NameMicro RPG

Micro RPG – Excellent role-play toy. You have to deal with monsters again and destroy them in droves. These creatures have invaded your kingdom and are now preventing your people from living. The knights were on vacation at that moment, so there was no one to protect them. But the main character appeared. He turned out to be an ordinary village boy named Theobald. He took up the sword and decided to fight back against these crazy creatures. Ultimately, it is up to you to help him destroy the monsters, protect his own home, and become a living legend.

These creatures will attack him from all sides, so you need to look both ways so as not to be in their clutches. Deliver the most vigorous blows you can, and upgrade your character and his weapons. Soon you will learn how to apply combo attacks, from which the monsters will not be fun at all.

Move across different locations, take out any monster and free the land from invaders. A straightforward and fascinating story in which you have to become a hero and still save the locals from destruction. Quite good graphics, soundtrack, and the most exciting moments of battles.


It was great until level five Edit: world 5. I've had to restart levels dozens of times just to have a chance of hitting the clams. Then, trying to manage clams and eels at the same time is, so far, utterly impossible. While I admit my previous review of this game was rather harsh and the dev was "kind" enough to rebuke me for it, (I do love challenging game and this is not one of them,) I'd still argue that the dev team should google the definition of *role-playing* before naming there beloved game. But nonetheless, I update my review score now, after giving it a couple of hours; I find the gameplay and upgrade aspects of it pretty engaging, albeit a bit on the grindy side.. The new update does seem better. 1) The new advent calendar does seem like it'll make getting game currency much easily and inturn boost growth faster. 2) you could make the fast upgrade like a daily rotating market because it's a very amazing feature when wanting to upgrade certain weapons or to get new weapons maybe 3) the boss monster like I said even after the trick you suggested is still very much of a gamble, it takes a good few tries for each boss usually. Overall the new update is great. I like graphic design and gameplay on this game, but i can only purchase 7 days of ads free? It would be nice if that's ads free forever pack. Because this game is cosy yet challenging enough to play without ads. I hope that pack will be available soon, then i'll change my rating of this game. Thank you in advance. The game is fun until you get stuck for months on the levels where you have to kill 2 clam things, that require you to hit 2 other creatures first before them in the same attack, or else they block all damage. The game becomes one of luck instead of skill, because you have to rely on the random movements of the other enemies and hope enough of them get close to the clams so the attacks are effective. I uninstalled because of that..


ive decided to play this game again.. but my acc got rollback to world 2.. this is really awful.. still best game.. ill rate 2 star for now . Game is fun but extremely predatory in how it punishes you for not watching ads by slowing down your progression. Fun and innovative gameplay. A breath of fresh air really. But I personally find it too difficult to progress unfortunately.. Loved it until the grind for gold started. Gameplay never gets old though. Super fun if you want to skill some time.


The game could be fun but I had to grind the first boss multiple times. This was not from difficulty since I survived the endoungsf until the end every time. The boss required a minimum combo of hitting two other enemies first then the boss (main game mechanic) but he just RNG'd himself into a spot where that was impossible. It's probably fun but I'm not going to force myself through a game that doesn't respect my time by having the difficultly be arbitrary.. Very cute and fun to play with, the rules are simple and the graphics are very intuitive. Recommend, you can't win with just mindless clicking. Also no random ads popping up in the middle of gameplay.. This game is super fun!!! I love all the creatures and characters you can collect, and the weapons are really cool and creative!. Fun game. But $7 for 7 day of ads free umm no thanks. 10 min to restore 5hp. Yeah I am uninstalling this game. This game is not free to play..


fun? simple? a leveling system and minimal ads? This a free to play rpg game with attack mechanics similar to a roulette and there is many ways to play whether you want to do only main quests or also the optional, if you want to attempt the most coins in one go, you can do that to. A great mobile game for my rpg fix.. Plays well, looks good and fun if you like to be challenged, I don't play phone games to be challenged so I'm out :). I think it's a fun cute game and it's not too hard. I also think that the game is not too hard to understand how to play. surpising and fun. new style of game to me and I'm already really enjoying the balance of puzzle and fun.

