NameHidden Object Games
Size45.21 Mb
ReleaseCrispApp: Hidden Object Games

A good puzzle game with a famous detective in the title role. A mobile game for Android devices, which is an exciting puzzle game with a famous English detective in the title role, where you will solve various crimes.

If you are interested in such puzzles, then Detective Sherlock Holmes: Find and Difference Games and start playing. After the start, you will find yourself in the company of a famous English detective and his faithful companion. They are entrusted with the most difficult and dangerous cases, and they always cope with them. Today you will have the opportunity to help them in the investigation of another case.

The heroes have lost a very valuable item and it needs to be found as soon as possible. Surprisingly alone, they cannot cope with such a seemingly simple matter, so you will help them with this. But at first glance, the matter seemed simple, but in reality, everything is much more complicated. In the course of the investigation, you will unravel a whole tangle of passions, mysteries, and secrets. The whole process of passing consists of numerous dialogues, exploration of locations, and search for items and evidence to advance the case. You will find interesting gameplay, cool surroundings, and a fascinating story. Download Detective Sherlock Holmes: Find and Difference Games for Android and start playing.

Hidden Object Games MOD

Haven't gotten very far in the couple of hours I have played due to the unknown variables of said game.irritated by the countinual bombardment of rate us,and people using our attire as an excuse to be let in by waitstaff...causing oh such grief because "their driver let at wrong motel again"not the waitstaff,Bartenders job to defend said restaurant from rude, condescending,know it alls.. Most of them do not have their children with them,but seem to want to tell you what to do withyours.

Download ( V1.9.000 )

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