NameSword Art Online
ReleaseBandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

An addictive MMO. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, this game project has already achieved incredible popularity in Japan and is now being promoted worldwide. An exciting adventure awaits you, which will take place in the great tower. There are whole floors here, and you start from the very first. Each of these floors is an entirely separate world. It is wholly packed with horrible monsters as well as other players. If you look at the pumping system, it looks just great. You get to the next floor as soon as you raise your level.

Here you will find completely new cards, unique abilities, and, of course, weapons. Go through complex tasks, find opportunities for quick completion, and get long-awaited bonuses. Soon you will fully understand the game and pass the levels more carefully. No one can imagine what you can do, so you have to show all your abilities to move on confidently. Quite good graphics, many exciting levels, and everything that will help you get many bonuses. I look forward to new adventures in this beautiful world.

Sword Art Online MOD

The game is perfect, however the connection can be poor at times and the reconnecting seems constant after a long couple of minutes, just wish it'd approve but that may be just me. Me and friends keep loosing our accounts when reinstalling it after a year or less. We used the same google account where we saved it and it's just gone. My poor hard work i spend so many hours on. It is alot of fun, it has cool weapons, unique skills from different weapon types, cool art style from the map and the geart effects from skills, the story is quite fine but could need a bit work in it, the game could try to make the Less Laggy but overall it is fun to play. This game has alot of things you can do like customization characters or grind in this game to get stronger. This from a Sao fan of the anime.. It's a good game with reasonable graphics and good background music.One of the things that I like the most is that I can play it on my phone using my mobile data whic is a very helpful to me.Thank you. Y'all can compete with those pc mmorpg games, make one and don't just stay with blue protocol this SAO title needs pc versions or you can call remake one. Btw i know they've been porting this game to steam.

Sword Art Online APK

I played this game before and it was good but i can't play it now what wrong?? I cant enter to the game i wish you can fix it. The people play this game they're gonna want to play as Kirito or Asuna but then when they found out that they're just gonna be a side character that makes them disappointed like me at least most people. So please change it up.. Probably One of my favorite mobile games because I truly get that SAO vibe from it and it has a really good storyline compared with a lot of those other games that have a story but eventually just stops in the middle of it all and a never to be finished storyline so I give this a 5 Star rating any time. Would be better if it stopped crashing. Have solid wifi connection and still crashes. I enjoy the game a lot. Will get a better rating if they fix the crashing..

Sword Art Online APK

My only concern was the tutorial everytime I complete the quest it forced me to go back and back to that loading part where I wait 20 to 30 seconds it took me 1 hour to finish the tutorial part, My internet connection is in great condition and my cp also. We cant buy our own house, Cant get married between players, Not each floors has a city, Most events are dull and boring, the rewards for clearing main quests are insufficient, The crystals use for gacha is too hard to get, The storyline already set so we cant choose our own ways, Cant change our partner gender, At least make our partner a male when we play as female MC, For Bandai Namco that has big name this is just a big disappointment & seems lazy to fix everything. It is an awesome game, When I started it, it made me love this game more and more. I Love open world with fantasies.. Alter somethings and Addd pvp.It would be fascinating.And dont remove the game from playstore. I dont wanna lost my account..

Sword Art Online APK

Good evening, I am writing this seeking for help to retrieve my account. Last few days ago, I uninstalled the app as I am selling my old phone. Not expecting things would go wrong I did it. After buying a new one just one day after I sold my old one. I installed the app, and download resources and updates. But upon transferring my account. It said that the email isn't connected to any account. Then I tried to enter the transfer id and password but it is as well an error. Can someone help me?. SAO IF is far from perfect it feels a bit too linier but I like how the game has encorperated the anime story in to it but it cools be better like the traveling aspect is too constricting. I have some pretty high standards for games, especially MMORPGs and I gotta say, this game is outstanding! Just a preference, I'd really enjoy more slots for individual pieces of armor like 2 arms, shoulders, 2 legs, a waist item, breastplate, under armor, footwear, helmet and various accessories we can have on different parts of our bodies at the same time. It would give me something more to work for.. SAO is one of my first anime and after seeing this im amazed about the graphics and i feel like im in SAO.

Love the game cause I love the anime, plus I love grinding stuff. Only downside is the low droprates & low gacha rate. It's great but the progression feels so slow. Getting your character stronger requires alot of grind not only for your equipment but proficiency as well, specially proficiencies since theres no real efficient and fast way to earn release crystals. The drop rate of release crystals on quest board is too low for it to be efficient, while fishing is only gives limited amount of release crystals per month.. This is a great game the only problem is you cant turn it to English But I still love it. The anime and i played the game and the graphics were like just the anime the bosses where a little bit hard but i like the game Guilt and the the character moving and the starter player whose really good.

Overall everything is good nice and interesting but the control does have lack in movement view angle rotation of aim/crosshair. While doing a quest I was thrown outside the battle area and now i can't get back in, can't even teleport to other locations. I tried reinstalling, but it didn't work. Your server is crashing bruh I just got back and the game now never ending loading. I restart the game but an error occur btw my internet fine dude... Instead of dailogue to read without animation i didn't give a proper feel. So my suggestion is to use animation to convey dailogues it will makes more realistic and attractive. Else it's good to go.

