CivMiner APK Mod (Unlimited Money) 1.9

Last update September 20, 2023

Size58.52 Mb
ReleaseNaquatic LLC

Here you can test your abilities as a miner. CivMiner this project will help you feel the burden of mining, glory, and the destruction of a wide variety of monsters.

Can you become the most famous explorer? It’s time to drill the bowels of the earth and find the rarest stones or something completely unique. If you can find a valuable stone, you will get the right to call it by its name. Collect the rarest artifacts, and find the treasures of an ancient civilization. You can search alone or gather a powerful clan to get valuable bonuses for everything you find. Fight terrible monsters, face bosses, and collect remains of fossils that may be somewhere nearby. The further you go deeper into the ground, the more secrets you can find.

Your powerful clan will even be able to get to the oil, so you should carefully prepare for this. Download CivMiner, and attack other players to earn more resources. Here you can do absolutely everything to become a professional and the best miner. Test your abilities, solve all the tasks, and confidently move deep into the earth.

CivMiner MOD

This is a great game to play if your waiting on something, such as if your waiting on structures in civ crafter, which you can link this game to and earn progress for while you play this game! It's a wonderful experience even several years after the game's original release!. It's one of the best games you'll find in play store, so I highly recommend it and the other games made by this developer. It's actually pretty good, it's neat to link to Civcrafter. Wish you could disable pop-ups such as finding new stones though. This game is so easy to play and plus you can get resources that transfer to another game! The coolest feature I've seen. It's a fun game. You can play without thinking too much if you're just in the mood take your mind off of real world problems for a spell..

CivMiner APK

Great game. Only downside is that I cannot figure out how to turn off sound. Besides that, great time killer and no ads. My rating was deleted it seems, so it's being reposted. Looks like the game has been abandoned by the developers as i still cannot obtain oil or fossils. The game itself is fun, but there is no reason to play if certain counters just reset after obtaining said items.. I was playing "Rate the app and get 20 rubies" I did rate it 3 stars. But it did not give me the rubies so it deserves 0 stars.. So far so good this game is amazing! Only thing i would like to see in the future mabey is a mine where you can look around..

CivMiner APK

Pfff .... the idea somewhat good, but the bossfights are a nightmare .... it give me anxiety just from the flipping and twisting.. Its a good game but i gave 4 stars because i wish u can go to surface and sell ur stone for rubys. Good game, but i think upgrading your materials, should decrease the price of upgrading your picks shape ex. Upgrading from stone to ore should decrease the price of upgrading shovel to hatchet. Okay...linking 2 games is cool.... let's see how it goes... 5 stars for sure...are there more games connected to this??.

CivMiner APK

So I was playing the game and I thought I was gonna do a boss battle but there was nothing my screen was Shaking and I left the game I went back on it it was still shaking so I got off and waited and it was fine I got to play it. Great game just can't turn off that annoying block breaking sound I can't listen to music and enjoy the game fix this and you get a 5 star. I love that there is much more to do than just mining, its a lot difrent mining experience than in the other games. Tnx aquatic keep making games like this.. I mean it's a clicker but not a click clicker it's like a "CLICK HERE NOW YOU DEMON" Clicker game.

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