NameBe The King

Role-playing strategy with addictive gameplay. A mobile game for Android devices is an entertaining role-playing strategy in which you need to create and develop a kingdom and make it prosperous.

Download Be The King for Android and start playing. In the story, you have recently been appointed magistrate. Your hero is determined to change everything in his kingdom and bring it to prosperity. You must help him in this difficult but interesting matter. The game takes place in imperial China. The country is on the verge of collapse.

The imperial court is permeated from all sides with corruption and the struggle for power. Officials, filled with selfishness, exploit the population for their own benefit. You are one of the few who is able to change the situation in the country, but for this, you will have to try hard. You have a lot of enemies, and each of them will try to break you and take away power. It’s good that you’re not alone in your quest to clean up the mess. You will have like-minded people, but this is not enough. We need to find more people who will help in the fight against the enemies of the empire. To start the game, you need to download Be The King for Android and install it on your device.

Be The King MOD

It's a Korean game. like I was gonna say it's pretty cool but is not a game ad like it's boring and you know that if i played that game and is not a,ad game I will be bored i gonna be like this emoji so I want a game ad .. A larger waste of time you would be hard to find. Once you understanding of the mechanics of the game, it really does become simple to play. But in a seriousness, this game will steal your time.. It takes more space than any other app, forced updates if you dont update you can no longer get in the game. Updated are about once a month. It's a huge headache to update it wants me to delete other apps I use daily just itll have room to update. I used to just uninstall btk and reinstall it and that worked for several months. Now that doesnt I have to delete other apps like discord, tiktok, messenger, fb. It's just ridiculous. Probably losing me this time.. Played for over a year and now I can't play it as it is insisting on an update to play and the update isn't working. Skins are practically impossible to obtain and my least favorite thing about the game is you can't use gold to accelerate the game at all. For example. If you want to upgrade anything you must have its item their is no way to bypass having an item with gold which is a stupid game design. If i don't want to wait and upgrade right away an option should exist to use gold. My retainer cant excel past lvl 400 because i cant get the hereditary prince items without having a trillion colored vests,.

Be The King APK

The game was interesting at first, though it become a grinding game at the middle. I'm fine with grinding though, but the campaign in the middle feel boring as fk. Like, early campaigns have dialogues and actions and middle to endgame campaign, you just tap, tap, tap. No dialogue, no interactions, just suddenly like, you got ambushed, but when you cleared the stage, it doesn't feel like you're being ambushed, it's just some random empty words. Don't invest cash heavily, just sparingly.. Can y'all remove the ability to suppress and restrict other players in Total Defense, because that's really defeating the purpose of telling us to work together.. Always got problem to login & this games will make player very tired because too much of bored daily task with "Low Rewards", Not Recommend to download this games.. Very hard to find id we want to login with, not user friendly at all. They give events n tasks too excessively, disrupting our real life duties, resulting in many players quitting n server became dead..

Be The King APK

Used to be a great game, until they keep changing the layout n LOGIN FORMAT. Be careful too if you have a job n a life, this game has way too much events ending at the same time that you'll need to watch.. I have played for over 1800 days and I am locked out. I pay every day. Fix it today or I will never play again I am ranked 223 in the world and I have been a loyal player.. It's a good game but it seems like lately every time they add a new event you have to uninstall and reinstall just to get the new event to work without a runtime error. I like this game even when i was a teen, everything looks great till now, the promotion, story, but there's only one thing that i don't like. The lack of troops/military, atleast make it easier to gather troops so that we can finish quests in the meantime, not like we need to wait for hours to manage troops and play campaign for like 1 and a half stages only and wait another hours to get another troops from management, idk, it's just getting boring when it's like that, can you please fix this?.

Be The King APK

My experience of this game tells me dat everything of this game can help meney people to on more thing. Thanks for bringing be the king judge. With the last update you changed the name a the people in the court l don't like that and Leonardo de Vinci was in Italy not china. Huge update, but there is still no solution to your constant crashing. This isn't an isolated incident where one email is going to fix the problem. Everyone I talk to in Discord deals with this issue in the U.S. section.. Nice, not bad, but you could improve it making it possible for those who can't compete with top players compete with other middle range, low range players. that would make it more fair and give a chance for middle players for example to gain resources and later be able to compete with top ones. otherwise the gap too big, and they keep getting titles, while we get nothing.

