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Almora Darkosen RPG is an entertaining adventure RPG with action elements and retro graphics, in which you have to participate in reckless competitions. The developers have prepared a classic RPG with a top view for the players. The plot tells about a deserted island called Almora. You have to do a thorough study of this giant island. The island itself is conditionally divided into a lot of remote locations. These are gloomy forests, swamps, endless fields, crypts, and other equally unpleasant places. In each area, the player will meet with many enemies and a dozen quests. The core of the game is fighting enemies and completing tasks. You can level up your character and trade with NPCs between battles and tasks.

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Well buds, you got a good game here, its the only one i have ever purchased the premium. The ending is very anticlimactic, but im guessing you did it because your making the second right?.....right? Make it longer. This game is an awesome mixture of challenge and of accomplishment. Im sad im done already. Get on it man! Lol Good job, great game. Oh and nerf the time limit on the companion, you can get through with out them but that time limit is my only complaint, it made it so i never used.. This game is a blast to play! Fun and smooth gameplay this game has is Top Tier! Keep up the work my guy! ;D. It seems like what pocket rogues couldn't be. More polished game. It's also giving diablo. Simple rpgs are always good you rarely see them nowadays.. Fantastic RPG, reminds us of older games like Diablo and gives us a great gaming experience. The atmosphere is dark and moody and fights are tough enough to be challenging, and even fatal if we are not careful. All in all, a great game.. good game loos alot of experience when dead could offer more in game content but playing of line seams to be the best.

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Really an amazing Game with a good story line, I don't like the fact that after the contract time with the mercenary ends , they would not be available again, please do something about that. Enemies in the dark forest r way to op I'm level 15 and getting destroyed even with all armor having poison resistance. this game is actually really good i liked it :) waiting for more updates in future and im going to leave question with this review (is there going to be multiplayer feature in future?). Overall it was a good adventure. It had good story and good mechanism. But was really disappointed at the end. Was hoping for a boss fight with the main character's brother and Athena's sister or Darkosen himself. At least add a monster that serves Darkosen or something who gets summoned when you put in the last stone. Maybe save Darkosen for Almora 2. Edit: Forgot to mention this but good job making this amazing game all by yourself!.

Almora Darkosen RPG APK

Finished few days ago and can say that it's one of the best isometric rpg ever played. and waiting for Almora 2 with a new story and new adventures Edit: Will be here new update and content for Almora in the future or not?. Its my first time playing rpg already 10 hours in and got the stone of immortality have enjoyed it so far seems like it will only get harder from here loved how i advanced and became stronger , dont know if i will be able to handle the difficulty , favourite part until know was getting stonger and the stone , rhe swarms can be really hard to survive from but for now i have only good things about this game looking forward to complete it and the sequel of it. The game is quite interesting... The graphics is very neat... The updates are encouraging... But if it could be made an online game, the game would have skyrocketing downloads... Also, making a sequel or almora darkosen2 is an excellent idea and maybe you can make almora darkosen2 an online game... Thanks Mr. Developer... I am enjoying this game.. Honestly this is The Best Game I Just Ever Played In My Entire Life!, And i just Finished this game Sadly But. Hoping This Game Will Having an Next Update Hope Dev You're Doing Well Keep Safe At All. Keep Up The Good Work. Developer: Grzegorz Borkowski. 11/29/23 5:00pm Love From Philippines ... This is the best game ever!.

Almora Darkosen RPG APK

Truly a gem. Minimal ads, not pay to play, classic and fun rpg. I wish the NPCs would have little speech bubbles or text popping up with some fun dialogue. The Graphics and the Design are beautiful, fighting feels a bit clunky though.. Good game just the level limit is same level needed to get all skill point you need to open all skill. Fun, challenging, tedious (in a good way), everything a decent RPG should be! Edit: For folks taking away stars or complaining about bag space or things of that nature, shame on you! It helps keep the game balanced and challenging! Games that hold your hand the entire way through are not challenging and no fun, so appreciate it for what it is, which is better than 95% of the garbage thats out there!. Ok played a lot of games last few years I'm not a youngster hit 60 years old last week. Don't care in spending money to lvl up and hate ads but mostly hate games that waste my time. Now that being said this a "awesome F'N game". well developed highly entertaining and reasonable price. Only complaint to dam of short game need make storyline longer. 10 .

