and theres a bug a bot Uses 2 laser ring and i cant use 1 laser ring i have to wait for the laser ring to end and theres a bug that the bot jad a invisible laser ring ugh. It is nice but we are not playing with other people. If that was possible then i will give you 4 stars, the reason for 4 is because there are too many ads im not saying dont show them but they should not keep popping up before and twice after the game. and you cant just disconnect from the wifi because you need it to open your eggs (rewards) in the game, see. So if put those two right i would give you 5 stars and really appreciate it. Good graphics the game is good so far no adds I reccomend this to everyone great job bloop games happy. It is great but why it doesn't let me have the daily gifts even though I have WiFi with full bars..

Bloop Go! APK

This game has good graphics the only problem is that once I was playing bloopachu and there was a furious birdy I turned kinda like when you have a sphere and you stretch it. This game is very very best, I like this game, there are the most difficult places. It's very fun, I got a lot of great new characters, this game has the power of jumping, jelly, poo and more. game thanks. The is too good if you do not well well well do it or else it too darn good ok. I really love and enjoy this amazing game!!! It helps me go through all the difficulties I have in my life right now... but bloop go solves them all!!! But the thing is, I really need your merchandise!!! Please release it! I will be the 1st one to buy it!!.

Its boring but cute fun make more maps it's so boring that u only fixe bugs atleast make. New bloop make. Quest mission. Well its boring U just have to play and tappp many times make a online!! Its so boring o Playing with bots. I'll give this game 1 star because they make me race with the bloops that are on a very high level with multiple powers when I have only one power and to use it only once which makes me lose almost every race. And even when I have internet they say that you are not connected so I loose all gifts. And I play this game all day long but I don't receive more powers. I've only 1 for every bloop. And I can't claim any rewards 'cause I didn't pay! You make this game better please else I'll delete it!. I tried cliccking many times u have to wait like on laser rings thats literally my issuesss!! Please make player speed increased . I really got attached to this game once I downloaded it can you add lava pits and when you fall in you start at a place you have recently been.

I injoy this game is so funny but 1 lobby is boring no more levels but but is so funny game. I Like so much this game but please do it online and multyplayer its a five star game but if you make multyplayer is 1000/5. I've checked everything and it won't let me turn on any permission in the app wont let me connect to internet. I cannot get my gems that I earn. I also paid for Vip. Have lost my purchases several times. I need to be able to get my gems. There is no option to turn permissions on.. PLEASE HELP. My childhood best game ever! I played this in my childhood! CHILDHOOD! THANKS THIS MAKE MY CRY so sad! I'm so happy! Love ya.

good,but game is not online. you can't play with freinds. if i get able to play with my freins, this game will be best as ever!!. This is a great game and i loved it but the gift in the right lower corner says no internet i am litteraly on the wifi device,please fix this ,otherwise this is a five star game.. I've been playing this game for over 1 year and never gets old I love all the unique special power ups to each bloop!. There is something about the present I can't unwrap cause it says "not connected" although I am still connected to the internet; I dont think all bugs are fixed..

Ur game sux everything u build sux and this game is trash like ur mom and ur dad is trash. Kiki look koko I look I'll kill I'll kill Kokomo at 5th poll lol lol I look like I look lllllllll,lllllllll poll look look like you. This game is amazing best game ever and no wifi but when I have WiFi on it doesn't let me collect the daily reward. Super fun and enjoyable, but i wish it was "fully" OFFLINE. But its still super fun and a total time passer..

I like the game and all that but the final power of that you unlock for joky is way too op. And I can't get my daily reward even though I am connected to the internet. And this was after I installed it yesterday because I got a new phone. miaam ponad 200 pucharw, gra zresetowaa mnie w nocy do poziomu 1 usuwajac mi wszystko co mialam do tej pory. my opponents ar cheater they always winner.....this game is so trash.....the people who did this game....i wish you gonna die.

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