NameBloody Bastards

The most awesome action game, which is made in retro style. Bloody Bastards will find funny physics, bloody brutal gameplay, and many other features. If you look deeper, then we have a fighting game made in a medieval style. It has a network of characteristics inherent in a certain period of history. The gamers themselves, as well as their main character, will fight in the battle arenas. They will fight against completely ruthless opponents, of which plenty will exist. The most critical victories will bring you cool rewards and allow you to equip and become much more substantial. Armor will be made for different body parts, which means that absolutely everything can be protected.

The most diverse weapons are waiting for each player; it allows you to change the attack options, and the very appearance of the hero, and his unique characteristics. All this, in general, significantly affects the success of the battle, will solve many problems, and help you feel all this magnificence. Can you become the strongest, most challenging, and most advanced enough to defeat any opponent? Find all the good things that will help you become the best fighter in this story.

Bloody Bastards MOD

BB asked for a permission access to Google Drive, which I accidentally denied. I'm assuming this was for cloud saving. Now I can't reverse the choice -- force stopping the app, clearing both its cache and storage data, uninstalling and reinstalling -- nothing brings the notification back to request access to Drive. Now when running the game, it gets permanently stuck at "Logging in, Loading cloud saves profile..." and will not move forward. Any suggestions from the developer? Thank you!. used to be an amazing 1-on-1 medieval fighting game, now is impossible to even log in anymore, whenever I attempt to open the app, itll show the Tibith logo, and then put me on a logging in screen that says "Loading cloud saves profile", this happens everytime I open the game, and never eventually loads past this. I've tried every youtube video known to mankind, please fix the loading issue!. Great game, nice mechanics, and lovely character customization. I cannot wait to see new countries like France or Spain get into the game as a campaign.. Ngl game is good but too much ads... Like, atleast make it so u can play offline cuz i dont want no ads. But anyway this game is a 4 and its OLD STYLE that i like about da game and thats all . Fun game, but is there a slight bug on my version where the dummy doesn't show up in training, just a floating shield and weapon. Is there a way to fix this.

Bloody Bastards APK

Great game. My only issue is that on later level, fight devolve into what basically is 2 heavily armored fighter bonking eachother in the head with weapon, the winner in this situation are the (slightly) more armored, or just plain lucky on hitting the enemy. The game is pretty much good i had recently installed it but the character in the game goes invisible and this ruins the whole game plzz fix this..... one of the best games i have ever played, details, sound effects, everything is good, download it, you can get raged out easily but dont give up some hard enemies and then a weak one, i mean when u play singleplayer, try it . I thought the game looked weird and the reviews were forced BUT THIS GAME IS truly a unique game that could entertain you for hours weeks maybe even months.

Bloody Bastards APK

Please update this game i live in Philippines we airport to new Zealand this game is great I see the trailer in YouTube that's great bye . honestly its such a good game but it can be very laggy but its so much fun gthey have so many weapons and so many stages and lots of armour and has a great gameplay style that i like.. good game but TOOOOOOO MUCCHH ADSSSS U NEED MONEY OR SUM? BE A GREAT DEVELOPER AND MAKE THE GAME COMFORTABLE TO PLAY. It's fun, but you should add support for gamepads. For some reason can't even use mapping app with this game..

Bloody Bastards APK

The only reason why I'm putting 1 star is because it stole my 4 dollars of scamming me of buying "no adds" and Everytime I try to restore it doesn't work. online is broken. TOO many hackers chewing up the rankings, worthless. We Dedicate so much time and effort honing skills provided in-game all for nothing when your opp. life doesn't drain, regardless of taking off a limb or two worst when your beheaded from across the screen. Great as any game is its not worth it. Bad Form. On a personal note Tibi you might as well sell out get that sweeeet moneymoneymoneymoney. Your games already broken and rife with riff raff. Might as well tax those bastards. I really liked the game but recently my screen has been stuck on loading cloud profile sinceni decided to play again. Hello, i know you'll never see this comment but i have a suggestion: Can you like...add Aztec Empire, Mongolian Empire, Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire? i just think its cool to have more weapons & factions than just 5 (including special) i know its too much to ask but i'll be happy if one of these actually get implemented to the game, been playing for 5 years now and i gotta say, its the best game out there that is actually fun, though i hate the ADS but cheerio! - James,5 year supporter.

Game is awesome, best game on mobile right now. Only problem is the dual wielding AI levels, the rest of the levels are rather slow burn and strategy heavy, but the dual wield guys just go ham and flail around. When they hit they melt your HP and they never seem to run out of stamina (or even lose any). Good luck if one has armored limbs, if you can't bleed them you're not getting 3 stars on the level.. Bloody bastards? more like bloody ads so many ads after completing one level you get ads. After every level there as an annoying ad. Without ads the game is much better. For double rewards ads are fine but not for completing the level. I cant give it a 1 star because it's only made by 1 man and I desperately want to love it, but the game has got some serious problems. I would have already "purchased" it to not deal with ads, but unfortunately, Multiplayer is completely broken, people use auto clickers or exploits to win. I can't tell you how many times I've been stabbed in the legs, and my opponent closes the app for 8 seconds while I bleed out, unable to do anything. Needs serious work.. The game was fine untill the joysticks started to stop working for no reason, as if im being stuned 10 times per match. Unplayable if not fixed..

Game is currently broken. It tries to load then crashes. Very fun when it works. Edit: Game now works again. Very fun indeed.. Very very good game, especially since i am a very violent, and bloodthirsty person.i would LOVE it if this had "training" mode.. Use to be a great game before requiring network connection at all times. It at one point clearly did not need a network and now it does all the time even in single player.. Amazing but the only problem is that you can't buy stuff with$ they should make a shop where you can buy armor with money.

I see u took out the gore and u have to add it into zombie only. Well that sucks but other then that great game. El juego es muy bueno, entretenido y graficos decentes; Lo unico que me molesta es que cuando estoy jugando (Modo un jugador) El juego se bloquea porque no hay comexion a internet aunque tu oponente sea un bot. Saludos cordiales.. I gave this game 1 star because I need cloud saves account and I kept waiting for 10 minutes and nothing I can't even play the game why can't I just play guest. Been waiting since November 2022 for my purchases to be restored. UPDATE: Still not restored as of April 2023 UPDATE: Still not restored as of October 2023.

Haha! this game is awesome! I love how there's no tutorial. Just go in and fight! The art style is pretty neat too. Would def recommend. I gave 3stars becuz everytime I was fighting it would glitch alote then it would just freeze so i had to keep restarting.but it def could be 5 stars i like the concept of it. Pretty good but can only be played with a google play account and I suggest there should be ranged weapon for even more convenience. I enjoyed it early in the beginning but it got stale and boring after awhile. The constant ads are no longer worth grinding against. You can use the same strategy to defeat nearly all the enemies. Too easy and predictable....

Fun game but the weapons can be very inconsistent, especially for 2 handed weapons. Grinding for certain weapons only for them to deal no damage hurts but even worse is the armor. There's no skill expression vs heavy armor, forcing you to play how the game wants you to play if you want to make money. The problem is even worse in multiplayer, especially in the Byzantine empire, every player is a walking tank, you have to get lucky and cut off an arm. Def needs some rebalancing..

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