I want to play this more because I want to keep advancing, however the game has some problems that really prevent me from being able to advance. First issue is that if you don't have a mercenary follower your damage is just not enough to handle advancing - this wouldn't be a problem except each mercenary only lasts for a small amount of time after which they disappear and you can't use them again. Let us rehire them. Second is you level up slow compared to monster level increase.. This is an awesome game. Love the challenging levels and all the choices of equipment. Potions and leaves along with hidden treasures and ore, Are abundant and not mapped out for u. My opinion is that I have gotten lost for hours inside this game trying to finish quests and level up.. I've played this before and I'm playing it again. If you love rpg games, this is definitely a must try and the story is also great so yeah... Imma play again. _()_/. This game is super fun. Reminds me a lot of games I really enjoyed in the past. The game runs well on my older phone. The maps are extensive and provide a lot of game play. This could be the most fun I've had on a mobile game..

It's fine. Kind of punishing, lots of repetitive running around, easily overwhelmed, kicks you while you're down, and there isn't really a reason to be engaged other than the slow grind to improve stats. The story is garbage if it exists at all. None of the side quests are believable and seem forced just to have side quests to have a reason to grind.. Progression is balanced but the lacking of quest is kinda boring The abscence of range weapon make the main character to be a destined Knight with Unholy Armor and Weapons. This is a fantastic game with lots of story and plenty of stuff to do. You would think you'd find it on a console but it's on your phone. Simply amazing.. Love the game but here's few things- 1. Sometimes enemies swarm you and hero gets stuck in place resulting in death. 2. Even when auto aim is on hero can sometimes swing in places other than where enemies are making you miss a lot of opportunities. 3. The top down view is great but obstructs view of where the opponent's are especially if we're surrounded in which case it kinda becomes a spray and pray situation. 4. Can you please add a equipment ranking to help choose things Efficiently..

Happy to upgrade. Well worth the price. It would be great to see more content for it, but I understand if you have moved onto your next project. Thank you.. I'll give it 5 stars because this is the best game I've ever played and it can't be played offline, the story is also good even though it's 2023, it's still the best game RPG offline.. and I'll be waiting in Almora Darkosen 2 in 2024 . Excellent game so far.on 3rd playthru, excellent game, no pay to win, story and details are excellent, worth supporting the game maker for sure, can't fault it, 10/10. This is a very good game. The storyline and gameplay are exciting, I feel like I was taken to its magical world. This game's graphic also attracts me much, it somehow creates a peaceful ambience (except for some situations). Finally i see someone complain that the game is so difficult but for me it is not, the challenges in the game make it more fun to play. Thanks developer for such a good game, hope it will have more and more and more quests and adventures for players to join in!!! .

This game has everything I've been looking for in a game, I love it. 5 stars for that, I support your work, keep it up, sir!. I really want to rate this 5 stars but if only it have a Offline multiplayer play with friends via hotspot. . Very good game I liked it The only thing I want is to Make the Inventory and other menu Simplified And The character moves slow I don't know why it feel too slow . Edit: Looking forward for the next part of the game When is it coming man this days mobile games sucks but This game is really good Make Almora 2 even better dev. Woah Woah Woah!!!!! Oh Yeah!!! THIS IS ETERNIUM ON STEROIDS! Very Fabulous Game My Bro! You Did Absolute Genius Work here!!!! Game is an absolute masterpiece!!! The Sounds, The Graphics, The Controls, everything except, the ease to understand and kick off the game in pov of a complete newbie. It's like not easy or let's say you would need keen eye of a gamer and experience to get along with this one! Indeed a masterpiece dude! U cracked it holy nuts!.

hi...i really enjoy playing this game...i hope you get a new update...maybe you can add new places...or weapons like daggers or scythes...maybe you can add like sea world maybe.. .anyway i still enjoy this game...i finished this game and i started from the beginning again...i have repeated many times but still not bored...ok thank you.... I was sure with all the gold I was collecting I had about a thousand coins. Nope. Not even close. The next time I collected gold I saw that it was only two pieces! I may not have the patience to grind.I don't like the view. The game is offline which is worthy of a star.. A game fueled with passion. One of the best indie mobile RPG you can find. Please buy premium to support this individual developer. This is his work for over 9 years. Better game than most mobile games, although it would be better suited as a PC game and less tiring for the eyes.

