NameVirtual Droid 2
SizeVaries with device

Virtual Droid 2 – the game is set up for the gamer who downloads the game, relaxes and enjoys everything that happens. This is a real virtual find for those who have Android.

Virtual Droid 2 – the game can please everyone who wants to get emotions together with friends, as well as use in the game features such as voice chat and many different interactive maps, which greatly improve the modern look.

Different equipment constantly leads to the fact that mini-games can improve mood and even make the game much more fun. The gamer gets a charge of emotions, and all the graphics look like anime. It is possible to choose games in different languages. There is a house building simulator that can reveal a number of secrets for those who love puzzle games. Almost everyone is able to enjoy this game.

Virtual Droid 2 MOD

This game is really good but it won't let me open my storage no matter how many times I give it access it still asks for permission . SO MUCH MEMORIES ON THIS GAME LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME CASTRY THIS GAME MAKES MY SOCIAL ANXIETY'S GONE TYSM . I love this game because i get to meet new people.. but I'm giving it a two star because it crashes and kicks me out of the game because of the updates.. I love this game but we need more things to do and the minigames back because they are so fun and many of the old maps back because they were amazing and we need more maps and more things to do in game. Game is Trash it always crashes and it only have few options to login so i successfully logged in to my FB account without crashing game, then it started crashing at Character customization again and character customise is trash it doesn't even have skin colour options and if i try to make my character for few more seconds game crashes again and again. Trash game I'm deleting this stupid game. .

Virtual Droid 2 APK

Full of Unchecked discord expose kids engaging in predator behavior themselves, also, hot springs got changed to a campground, futuristic city and other maps from the old version are completely gone. I was with this game in it's early days when nude skins were rampant.. (Sorry if my english bad) Why I can't change the name? My cousin want playing at she download it, but keeps loading it's been a hour. 4 stars, but i think it would be cool to have a Vr version, with the option to turn On or Off the hand tracking. I just got it but it isn't working I would give it higher rating but.. Idk it's fine until it gets to 90 it pauses and asked if I was gonna restart it so I did but still didn't work.. Please fix this..

Virtual Droid 2 APK

This game got me banned! I didn't even post any inappropriate posts! I'm giving this game a 1 star, for banning me for no reason!. Guys you have to low the graphic a little and the game is so laggy even PCs start lagging just low the graphic a little bit in the next update. Good game made a lot of friends I hope they will make game like boneload for Android and iOS pls make a just like bonelab on Android and iOS for free. I like the new update but where's my old acc ? My name is still not change but my followers , posts are missing ..

Virtual Droid 2 APK

There is an issue with the game I've been playing it for one year and something has weirdly been going on every time I play the game it lags a bit please fix. The developers do care about their consumers I'm not complaining anymore as they actually fixed a problem so Yea other than that I think there may be too many nude characters on the telegram version of virtual droid skins but yea thanks developers for fixing the issue. I like this game cuz I can meet a lot of new friends even from another country..but I will like it more if developer adjust the bugs in this game.. I don't like it when I suddenly get kicked out of the game/server or my account suddenly desappear when I just updated the game. There's a lot of bug in this game which is I don't like it much. So I hope developer will adjust more about it. Btw, the grafic is getting better and I kinda like it.. I am not able to play this game. Idk why but It keeps doing a thing where mutliple copies of my screen overtake my camera. I literally cannot see to play. I would have loved to give this a higher rating because overall everything looks incredible and I would love to play it but I'm unable to. Please help me fix whatever is wrong? I really want to give this 5 stars but as of rn my experience is far from enjoyable. :c.

I was in the game and a lot of boys were flirting with me and one was laying down and literally saw what I was not if any kids what is please only 12. Its okay when i downloaded at first but after i updated it , it kept changing to Spanish. I don't know if its a bug or anything but please fix it. If I understand Spanish it's okay but I don't understand a word it says.. ifnaan:THIS WAS MADE FOR PEOPLE TO SWEAR LIKE THE SHUT WORD AND MANY OTHER SWEAR!! SWEAR FACE! AND DO NOT KIDNAP ME. Update: I don't know what happened but my account seems to be different account even though i log in the same username and password, i saw my original account and my id is different in my current account. Can you fix this vd..

