Guardian Tales APK Mod (Unlimited Gems)

Last update September 22, 2023

NameGuardian Tales
ReleaseKakao Games Corp.

Guardian Tales is a fast-paced platformer with addictive gameplay, action, and role-playing. The game occurs in a fantasy world where you must control the main character and go on a spectacular journey with him. In the magical world, a fierce war occurs between the forces of Good and Evil. Players must side with the details of Good and destroy the forces of darkness.

The main character is waiting for many battles with various opponents, as well as many complex tests, the passing of which will help to raise the individual level of the character. In turn, this will help them gain new abilities and skills. The main character has a health bar. If it drops to 0, then you lose. The game has excellent graphics, many missions, quests, and simple controls.

Guardian Tales MOD

(please ignore my name) Honestly I'm in love with this game the contents, the puzzles, the banner, the weapons,the modes, the fighting mechanic, the different events, the graphics, the animation they are just perfect for a mobile game/PC Game I just love all of what is inside this gameeee. Definitely worthy game for my time with good stuff liked weapon straight up cool and guns and mech for some reason Great design by character Definite a perfect worth for your time if you wanna grind stuff such as Level trying to use my brain and also stuff I didn't go thru because I could care about the story but is good I would say good 10/10 Request really wish that this game should be offline there no reason to be online please. I'm giving 3 star, i have issues about my experience, not the game itself, it constantly crash crash when I'm at the banner section (summoning) if possible, want a switch where i can just see the character itself in the background, that's probably the cause why my phone crash since i play in low-end device, I'll rate it 5 star if this came true. The game is actually very good, the story too, much better than other gacha games. I love this game so much the Quality is so smooth, but please fix this I cannot open the game!. game yang bagus,, grafiknya mantap, dan yang pasti di sini banyak banget waifunya,,,tapi aku paling suka sama Andras dan Ara,,, terimakasih kakao game.

Guardian Tales APK

This game is amazing! The art the adventure! Brilliant! I like it so much it's so nice It has alots of things friends guild heros equipment and costumes which is awesome the heros look so beautiful Kakao you done a such beautiful and nice work keep it up you'll get more 5 stars and more downloads! In my opinion You should add: More equipment More heros More chapters Co-op mode Vs players mode More events! ,Thank you! The first time I played it it was amazing. the loading is too slow and every after maintenance always need to update it, that's reduce my memory, so annoying. I hope the developer will make the update be a rare thing. If all of the problems is fixed, I'll give 5 star.. Nice game keep it up and can u make the game stable I play your game so go lm in world 9-2 l got stuck Because we l about to start its not working Correct me if my grammar is wrong thy u. I like this game, it's very fun with all the puzzles and rpg mechanics, story also interesting, characters and their designs are magnificent. Overall I would recommend this game to my friends. But right now I have an issue, I just updated it and when It's done I want to log in but 15 minutes passed and I'm still trying log in and still stuck on the black screen. Please fix this thank you..

Guardian Tales APK

Lost my 3 years old account after i got banned on fb since there's no transfer account option available still the best game thought . Was really enjoyable until world 10. Past this point the difficultty really ramps up. Trash enemies will one or two shot you, your ai teammates stand in bad and constantly die. Just seems like an excuse to milk players out of more money. It's really ashame there is a great game to be had.. One of the best mobile games you can get. Very F2P friendly, the Devs give away a lot of free stuff constantly, the characters are fun and charming and the story is amazing once it gets going in World 9. Grab this, you won't regret it.. Best mobile game to get imo. Very f2p friendly, comfortable mobile controls and solid combo of action and puzzle gameplay. Very engaging and the story is unique, plus the plethora of pop culture references makes this game and easy 5. It sets the bar high for mobile rpgs.

Guardian Tales APK

I cannot believe this game is a mobile game, it's too good to be true. The storyline and the gameplay is what sells it.. I think there's an error or maybr a mistake cus, the dialouge changed.. (Where you're about to choose ur gender) ex: instead of the actual dialouge lol, it shows prologue_gender_select_talk_2. When playing for the first time im confused as hell, but after playing it for a while it became my fav game on my phone. Lately whenever I'm pulling for the new Banner, They're never came out, and the box just gave me rare characters. Whenever it's comes white, it's always the chara i already owned. Why just whyy.

Honestly the game has no needed hate comments about it, whatsoever the problems are the upcoming platform errors for no reason, cleaned cache won't help at all, re-installing it won't even help now its kicking me out over and over I can't deal with it anymore. I need to get back in the game to do my logins, I can't just wait a whole day again what is this even making it happen. It happened after this maintenance/update, I'm going to freak out :c. Frustrating level design. A lot of things to like, but every mission being 30 minutes of over complicated puzzles by the end made me uninstall.. What a very good customer service in this game. Can help you with your problem in game. All i can say is that the selected banner event is so rigged. It's like it's not even an up rate saved up to 240 pulls yet i only got one character and didn't get the chance to get the weapon. I suggest that the developers of this game add a guaranteed summon after u got another character or weapon instead of the banner itself. No problem in this game at all just the gacha rate that robs gems. This is the best pixel rpg game i played so far i like the story the graphics even the characters it's also support f2p the gacha chances so far so good ill reccomend it..

