NameBus Simulator Indonesia

Such an excellent application will allow you to try yourself as a brave bus driver in remote Indonesia; it looks unusual and unique. The developers from BUSSID may not be the first to play games of this genre, but it is the only emulator application with such an extensive feature set. Besides, you can download Bus Simulator Indonesia for Android now.

Special Features:

  • Easy and convenient control;
  • Natural analogs of Indonesian cities and attractions;
  • Bus – a copy of public transport in Indonesia;
  • Unusual and humorous cues;
  • You can create a personal paint color;
  • High quality and well-designed graphics in 3D style;
  • No hidden and annoying ads;
  • Leaderboards are available;
  • Application information is stored in the cloud.

From the very first version, the application has been continuously updated, considering the players’ wishes and criticisms. You should not sit, and waste time; you need to download Bus Simulator Indonesia for Android. The latest version has a variable day-night cycle (1 day – 15 accurate minutes). The mirror in the left pane is also activated. The driver’s camera view can be controlled along the horizontal axis. There is a new beep—fixed bug in management.

Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD

This game is a very nice game. I have never played such a game, but the other ai busses are not one of the busses I can drive. Please make the model and colour of ai like the busses I can drive.. One of the best game. Excellent graphics. I always imagening myself driving round Indonesia. This game is the bestest simulation and driving game. I have played. Amazing! Keep it up!!!. Better to keep more speed breakers new roads , and also fines for not following signals and vehicle damage when there is an accident. Download latest mod bus simulator namaste namaste namaste namaste namaste I will come and see if u can call him now you can come and take rest of my friends and I am in a a at home and then you will get it from my account is not not in the evening today is to inform that the Bing users to create an hour to get the Bing Bing to create an hour to go out of my friend and my family members namaste to you too my sweet wife in minutes of my friends and family members of 3 I am going out to the web . This game is good but somehow I give this a three star. I like the graphics it's so realistic,the physics also. You should add more traffic in some places,you should add more traffic in the city and people walking around add some NPC. Also remove the air sound when you press the brake it is so annoying tbh. I really like this game.

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK

It is good game it look real and super and we can add other mods it is good game and after the update they had added dirt system and we can wash our buses. They also updated bus damage, graphics etc.... I love the game because of graphics and more but 4 stars because of the A.I traffic please set them.. I like this game but the thing is when i add the indian traffic mod, there is some bug, the bug is when i add the bus livery and pressed back, it showed black colour, its a bug and with normal bussid traffic mod i tried adding livery but ITS SHOWING BLACK, PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP RIGHT NOW!!!also when there is next map loading, there is ads, i hate ads, its annoying, pleasd remove the ads. Hello! This is very good game.i really enjoy when i play it but i want more features if possible for example like more maps.police check points.more malls air port please add this types of things over all game is really awesome thank you for this amazing game God bless all of you team members .

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK

Please add Pasanger pick up in mid way...... Side window of beemasena was had blind spot... please fix it like Arjuna bus.. love you Bus Simulator Indonesia, but This game is very good. This game would be great if a hotel could be arranged for the drivers to sleep.This game is very good. If this game was kept for a hotel passenger, it would be very good. This game would have been great if we had given a mood option to the passengers. This game would have been very good if some village roads It would have been better if this game could have been improved on the road. This game would have been much better wit. Game is very very good & beautiful... Update was great.. But... Not support some mods. Like... Veera mods, volvo mods.. Plzzzz fix that lag problem.i want to play other mods in this game. Add more villages offroads, road going to middle of village.passengers type mod like...... City stop.public transport.... Please fix this upcoming update. Kembalikan Mode angkot Bussid dan tarif harganya dikembalikan lagi, versi sekarang banyak fitur fitur yang membuat player bussid tidak suka.

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK

Game and graphics are good but need to improve your server. Always loading loading loading and keep loading until we loose our patience. Editing my review after long time. Still the game having same server issues and bugs. Bus simulator game is super driving game execellent game this graphics shadows superb And another mod playing bugs fixed 4.1 update very super.

Download ( V4.1.1 )

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