Boxes: Lost Fragments is a puzzle game where players must navigate through levels by manipulating different types of boxes. The game also includes a unique feature called “codes,” which are hidden fragments that players must collect to unlock new levels and secret challenges. By successfully solving puzzles and finding codes, players can progress through the game and uncover its mysteries.

Latest of Boxes: Lost Fragments Promo Codes


Embark on a treasure hunt for enchanted fragments, revealing secret powers, rare artifacts, and unlocking hidden realms in boxes.


“Unlock the Mystical Chest: Free Power Boost, Rare Artifact, Exclusive Skin, Double XP, Legendary Guardian Pet. Expires: Moon’s setting.”

How to Redeem Code for Boxes: Lost Fragments

To redeem a gift code in Boxes: Lost Fragments, go to the in-game store and select the option to redeem a code. Enter the code provided and confirm to receive your rewards instantly.

List of Boxes: Lost Fragments Codes

1. Code: BF8732LN - Uncover the mysterious lost fragments inside Box 1.
2. Code: GH2985BX - Find hidden treasures and unlock secret compartments in Box 2.
3. Code: PL7643FG - Piece together the puzzles and solve the riddles in Box 3.
4. Code: RT1298MF - Discover ancient relics and artifacts in Box 4.
5. Code: KJ5674DF - Journey through time and space to collect the scattered fragments in Box 5.
6. Code: YU3421BT - Navigate through challenging obstacles to reach the elusive fragments in Box 6.
7. Code: OP4567AC - Unravel the mysteries of the lost fragments in Box 7.
8. Code: WE8942PO - Experience a thrilling adventure as you seek out the missing pieces in Box 8.