NameEmpires & Puzzles

A new Match 3 game that combines unique puzzles. Empires & Puzzles is an entirely new view of developers on role-playing games. Everything seems simple; the genre is three in a row, but a mighty citadel has been created here, filled with PVP duels. Now you can send your troops into a deadly battle, playing the impossible situations.

There will be quite a few, but each can be applied at a particular moment and pass one or another level. Build in one moment a large fortress that will make your enemies horrified by the army’s power. No one expected this from you, so at any moment, you will force yourself to be reckoned with.

Gradually, you will be able to collect hundreds of new heroes and considerable squads to destroy your enemy. Attack opponents in PvP battles with players all over the world. At any time, you can improve your main character, build unique defensive objects and develop specific skills. Team up with enormous Titans, fighting against the most powerful opponents. The graphics are unique, the monsters are drawn in great detail, and all this is set in a fantasy world.

Empires & Puzzles MOD

The most pay to win game I have ever played. It's not even close to 2nd place, and its getting worse and more pay to win with every update.. Played for 2 months to get tapjoy$ for a different game. The ridiculous scaling in this game got to me after a while. Still not as bad as RaidSL, but it's not as good as the gacha game that I was earning tapjou$ for (and that one pissed me off for a bit too). So, 3* bc it was fun and if you like dumping money in games like this you might like it. Personally, I don't care to collect the characters on their own merit so it doesn't hold my attention.. It get you thinking wat move din next one n I got brain damage so yes didn't know nothing n now doing best I can on Kool game:) thankful!. They raised the prices what use to be 16.99nzd is now 19.99nzd. The rewards are ridiculous . It takes literally years to lvl up character. Unless you have money to burn then this isn't great or even fun. I don't know why I'm bothering in this review nothing will get better. I have spent thousands now and only have 2 characters at max level.. awesome. Rewrite: I have reloaded this game several times over the years and it's been improved over ever update. Never complained and as of September 16 2023 this version is the greatest . My only drawback is life and time as a retired six decade old player. Wish I could improve my skills..

Empires & Puzzles APK

Used to be a good game, until it became classic pay2play. If you dont mind: getting 5* hero after every 1000 sumonings, being beaten by weaker team (coz he has payed heroes) - same for clan wars, having your stronghold blocked by ads icons, ads popping on every screen change,well....then you're good to play. Second * just because of game idea, else it would be 1*!. Sadly this game has gone downhill and fast. Too many daily tasks are putting people away from a game they used to play without pressure and to relax a bit. Too much money requests to be able to stand at a higher playing level, which is opposite to what players used to come to play. Algorithms that make the game even worse, despite continuous detail from customer services. With so many players complaining and showing images, surely the problem exists! Not really worth playing anymore!. Probably the most childish cheating game it is so slow and aggravating to play with the childish game play children may like .. I've been playing for a couple of years. It's a great game. I think it would be cool to be able to gift loot items to your teammates. One more thing when the team beat a titan and its a loot item reward everyone is not getting that loot item only a couple is that how it suppose to be or do everyone suppose to get it.

Empires & Puzzles APK

I have stopped recommending this because of how the Wars and Raids are programmed against the attacking side .. it is so obvious that the defending side is favored in mana production that it's sickening I have lost to too many weaker teams because of this that I am quitting the Wars, despite the help I can give my Team I know it goes both ways... so, don't try to educate me. my girlfriends son got a hold of my phone and now I'm in the negatives with my gems and being threatened to have my account banned. I was going to fix it plus some but after that threat y'all can KMA. I'll never fix it now and I'll go out of my way to make sure I never use this game or any other games/apps. promise!. I was surprised, the game is not misrepresented and not overbearing with ads! Solid mechanics, if somewhat slow progression. It's a long term game. 5 stars.. While it's fun to progress through the map stages, the PvP "raids" and some of the events are INFURIATINGLY UNFAIR. The game is VERY STINGY--usually less than a 2% chance to get a 5-star hero on any given pull. I only kept going as long as I did because of sunk costs, but finally it just wasn't worth it anymore..