It won't let me change my profile picture in the community even though I enabled the storage and it use to let me upload photos but not anymore?. Please fix connection issue. I have good and stbale wifi but my connection always lost. Can you help me? I cannot even play this game anymore because always disconnected. Pls fix the recognition of storage data and microphone. VRDroid can't detect my storage, etc. after all I allowed everything. One star because there are still bug of community I'd change itself please fixed it.and second in the game cannot change name I hope u fixed it and want a new update that name can use a symbol and spaces please.i hope your guys doing it..

This is ki da a good game not all the skin but done of them are rlly werid and suss. Christmas update I want it to be beautiful Also, the map must be nice Add a car with approximately 70 gems This is a challenge. Can you please add a join button in the friends list.... I'm sick and tired of joining random servers just to find my friend.... Very good game it is very nice to meet people like you and make your own avatar a few lags here and there but amazing game developers.

Updated the app thinking, that my community button and other bugs would be fixed but nothing changed. Please... I'm asking once again fix this issue.. Dev, i cant log in to my old acc. It always say user not found when logging in even though my acc is still in the game. please fix this, i spent money on the acc and i have friends there. Its bad enough that u guys clear my inventory and take all my coins and diamond. give me my old acc back.. Hello I would to claim that they are glitches and some bad stuff on the Halloween update they are glitches when it's connecting to server and I keep on disconnecting even though my wifi is very fast So please fix the problem and thank you Saturday October 2023. The most racist and toxic community u will ever found. To the developer Ok take time and the one player i remember is mohiteeo and kakarot the most toxic person I will ever see. I will seek patience.

It's good but it keeps loading our internet isn't weak but when I play it it says 90 then it keeps loading and the number keeps decreasing the more it loads. (re-review) I have made so many models for this game it's not funny but otherall it's a fun game! I've met some people in 2021 who I was good friends with (they're gone now tho). Been playing since 2019 although stopping from time to time but its good to revisit the game and feel those nostalgias once in a while . it's still slowing down the game powerful ads making the game unplayable don't take my word for it look at the other people's review feedbacks they are good some are not good. Plus it hates the wifi it hates my powerful 5g phone when i play it. the signal lost is broken and starts not to work and freeze screen no response the lobby is a lag fest.

I need help with my game it keeps kicking me out I'm playing on a Samsung but it keeps kicking me out all the time is there a way that you can stop that from happening. It's a really fun game but the Halloween update has made the game so laggy It crashes as soon as I get on. I can't even load Vroid skins. It's bc of the graphics you added. It made Everyone's game lag. Pls fix this. PLEASE STOP UPDATING THE GAME BECAUSE YOU KEEP MAKING IT WORSE!! laggy as hell, now unplayable and links provided are freaking expired.. I meet many friends is like VRchat and theres many cute chsracters is hard to look for friends in vd many loud people but i learn to mute them... i enjoy having friends..

me gusto el juego pero a beses el juego se me traba pero to-do lo de mas esta bien por eso le doy mis 5 estrellas I lo otra Mala es que ay gente mayores por fa vor virtual droid trabajen en eso listo. i wanna change pfp so to access storage permission I already allows access to storage but it's still say you need storage permission. It's the best experience because I was able to make friends and have fun with them it was also quite hard to find friends like them I recommend you to try this awesome game have absolutely fun and take care.. I tried to sign up but it takes too long to load. I've tried all the other ways, but it's still load slow.

I like the game but the promlem it can no longer change your name when thre's a mistake spelling it so please add the reneme. The audio is glitchy and the skins are glitchy only the humans That's why I give it 4 stars Please fix this. This is the best update if its have 10K star i will all of that stars I really love this i hope You can make one costom wings that have an ability that can make u fly for like 20-30 sec and have a cooldown like 60sec. I wish to get my old acc back ... MrBTS (direct login) and JusMeTiazDzy (2nd acc) its remove all my followers and likes and my posts.

I like the game but I can't change my nickname anymore I been waiting for 2 months and I even update the game but I still can't change my nickname.. Hey I'm having trouble with my skin it won't load o kept having errors do u think you can fix it? Ty for fixing it but it still has a error but u don't need to fix it it's a fun game. It's great but I keep clicking into the app but all I see is a black image I don't think I can join the game again. Hi,can you make the voice become more realistic and can open the song through the mic so realistic for headphone,earpod and wire user?I hope you reply .

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