This game has a good story and cool gimmick Even if in the world 1 to 9 is a comedic, but in the next story has it own game story. Love it. This game really is good , great pixelised graphics, cool gacha and characters, perfect story yet I can't play. I don't know how but whenever I open this app it says error code 1001 is it because of my net?(probably not) or because of the game?I wish I could continue playing this game like before this is one of the best game I every played . So much help from the Dev and the game still fun no owverpowered guys thats unkillable, all heroes can be countered also Good Job. This is how I remember a good video game was. It brings back good plot, strategy, and puzzles. If you guys have difficulty in money, why don't you put ads to get additional free gems?.

Best pixel gacha game i've ever played. the game itself is so generous by giving new players 40 free gacha, by the way please rework Sumire she's to weak, great character but not to flexible in terms of content especially endgame content.. The game updates was fixed the bugs I encountered thank you KongI love the new chrome illustration and also hope more exciting hero and story come btw hope I can Win on early but also thank you too for early to new hero I really glad I get her on luck hope it will continue. More blessing Kong . This game is pure gold, Awesome graphics,well written stroy, No pay walls, references, difficult curve. just be careful to exit a level properly. this is becoming my fav rpg game. the biggest point for me is the voices, especially in the story. please add more jp voiced! especially for the story.

Co-op Bugged again, dev doesn't care any bit about it while it's the best content, this rating isn't for the game, it's for the dev work that's super bad and slow. Please fix co-op. It's very buggy and sometimes unplayable. It's my favorite bi-weakly event and now I can't even enjoy it anymore. It's very fun the story is SOLID, the art style is fun and progressive, it become even better throughout the year that i have played this game, definitely will encourage other people to play this game :D.. This game is obviously the best mmo rpg game that i have seen it. Keep updating and gift a player more diamonds..

Amazing story, lovable characters and fun gameplay, my only complaint is that world 11 onwards the game becomes hell if your account is free to play, the enemies are always higher level than your party, everyone gets one shot, the bosses in world 11 and 12 can take hours to beat and some of the puzzles in heavenhold tower seem to be designed by sadists, awesome game tho, it's on another level for a mobile game The gatcha elements aren't that bad, it can just take really long to get what you want. Great story if only the difficulty spike was not the way it was the story could be enjoying 10 times more.The difficulty spike is unbelievable it's like telling a 1 month baby to fight god with nothing but a toothpick. this game is the most cutest game I have ever played.Its so nice and I haven't had any problems it just has a few tiny glitches and confusing problems.. It's honestly a good game, nice plot, humorous dialogues, some random references that you may or may not notice, interesting puzzles and stuff. I'm not very sure on the balance side of things but I doubt Kamael's dethroned in terms of versatility... yet. However, playing this for nearly 3 years left me jaded so I haven't played this for quite some time now, maybe 4 or 5 months. Just leaving this review for those who wanna play this game. To whomever is reading: it's worth playing, trust me bro..

Love the game, quite enjoyable, here are many easter eggs hidden in the game, and also the puzzle solving challenges are a bit complex but not hard, i also love the vids from the inn, they're cute, the only thing that makes me irritated is that there are puzzles where its too "outside of the box" thinking, like doing a specific action to get the final cube or finish the run and re do it at later stage.... Overall the game is great. Simply one of the best games i've ever played. A game that you can pick up at any time of day. However, an offline mode should also be available so that you can play the game wherever and whenever you want. And if it's possible, please add a cross-save feature since i started playing the game on switch. Other than that, no other improvements needed.. I'll be honest, the game is nice but when I try to load a level/part of season 2 the game kicks me out, please fix this. Everyone should give this game a shot. The Gameplay is satisfying. The Stories which they advertised as Unexpected is TRUE and I'm craving for more. The only problem is the coffee/energy feature, True they give out a LOT OF FREE energy but omce they run out, you get lonely deep inside. For future players, Please read their story.

No matter what account I've tried to use signing in, I'm unable to recover the account I had all of my stuff on.. This game is very awesome that it makes it better than genshin but there are some problems in it, even though i optimized the graphics etc. It still screen freezing and something. And please nerf WORLD 11 the enemies are too op especially the dark mages. I really enjoy the game. All the mechanics. But recently every time I open it it says "checking newly updated resources" and it doesn't load up. Just stays like that.. It's been really good but the game just stops mid game for no reason or become so laggy the game wont move but i think it's my phone but yes THIS GAME IS AMAZING but i really hope they can connect mobile and nintendo GT together literally the only thing i would want.

The app is nice, it's very fun to play and a lot of interesting characters, but there's one problem, I can't buy or top up in game, it says that I don't have enough balance even though I have more than the required balance for the top up or purchase it still says, that I don't have enough balance to make the purchase pls fix that,. One of the best rpg game I've ever played,good story and gameplay,lots of free resources this is the game that got me hooked after years of moba and online shooter game good job dev. I wanna enjoy the story but he passageways are very annoying. The difficulty jumps are so annoying, is this touhoh? Surely not? Am I fighting sakuya? Nope. But almost all enemies one hit you, even with the best team comp I can think of, 100s of strategies, it doesn't matter because you'll die either way, like literally, the team's Ai is trash, they walk right through the Enemies attacks. Cramped space and enemies you need to dodge countlessly? Lol? Are the devs joking? This game's trash.. This game is the prime example of what you should avoid at most. Lets start off with the characters. 1/5th of the heroes are females. Even worse, kakao games sexualised every of each of them to the point it makes you question on who plays this game. 2nd of all, heating up your device weirdly the strange situation, considering it being a pixel game that doesnt require much GPU or CPU. Lastly, the game overloads you with game updates and events. So much More to talk about but theres word limit.

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