The developers can't deal with players exploiting multiple accounts in the same server that floods the server with alts ruins the entire experience. They say they will investigate even when presented with evidence and yet do nothing. Unless they do something about it and start banning alt accounts. I cannot recommend this game.. I remeber playing this game around 4-5years ago. missing all my guild colleagues. s32 PH_Norls #Phchix miss you guys. This is a 100% PAY TO WIN game.. My advice dont even install. The rich pay to play bully the free to play. Take every win and beat down the weak free players. After I install the latest version. My screen went half for this game that causing me no longer play for some events please fix it..

I have already email my concern to you but still wasn't addressed in the game... It still gives me connection errors where in I can't even get in to the game for days. And if I'm lucky to be able to get in I am then being booted out because of connection problem again,. I love this game sometimes because if bound the account they will not delete and it will permanent; but i hate this game sometimes because Im tired of tap on tap there. Any technical glitch or feedback provided will be given a template reply. If you provide a negative feedback, you will experience more glitches. Despite being one of the highest earning games as reported in the news.. Developer not bothering to improve gameplay. Constantly having updates making game more lag and glitches. Don't bother wasting your time to even install this game. Unable to log in after downloading game, its writen " Runtime error ?:0: attempt to concatenate field '?' (a nil value) " please fix it ....

Game is a total let down with numerous technical glitches. Additionally it seems like some players are favoured in the game and arranged for them to win. Total waste of time and money.. I've been playing this game since 2019 and they've had a lot improvements, but sad to say that my old account I can't re-login.. i actually like it. it's difficult to operate at first but everything is reasonable. it wasn't how i expected the game to be, but it's still a good thing to do as a past time activity.. I can't change the gender into male confidant not worth especially the game graphics is worst the remake is more better..

I was a free to play player, now I add ovo and gopay as payment method, never succes!! Always decline! Now everything is okay . Very unfair cross server game setup, matching servers with nearly 100 gap. I'm also a paying customer but it's not worth it. Is developer trying to please top VIP players only?. I haven't played much of it, but I don't like the fact that there's only one option for the gender of consort from what I've seen.. Players controlling so many accounts to cheat on Tomb, White lotus and Evil Queen. Should revamp the points for ranking system such that last hit gets much reduced reward. Drill event poorly thought out. Encouraging players to further invest only in few retainers..

Was a 4 star game. But they changed the Gold accumulation bonus from monthly to by event(usually 2days!) Totally giving people a reason NOT to purchase gold. DONT buy any until they bring back this feature at the same level AND same or better rewards. That is an insanely GREEDY move. . They are fraud people who make games to get your cash and next they will close it .continue with them if you wanna your money gone with the wind. Do not play this game, your time is more valuable than playing this game. Play another game instead of this one. Definitely pay 2 win. To the extreme. Top players spend 30k+ to get there then bully everyone else. Developers encourage having multiple accounts but never enforce the rules about having them. Player chats are toxic..

I can't update using playstore. And when I tried updating it on other app store. It reset and language changed to Chinese. Please fix it. Not really recommend this apps at all! Always in important timing then suddenly can't get to login again, dunno this time is how many times already !!!!! Why keep can't login again??? Pls fix this repeatedly problems asap, Also please let know why will keep can't login again ?? & Till when only can Login back?? Since hv wasted too much of my time to keep tried login but finally still failed to login too, After tis don't asked me to email here n there again ok, but truly fix this problem, Thx.. After latest update, I get runtime error when doing Evil Queen. Same error even after uninstalling and reinstalling the game. The error occurred when I clicked on 'Discovered Enemy' icon. . I'm really pissed off. I can't log in to my accounts after reinstalling BTK again. I have sent an email, but there has been no response. The event is now ending, and I also can't do my daily because of it..

I installed it again after I deleted it because of some matters but I can't open it because it says "runtime error". Why is this happening? My progress will disapear if this doesn't fix. There is so much dummy accounts some people have 3 or 4 accounts in 1 server. You can't have rewards at some events due to this! However, the game is ok because of the bountiful rewards. This game could be better without the dummy accounts of some players. Thanks.. Excellent game! I've been playing this for almost 2 years now! Lots of exciting events and very rewarding! Keep it up devs!. Still under maintenance until now, 18 hours already past by, if the compensation is not up to the time we wasted, I won't change my review.

The maintenance is taking a long time.Unable to enter the game until 2moro.Am fatup already.Why so long?. Very seldom do I write reviews...but I feel its time. Chuang cool. You need to take care of your players. Im a high spender and close to quitting because chung wont deal with players who are obviously cheating and bullying others to the point of making sexual accusations. Chung this is not ok, you need to take accounts away that are causing spenders to leave.

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