It's a fun game in it's own way. It's definitely got quirks but its got an old school feel to it. I'm level 16 at the writing of this and I've enjoyed the game so far. I'm glad I pulled the trigger and got the premium key. Thank you for a fun game. Old School Fun. Love this game. Great content and fun gameplay all around. Will you be supporting any of the game controllers like the Backbone?. Scratches the itch for old fashioned rpg progression. Varied locations, enemies and items, mining, crafting... a little of everything. And most important, the combat is fun and challenging.. Loved this game from the beginning. It is great that you don't have to pay to win. It is a complete story made as a work of love. I still purchased the game anyway as good work should be supported.

Good little game with acceptable placed adverts. However, the layouts often put minor things in the path to hang your character on during battles. It really bites when you need to run away only to have an unnoticeable rock or side wall get sticky with your character as you get swarmed...and there is a lot of swarming in this game. That being said, the game is great otherwise, works and is free. If you like old school RPGs then download this game!. So I just had my 1st death , Why did every monster respawn on the map! Annoyed is putting it politely! It took me ages to clear a path to a certain area, only for them now to all respawn, debating uninstalling . Amazing game. Well done! Edit: really would love to see a part 2 my friend! Thanks again for such a wonderful well thought game.. Games is quite awesome in all aspect but tupek ad in every location change is just too much.. Looking forward for Almora 2 n GS.

This is my 2nd time playing the game (1st one was around a year ago) and I still had a blast playing this. Great game! Though I wish there's a way to sort the inventory, idk I just like organizing my stuff lol. Awesome game with simple mechanics and easy to understand controls. Very straight forward throw back dungeon crawler. Not too grindy and exciting action. Story flows nicely and the crafting system is well thought out. 10 out of 10 would recommend.. Brilliant. This game is pure gold. It has it all, gameplay, eye candy graphics, stability, story, atmosphere, music, all superb and compelling. Even the ad placement. This game, is very well conceived and meticulously polished. The solo dev is very talented. Too many good things to list here. It is a work of art. This is as good as it gets on this platform. Looking forward to more from Gear Studio!. Nice Leveling and RPG stylish game... This is the kind of game im looking for,offline game,nice weapons and hunt and collect just patient to look around the Map.and i suggest to carry 2pcs or more of shovel and pickaxe in your inventory and dont forget to create those keys. 5 star for this game... Nice and keep up this good work of yours....

Great game,and I rarely give my opinion about games I play, but it is very addictive and recommend everyone try this game and if you you should get the premium part very affordable, nice job sir . Wow man after so many year,s a good rpg game that is free. Remind me of old Nokia free java games. 9 out 0f 10. Edit : OMG! I knew it! My phone compatibility issue with the game lies somewhere within your game codes i think, because somehow the latest update fixed it! Just so you know i always tried reinstalling the game every time a new updates comes in with no luck, however the latest one fixed it. I think you might have change something in the codes wether you knew about it or not. Now the game runs really smooth on my phone in both 30fps and 60fps. Finally i can enjoy this classic masterpiece. Thanks.. Yo great game bro, u should be PROUD OF UR SELF,for creating somethig this good the art stile is Gold, the way my character iteracts with the nature around him as he passes by the rustling of the leaves and the splashes of the water. It's just great all together. Im realy thinking of buying that premium of yours just so i can see everything this game has to offer. Keep up the good workU know what, u should add a way to not just level up UR merc give him gear to..

Good game however ranged accuracy is not very good and hand held weapons could use improvement as well but for $5 you get no ads and the game is primarily enjoyable keep up the good work.For My second review you really need to improve the targeting for your ranged weapons It would make your second Game much better And would raise the star rating from 4 to 5 good luck. Tried it and not my cup of tea. That being said, it's a pretty good game! Worth a shot if you are into this genre of games. Amazing work by the lone creator! Keep it up bud!.

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