Empires & Puzzles APK

the summons are rigged. you get the same summons over and over. the chances to pull the same 5 star is should be almost impossible yet it happens constantly. same with 4 stars. it is rigged. I've spent money and I'm done. game is a pit don't waste your time.. I love this game if you are new still play this game. I have Ben playing for about 4 or 5 years. I have made heaps of progress though out the years. but I am not as strong as my dad so try and beat my dad.. Irritated It keeps playing the same irritating ad over and over again I Am sick of seeing Amazon lens. I am almost at the point of deleting it because of this.. Used to be a good game, just make sure you DO NOT spend money on it, as it isn't a skill based game like it makes out. Totally rigged. How can an opponent kill you in one move???? It's an impossibility in our case,and yet I have it done to me often. Nearly 40 minutes trying to kill ONE person using four of my characters, not a scratch. I gave up. Let's see what excuse you've brewed up this time. My fault,as usual I suppose?.

Unlike other games with this exact style, this one makes it nearly impossible to advance without spending money. Very uneven matchups that guarantee failure so that you'll be frustrated enough to make purchases. Well not this player! I like a challenge, but not enough to spend my hard-earned money. There are other versions of this game that are much more fun and have easier gameplay that is still challenging, but doesn't require purchases to move forward.. You already have the longest forced tutorial walkthrough in gaming history but why stop there make it even hours longer.. Obviously, you can figure out how to match 3,4,etc. and endless (candy crush type) moves. But for the first 8 or so boards, it would not stop showing me every move to make a kindergarten child knows what to do with out 10 tutorials showing you with no way to stop it. I got rid of the app immediately. If you have a small child that can play Simon says this is more for them.. Great escape for an hour a day, getting tired of no five star heroes every damn time I summon in the chance for legendary training camp, only ever get 3 stars . Guessing you have to pay to be at the top. I will continue to play as, I don't pay to play a game. Interestingly since I made this review I have received 5 star heroes however they are only I will complain about that. HELLO I ASKED FOR FIVE STAR MASKED HEROES OF ALL COLOURS. Still no 5 star masked heroes frustrating!!!!.

Enjoyable however if you do not pay alot to play you should treat this game as just a fancy match 3 game since it will be impossible to proceed with development. High quality Monsters are impossible to get if you do not pay, even when you pay you run the risk of getting free common monsters (has happened to me more than once). Also be prepared to be attacked alot and without spending alot of money you will not be able to get all items needed to ascend your monsters.. After playing this for over 2 years got totally bored can't get any new heroes over 3 star totally bored with it now save your time people. One of many games that are deliberately rigged online. If you don't pay, entire alliances are being screwed over. They will make sure that only people who pay will have a normal game play. Thousands of people caught their lies but you will always receive some stupid answer from them. Not recommending at all.. Used to be quite a good game. Sadly as many others pointed out before me, more frustrations introduced with every game play updates. Summoning heroes is kinda predictable because nothing good ever comes out. Updated the review - Played the game for more than 5 years, the summoning is getting more ridiculous now. Can't even get a 5* hero after summoning for more than 50 times..

Uninstalling this terrible game now. After wasting 3 years only to have greed of the developers make any forward progress for free to play players to even have a fun experience. I hope they learn from their mistakes and look back at how badly they've shot themselves in the foot here.. I love playing the game but I can't log back into it and update was put on and it says go to number three in empire and puzzles and I still can't log into it there's no update button this is horrible I want to play my game been playing for years. The gameplay is cool but There's no way to get gems to summon expect missions that require upgrading. The gems you get are very limited. Not f2p friendly unless you have tons of patience.. The animations during game play are way to long. I've played for years and the fun has been drained out of it by money hungry higher ups. Barely a chance for a decent pull to build your team..

Highly recomment not to play this game the developer set system that try to force you to buy plus any tourment just like you play 1turn the rest system play suddenly you just loose. The new update makes it very difficult to read the smaller print and understand the new lingo. I've played for years and deleted the game after one day of the new update, bye.. Have had a great time playing but the new ads are really annoying. You watch the ad, no rewards, then the ad is unavailable. They recently switched up the ad regime, and it sucks cause you watch it and get no rewards.. Started out fun, but this is a 100% pay to play game. Constant annoying ads popping up and you get nowhere in this game without giving them your money..