I really love the game! Earlier i had a problem with my save file but customer support solved everything right away! Thank you so much!. Omg I love it you the one reading this like this and download the game trust me you are not gonna regret it. Took me 1 - 2 days to get to world three but after that the enemies strated to do like a quarter of my hp each hit, it felt like my character wasn't getting enough upgrades. Also I opened a good amount of chest but never once got anything but commons. after I opened one of those big chests I atleast thought I'd get something else but nope another damn common (also the free wish is cool but I wish I knew how long until another free wish and I hope the free wish had a chance for rarer items. Need to fix more bugs. - stun talent in fog forest doesnt work on bosses. - rope weapons doesnt hit bosses or highest target last. It hits randomly. Also why paid weapons are so bad?.

In game cash shop. In game timers to halt progression. Same old tosh from greedy game devs RIP gaming industry. So sad.. I loved playing this game since year or two ago and they made it even better since last time I played.. Good gameplay idea, but HP you lose does't regenerate after a level. And it costs you time of waiting or something. Stuck on 2nd boss (after maybe 20 minutes of gameplay) because of that reason.. Fun game. But ads always loading and not pop up when trying to heal. Need to restart the app everytime trying to play ad to heal..

The idea of you needing 3 hits to actually damage the boss is so stupid. Because most of the time, you have to pray that the boss actually go into a group to be able to do it.. I was here when it was in the demo and there was 10k downloads...... look where you guys have gone. I like it, it isn't any game I saw. I gave it a 4 star rating because I expected more than those path levels. Either way I'd recommend you to download it.. Likes this game, but very difficult when u have new stage on level boss~ cant even broke the boss stage and the wishes cannot get new character and new weapons.

this a nice game for someone who doesn't want to learn a lot of things just to play a game it's fun it's easy to learn. just started the game, love the mechanics so far, love the simplicity, will most likely fix to 5 stars, like I said just starting, and so far so good. Extremely fun! And it's actually exciting to open the loot boxes provided. However, the game does not like it when I'm not connected to the internet, which is why it's only 3 stars. Fun idea though! Excited to see where it goes in the future!. If you're a f2p player and want to grind for 10 pull.. Good luck griding all your time and watching ads to double your rewards or pay 7$ for 7 days off ads which is way overcharge compared to off ads in other games..

Not fond of the boss mecahnic, can't control where the enemies spawn/move to so obviously quite annoying. Maybe some balancing there like 2 enemies count for 2/3 of a hit. Not just a complete block. Otherwise cute and fun.. I been playing this since it was in beta and recently reinstalled it, about trigems why add a gacha system we already have chests why not just unlock the new rare and epic weapons from chest instead it feels pay to win now and about the events well can't just grind I have a life you know. Sorry if it may sound rude I know how hard it is to make a game but you really should fix these.. nice game, however I am trying to update and it's super slow connection, tried for so many time and I still can't update... and it doesn't allow me to play without update... can you make it such a way I can still play while it's pending updating?. Fun game, but forcing an update, to put in more ads, then trying to charge 5 bucks a WEEK to avoid ads that weren't there before is kind of a dick move.

There is an ad blocking the wishing well. I cannot watch it. I tried everything. Just let me watch the ad, I have 3 trigems.. It's really good but the wishing well is stuck on watch ad but when I try to watch it to get rid of it but when I click on it my game just crashes so if you guys see this please fix it when you can but other then that this game is amazing weapons are balanced gameplay is fun and addictive af so it would be 5 stars if that glitch was fixed. Fun gameplay. Just the right amount of ads. Very cool and cute UI and characters! Thanks for the great experience!. I really enjoyed this game and for quite a while I'd play the event game, but now they basically force you to watch ads in order to level up. It really sucks especially when you've beat all the levels on the main route..

Really fun game. You will hit a spot though where you get stuck. But good game up til that point then I guess you just grind? Hard to say what they intended. Still really fun though.. Very good game, it doesn't push you with ads and they are balanced. It does get grindy towards the end and the current final episode is pretty hard. But it has a lot of options, good gameplay concept and generally pretty good to play while you wait.. It was fun and simple I think you guys should add pvp we're you can dash away during battle and have fun with friends. Just updated the game , it's laggier now ,wanted to watch an ad for the wishing well and my phone just froze, had to forcely restart it. Overall in performance the game has gone from a solid 7 to a 1, disappointing. Just played a little more and the game freezes my phone every time I watch an ad.

I like this can u make it online and make raids where u add strong person end friends and can u add trading? This is my suggestion. The game is great! I play it everyday but there are not so many options . Like maybe u can add like styles/skins of Heroes or maybe add some like thropy road thing bc like it will give ppl motivation or stuf like this would be great, i would definitely loved it!Nice game!. This is a great game! amazing art style, good gameplay, miminal ads. download this game if you have a phone.

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