Everything is good and sugoi, but the problem is I don't have a nerve gear and no one can solve this problem right now ig. Thanks bandai namco for making my favorite anime into a real mobile game. Arigatou. This game has good graphics, a good storyline, and great rpg game mechanics the only thing is that it needs is voice group chat for groups and individual gameplay. Black screen prblm idk why but the 2nd time i launched it ,there's a black screen from that time like everything loads but right before the gameplay it's a black screen. As a Sword Art Online fan, this game is one of the best that I have ever downloaded. The gameplay is crazy. It is not laggy, and the fact that you are playing in the same world as the other players and can interact with them makes it super immersive. If you don't know the original story, that is not a problem. If you want to pass the game with friends or alone , no problem either. Also, the graphics are amazing and beautiful. The combat system is great, too. JUST DOWNLOAD IT..

Since the new update the game is constantly crashing, even just doing the summons kicks me out of the app.. God game I like the story but I watched Sao so I wanted to play as irito in game my personal tho.... playing as kirito will be best if we can and also a request to game developers I had a side character but I can't talk to her she always follow but I wana talk to her not a npc to follow me and fight me I want to talk to her too so if u can add ai chat system in her so I can talk. Love this game would give it 5 stars but there are a few corrections needed. It would be nice to have more armor past the Centurion armor. If you expect people to get the black armor make a dungeon that is not insanely hard. Kirito and crews weapons and things should be in game more such as clothes drops and weapons. I feel like that would be great. It takes forever to get up to the crazy experience you need to get up to the blackdungeon or to fight easily in selmburg. Fix these and .. Brilliant! Can not wait till the flight mods and systems come in as in AOL and then the magics. Can't wait!;.

This is amazing but need to fix the problem with party's as it should automatically leave a party when you close your game to stop the crazy thing that you have to log back into the same server to play again. But other than that this is amazingly great for the creative minds of gamers and anime fans of SAO love it congratulations and good work on the creativeness.. I just want a pet update like, can yall make it where we can tame neutral monsters/beasts please if you do ill give it a 5 star and recomend the game to 5 of my friends, Deal? . I love the game, but I was wondering, after yall release floor 100, would yall just end the game completely after a while, or would yall make it available to play offline?. It finally worked, this game has awesome graphics, great controls and it loads quickly after downloading the required data and the best part about it is that there are no lags..

It's the best example of sword art online but there is one down side. There is way too many story chat everthing else is very very awesome. I've only started a few days ago. The game has been pretty good so far. The rewards are decent and new player friendly. Curent comments that I have: - I think that the auto-aim and auto-attack needs a bit of optimization. - There can be more noticeable visual distinction for interactive NPCs and event NPCs. - Maybe a smoother way in switching between attacks and dashes (or I'm just still not used to it and the different delays).. Honestly, I'm in love with this game. I love the anime. I've always wanted to know what the other floors are like to clear and now I finally get the chance. 10/10! Best anime game I've played so far!. This game is free to play and even if you don't pay you get free avatars and skill records, and arcana gems are easy to collect so you can get good units even if you never pay. I'm level 130 and I've never paid anything but I get enough good skill records and avatars. Nice game..

It was a fun game except thhat materials are too hard to grind especially materials when crafting avatar costumes (2nd materials), the drop for shards and black materials are even rare. I do really hope that the materials needed to be lessen to produce good armors, weapons, avatar costume and accessories, etc.. I'm pretty pleased with the gameplay so far. I haven't came across any "Pay to Play" problems. Over all its a smooth game. I do wish there was more character customizable options. More colors and hair styles at least. But beggers can't be choosers.. I'm so happy that this is back on android, I've played for a stupid amount of time, and I've liked this game more than the anime for a while. It was removed from Android for a few years, and I don't have a PC, so this coming back is delightful.. Despite mid graphic and some problems(like every gacha game has), it's still one of the best mobile game that I have ever played so I'm going to play it again now,years later.

Please add profile bio! I'm sure it would help put more in socializing. I've realized modt of us follow each other in game but that is all. I would love to help those who wants to party and I would want people to know that.. You got knot if you do want that I want to see three stars something if you do want thats in my brother. Todo excelente hasta hoy que me deja trabado en la primera pagina donde dice "Authenticating", una pena porque el Juego es Excelente! PS: Juego en "Google Play Juegos Beta" desde la PC. Birthday Eydir banner is so bad . The droprates is horrible , and after wasting 3250 crystal , i am still at step 2, while i should at step 3 . So dissapointed ..

This game is awesome as hell dude man butvit consumes lot of data I played it for 20 minutes it consumed 729mb I hope you could solve it. Hi devs!! Uhm i was playing this game for awhile now and it's pretty fun tbh i was looking forward to future updates and also u hope you guys can add trading skills and materials to other players so that some people can enhance their skills without grinding so much :)). Men I'm happy that my acc recover from bug but in spinning ag with birthday eydis I'm very disappointed I lose my motivation of playing because I spin too much effort to save ag to spin it but the out come make very disappointed. Sorry men.. I really do like this game very much I did made it too floor 95 and stopped got a question do I save progress on the game when u delete it?.

the game keeps crashing every few minutes and keeps returning me to login page I can't even fight the boss because of this. After the link start on first , it's not opening at all it's just a blank , can you back the old ver that noting like this happen?.

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