I've been playing this game for 4-5 years now and all it has done is gotten worse! If you are looking to enjoy a game and not spend money, then this game isn't for you! You reach a point where you can finally play and they do nothing but ask and beg for more money! A minute of ads after signing in and constant bombardment with ads! Then you get beat by a team a 1000 point less than you! The creators have no loyalty to their longest running players, they want new money! Stay away!. Easy game to play without even having to spend a dime. So that automatically puts it above 90% of the other games, but there are so many ads for sales along the side of the screen that I can barely see my base. Seriously, it's double layer on both sides! All that mess needs to be put into ONE menu, of sorts.. Endless ads, constant cheats from the game just to get you to spend money. Rare to be able to find a foe that's possible to beat in a raid, and when I can, if I don't get bored scrolling through dozens before finding one, almost a game tee they will beat you in revenge and lose 3 times as much as you won.. I recently downloaded this excellent Game, from my Google playstore ... An Exceptional gameplay experience! Visually and artistically beautiful, impressive tactical and strategic Battle engine, wonderfully creative Warriors, Heroes and new characters and consistently refreshing Adventures and challenges. Unfortunately, your constant ANNOYING 'Updates' have ruined my enjoyment of this Empires & Puzzles. Why do players have to Re- Install the app?.

I tell yeah best game I,ver ever played so far i still have no clue what I am doing but I,m having fun doing it great work. TOO MANY SCREEN ICONS!!!You can hardly see the screen for all the "buy this", " buy that" advertisement icons lining both sides of what you could call your main home screen. At present, I have 6 icons on the left side of my screen - 3 of which are related to game play, and another 5 on the right, of which one is the game chat icon. Get rid of all the icons that don't work the game!!!. Marathon not a sprint. You can play this game without spending any money. It will take a long time to level up to anything worthy. The game is pretty simple. Definitely passes some time. It would be better with less spam to purchase items.. The game has had me hooked for years, but I only say because of my alliance members. SG/Zynga has become so greedy that it oversaturated the game with pay-to-win, and still has the audacity to claim the play is "randomized". It's definitely not..

Game itself is awesome but they are terrible as far as what they want you to buy. Way too expensive and not competitive on pricing as far as my other games. If they would go down to 2.99 or 3.99 on some of it. You would see it bot alot more. As far as the 99.99 Your crazy Summons never gives you someone new. Always someone old. Haven't gotten a good hero in a year, maybe if I leave a good review you will be more generous.. I've been playing for about 10 minutes and there is no way to skip out of the tutorial. I'm fine playing through it but I can't find a settings screen to turn off the music. It's super frustrating so far. Update: once you get through the tutorial it's actually pretty neat. Relatively simple but with a fun variety of special events. Still Subpar, and I still play for free! More ads means more revenue for the game miesters who shell out more pay to play heroes from the gates of $ cha-ching $ for the big spenders leaving the less than steller low level heroes for the free players! I have spent more than I care and don't see why I punished at the gate. So far over the last few years I have only received majority 3* fighters and if I'm lucky a duplicate 4* or 5* from the gates, so no, not worth spending another dime on this.

New update bekar he open nhi hota he mai is game ko 2 saal se khel rha hu aur ab ye open nhi ho rha he. I bounced around from many different puzzle games, and this game is the best by far! So glad I came back!. Do you have pay toilets for your employees? How much to enter your offices? Never have I seen such a money hungry bunch as you.. THIS GAME IS FIXED. 100% FRAUD. DO NOT SUPPORT THESE CROOKS! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS SCAM Pay to play. They say it is F2P, YOU WILL NEVER HIT ANY NEW HEROS UNLESS YOU PAY. ALL PRE-DETERMINED. THEIR GREEDY. SUPPORT DOESN'T CARE. THEY ONLY WANT MONEY..

There is a delay three to four days before the 1 hour Diamond gift revealed due to no available also in every video there's a static found behind the picture or video ad that will currently be playing with no sound until you touch the screen and once you touch the screen it's only static there is no sound to the actual ad that's play I have recorded and screen shots of some of this activity due to the fact it's some alarming and concerning because of awareness of hacked and caution of a device.. I am Quitting your game. The game is rigged and cheats... I have not been able to pull a 5 star hero in 2 years.. Thanks for 6 years of fun. BYE BYE. TO MANY UPDATES!!.

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