NameChapters: Interactive Stories
ReleaseCrazy Maple Studio Dev

This game project will help you participate in several exciting stories in Chapters: Interactive Stories. Something strange and unusual is happening in our main characters’ lives, and you will have to go through all this. You can choose a specific scenario for yourself, take it apart, and live this life. You can experience incredible love, dramatic moments, fantastic opportunities, and authentic adventures here. You can hang out here for a long time, share all your possibilities, and experience a different world.

Much will depend on your decisions, so acting correctly and overcoming numerous obstacles is worth it. The most important thing is that the ending will be completely different, and you will be able to experience it for yourself. Each story will be unique while exciting, and your hero can feel all the possibilities. You can use high-quality graphics, an intelligent communication system, and many other subtleties. This project is suitable for those players who like relatively casual gameplay.

Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD

I have played other interactive apps but this one makes you feel everything everytime, like a movie I love it!. I like the stories however not having enough diamonds to make the choices I want is a big down side.. Whenever I watch an add to receive my 4 diamonds it doesn't give me 4 instead it takes 4 off then gives me my 4 back so I actually don't get any gems for watching an advertisement it's happend a few times now !. I had to uninstall it and download it again bad service I also had a full diamond card and VIP and now I have to pay again for every thing .This a really bad advertisement and experience.. I was enjoying the game until the price to use diamonds changed from 8 to 12, and seeing as I only had 10 left I surmise that the developers did it on purpose hoping I'd purchase more. Instead I uninstalled. That's an unfair practice for which they should be ashamed of..

Chapters: Interactive Stories APK

I love it, such a great game. however, the further you go the more premium choices you get and diamonds are not that easy to get. I hope you take that into consideration.. This is a really good game there are a lot of in game purchases and games you can play to get Dimonds,10/10 game. Very bad.The ads are not running after reading a chapter and the extra amounts of diamonds are not received,not on the Event page alsowhere they claim to get extra diamonds for watching an ad.. I like the game....but for few days everyday they r deducting my gems....its hard to earn them.....everyday they deducted 4/5 gems... I had 11 gems in afternoon.. Now I I got 55 gems r gone.. Pls slolve this prblm early as possible.. I have given complaints via mail a few times....

Chapters: Interactive Stories APK

I love making up your own story lines the story is very interesting it keeps my attention I can't wait for the next chapter. You are forced in almost every choice to spend diamonds or the story is all messed up.. the diamonds are high and there's no way to really earn enough free diamonds. Im currently on the book "mommy you slay" I love this book but I never can continue long because just after just 3 or 4 sentences they slapping anouther choice in your face. To me this is a total rip off and too expensive to continue to play but i will continue you this story until the end then deleting it. The stories are mostly good but there's too many "choices" that require 12-17 diamonds and very little actual free choices. Also if you don't buy the premium ones the free ones are extremely lackluster. Diamonds are very difficult to accumulate without purchasing and with the options costing almost 20 diamonds you run out very quickly. Its an obvious money grab and some of the stories are bad and not even worth it.. Not bad readings but ridiculous with the gems and then the affiliates for earning gems don't credit you for the completed tasks.

Chapters: Interactive Stories APK

Dear chapters, I really enjoy your app and stories. I was wondering if you'd be able to take into consideration a pregnancy story where it's a wife and husband that wants to start a family. No billionaires, no one night stands, no affairs, just a happy little family. Thanks . It is a app that allows you to leave the reality behind and start a new life in and within the app.. Seems like a fun story but asks for lots of diamonds to make choices. Hopefully we Cap'n earn them easily or I won't be able to continue for very long.. It's alright so far, decently interactive, lots of ways to get diamonds and other things for making premium choices without having to spend money. Will update once I've had the app a little longer and have actually made progress in one of the stories.

It's very interesting, but they are after your wallet immediately. I did not expect the price of diamonds to be so high with choices at 17+ diamonds 4.99 for 50 gos fast. It's only the second chapter. To pick to pick the answers you want, you must spend REAL MONEY. What a shame. . it's great and has a great story and great ideas. But almost every question has played gem I wish I had a gem choice, and then a choice like a golden choice with no gem, and then a free choice. Instead of two gems, choices, and one free choice.. Has good storys alot of mafia ones wish they do git more desent ones ...i mostly read the ones other pple write becouse i cane fine beter storries to read whale the chapter pple have some boing story on mostly....the storys the readers create have less dimonds then the other storys But some dont finish the story. It's okay but like others have said you need too many diamonds but I got a free day pass today so let's see how far I get with that.

Fun game. It will give you ideas and turn you on at the same time.. You'll be tempted to buy diamond although, you don't have to you'll earn them. it seems like the game will still be good That comment was from 2021, this one is current 2023. I like that clothes options don't cost. I think diamonds shouldn't be so hard and few in between to obtain. I also believe that there should be a tad darker female character and if I select or darker character, then the family and friends should be also.. The stories are nice, I actually have spent money to be able to read the stories. Then I used the earn diamonds option by tapjoy, they have denied giving me diamonds when it took me days to earn them and the excuse is risk detection system makes me ineligible. How when I followed instructions to a t. In short I don't trust the offerwall or chapters, they will not help you get your diamonds. Tapjoy scamming users, the other offerwall only gives a few offers and you never get offers after.. Yes they are many ways to make diamonds on chapters but you can use those ways and still not get the diamonds like I've had the experience three times already which is why I uninstalled this application. I love this app. I have lost myself in many of story's and there is so many to pick from, I know I've personally read about a 100 so far.

The stories are amazing!!! But it is hard to get diamonds, and at times you are being told to give 17- 20 before you allowed to take the right decision for the game, and this attribute makes the game frustrating .. Too much uses of Diamonds and its so boring even on stupid choices...i think timing Answers should be supported as well coz its so consuming. Was fun at first but unless willing to pay premium $ the choices for not using diamonds are lack luster. Opted to uninstall rather than continue.. Yes, currently interested in this love game. However, this is real life Everton Skully. Im looking forward to meeting you on the phone. Left alone in person..

The only thing I do t like is you have to pay for premium choices with diamonds. Otherwise the stories are interesting.. Uninstalled, impossible to enjoy if you don't start buying diamonds for real money. Or you'll need to wait DAYS between chapters to accumulate diamonds by watching ads. There too many diamond choices per chapter and the other choices are so unsatisfying that it virtually forces you to go for the diamond choice. This game is an OBVIOUS CASH GRAB. I don't recommend.. I love those stories so much but without LOADS of the story isn't the way I would have the story turn out, plus the are way too EXPENSIVE if it was only a few I would buy but the lowest I've seen is 18 and that's too much but GREAT stories DEFINITELY from Julie.. Not too bad so far. Started me off with a story automatically. Written pretty well so far but it wouldn't be as great I believe without the diamonds it asks to you buy. Starts you off with a few diamonds but those dwindle quickly. So far so good though. Worth a try for sure if you like a storyline you control..

I've only been playing the game a short while but am intruiged by the storyline and the graphics are incredible.. Not a very happy camper I just spent $30 on three different transactions and doesn't look like a received anything yet. I selected the VIP thinking I was going to receive gems and I didn't receive very many if any and whenever I open the VIP part to look and see what the perks are it wants me to buy an entire year instead of the month the month that I've already purchased so yeah not very happy at all.

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