NameSnake VS Block
Size36.51 Mb

A great snake will keep you busy for a long time. Snake VS Block has to move the screen with one finger so that your snake can break all the blocks on the map. It will not be an easy task at all, but we are sure that you will cope. Try to break more bricks, complete all assignments, and complete numerous levels. The snake itself will consist of balls, which are gradually added, and it grows. Get more balls, make it the longest in the world, and have incredible fun from it.

It will be effortless to start, but it will be simply impossible over time. It will be complicated to break all the blocks, pass the levels and get more experience. The game in this project can be completely free, wholly endless, and come off to the fullest. You will have to control your snake with great excitement, slide your finger across the screen and earn bonuses.

You will have to try very hard to beat the record of your friends who have been using this game for a long time. Quite a colorful and exciting game that will become a convenient pastime for everyone. You will be able to test yourself, test your reaction, and go through several levels.

Snake VS Block MOD

This game is sooooooo trash. It is so boring. 1/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND. (I'm not writing this because I lost, it's just a bad game) I don't care what you think, my opinion is better and so you should listen to it. I GAVE THE GAME ANOTHER TRY AND ITS STILL TRASH.. This game is indeed very interesting and keeps you engaged. There is a strong resemblance that can be made from this game. The amount of fascination making up our enjoyment is like amount of balls making up our snake, and the ads with their time duration are like bricks with their value. Those naughty ads get to be annoying that eats up our 'enjoyment snake', making this pleasurable game less fun. Other than that, a worthy simple game for a short leisure enjoyment.. So imgot this game a while ago and thought it was so fun but every time a new round popped up I would accidentally click on it and it would send me to the app store. To. Many. Adds.. Play this game when I was a child and I never got a hold of it 1 V1 is super fun because it's either you or the person next to you that's going to go so you have to make a strategy .. This game is fun I love to see some more game like this but it has add soo -1 star.

Snake VS Block APK

Game time vs ad time is horrible. I didn't even had time to move my finger and ad .. 2 sec game 20sec ad. 5sec game 20sec ad... Not even time to get the game and ad .. horrible. I would rather pay to destroy this game instead of getting rid of adds. So game time vs ad time is 1/300. Not worth downloading. This game was one of my childhood I remember I used to play that game with my dad it was so much fun. It is very nice the only thing that I don't like is that it lags a lot and the you have to go to the block with the highest number. Got this game solely because of the ad that lets you test out the game without sending you to the app store whenecer i get forcefully sent tge appstore i never get the app but you guys arnt scummy enough to do that. All the best. Mr Beetle.

Snake VS Block APK

Game is trash, ads every other match or even sometimes every match, and the pvp is rigged so unless you have unfathomable luck, you can't pass 10th place.. I liked the game at first but some of teg challenges are really hard like there is one where you need to break 3 blocks greater than 30 which would be fine but they randomize the blocks to where you could have a strain of 35 but than get a bunch of 40a with one 20 causing a major setback. I love this game it reminds me of my childhood I used to play it at the age of 7 and now I'm 11 it gets me motivated to do stuff and entertained you guys should get this game. There's a bit too many ads for comfort, one after every 20 second level is a bit ridiculous, but my main issue is I was playing through the challenges and I noticed a major flaw in this game. Every "level" is randomized, which would be okay because it makes you have to think on the spot, but it makes it so you can't strategize at all. Also I'm pretty sure that challenge number 16 is impossible. 15 seconds to get rid of 125 balls, the closest I got was 15 because there's not enough time.

Snake VS Block APK

Woah this game is cool too with snakes so please play this game let me know if you play the game bye, . This was a nice game. Unfortunately, I had to unintall it because of the excessive amount of ads, not to mention that some of them took even more than 2 or 3 seconds of screen time, totally unacceptable. Only 2 stars because of this!. More ads than gameplay. You have to watch an ad after every level, and the ad is longer than the level. Also does that dirty trick where you can choose to watch an ad for a reward, but if you choose no, you still have to watch an ad but you don't get a reward. Pointless junk, bordering on a scam.. It's a pretty good game if you play it offline and never give it any network to load ads. Been playing this for well over 5 years at this point just to kill time... really great.

Only a few words need to be said about this game it is absolutely amazing definitely worth downloading and is the best game out there!!! You can play all different kinds of challenges, or you can play just regular modes.I'm highly addicted to this game and think I need help to be peeled away from this game LOL I love it!!! I recommend this everybody you better download this! Why are you still reading this download it NOW!!! ARE YOU SERIOUSLY STILL READING THIS! WHY ARE YOU NOT DOWNLOADING THIS?!. It changed my life I am a million air now die to this game this game helped me stop vad habits and switch to this one I am very thankfull I came across this game now I own 30 porches 20 lamborgji and have big mansion. There are too many ads. I'm not sure why it can't just show me an ad after I've lost instead of every level.. Either I'm too unlucky or I'm bad at guessing. Let me set up a scenario here even though VOODOO doesn't care, I see a +5 ball with walls on both sides. The intuitive choice if you are low numbers is to go for it, right? That's what I did. Upon collecting it, I'm at like, 15, I see that the block has like 32 or something, so I immediately die..

This game is vary fun but vary glichy in fact oney got to level 2 and it crashd my laptop and im new to laptops and for some reason you cant use the arrows so good game but needs some improvment. For some reasons theres 4 lvls of ads to skip and it just sometimes lagged even if my wifi is good. One of the better Voodoo games. Just turn off the ads and you get a smooth experience. Only problem is that the VS mode is way too difficult.. It's a classic. It's a basic game but they put way too many adds. I downloaded because the adds were annoying. If you don't mind adds or mostly play offline, go for it..

I really miss this game. This has been my childhood game. However my father took my tablet away and i forgot about it.:) . It's a good game but there are too many ads and they are constant after games. Over dull performance. The game itself is decent the concept is basic and fun. It is basically a game you download when you are bored. . Doesn't harass you to rate the game or drown you in ads. I haven't encountered a single bug or problem with this game in my year of playing it's also the best game that I've downloaded from an ad. Actually I can't commenton the number of ads it gives because I play it offline since yeah yeah strict parents hate wifi..

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