Bloody Bastards Mod 3.2.6 (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked)

Category Action
Size 65M
Version 3.2.6
Update: 22/01/2023
Install Original android

Bloody Bastards will bring players to the arena of medieval tournaments. You have to defeat your opponents in one-on-one battles. To win, use all available items: sticks, knives, swords, sticks, etc. At the same time, the physics in the game is not real, but very fun, which can improve your mood.

Bloody Bastards

What are Bloody Bastards?

Bloody Bastards is a fun 2D fighting game with realistic ragdoll physics where players must engage in multiple battles defeating other bastards. For this, a variety of swords, knives and other weapons are provided, which can be combined to obtain a large number of deadly combinations.

Bloody Bastards

On the way to victory, you have to go through many levels and fight with a large number of enemies, who will become stronger with each level. Equip your warriors with the best armor and go to war! Find different combinations for bright and quick wins. Before you start the actual battles, you’ll get a short tutorial that acquaints you with the mechanics and controls in the game. As soon as you’re ready, jump right into the battle.

Bloody Bastards

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphics in Bloody Bastards are a mix of 2D and pixel art, adding a twist to your taste. To control the character, you can use two fingers to control the right or left hand.

Players will be able to create their character by choosing their face, physique and other parameters. A fun game that can cheer you up and drag you into the world of incredible tournament battles for a long time.

Bloody Bastards

The best fighters will be listed on the leaderboard on Google Play. By the way, the game has many locations where battles will take place. Decide for yourself what to equip your fish with. For this, an entire arsenal with a large number of items will be provided.

Some Outstanding Features

  • Fast-paced and exciting battles.
  • Realistic physics in battle.
  • Lots of unique locations in stylish 2D art.
  • A leaderboard is provided.
  • A diverse arsenal of weapons and ammunition can be unlocked as you progress;
  • Different enemies.
  • Regular updates with the addition of new skins and levels.

A mod for everything openly will be a great opportunity to maximize your warrior and get out of any skirmish with victory. Prove to everyone that you are the best fighter!