NameAngry Birds 2
ReleaseRovio Entertainment Corporation

It’s time to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this important event. Angry Birds 2, a rather impressive performance with authentic hats, awaits you. The game is perfectly matched for all fans of Angry Birds so that each of us will be happy to experience new adventures for ourselves. Use the power of a cool slingshot to bring down an absolute downpour of the most incredible sensations and everything else. You will have to do everything possible to save all the precious eggs. If you are new to the Angry Birds business, you will be able to get to know the most famous heroes much more thoroughly and enjoy the incredible gameplay. Millions of players worldwide are waiting for you, and only you will be able to experience everything that any player may be interested in.

Here you will meet the most exciting elements, the classic series, and everything that can capture beginners. Please pick up a certain number of birds, play them with your friend,s and complete numerous levels. You must choose your bird, defeat all the pigs and determine the throwing order. Nothing is impossible here, and we must experience this project for ourselves.

Angry Birds 2 MOD

Too many ads, asks for too much money to play the game. I remember when this series was okay, now it's just like any other phone game.... This game tries so hard for you to spend money it's ridiculous. I remember when the original angry birds came out. It was an instant classic! This game is a disgrace to the classic angry bird game. I love the game but lately it has become a money pit. I understand that they need to make profit but it can get expensive quickly if you want to get all the hats. There are too many cheating clans in the clan battles that it's impossible to win any. For the arena, you can get paired with cheaters and it's virtually impossible to win anything as well. I wish they would do more about cheaters in the game. It's hard to get motivated to play when you already know you don't stand a chance.. Latest update sucks: lost my clan; lost over 600 apples; have to re-hatch a new hatchling; lost my league level in the arena; unable to earn arena coins now. Update: it says watch an "Ad" for a free chest...not "TAKE A SURVEY". Ooh these lvls get harder so its hard to save that 350 gems to make a clan. Ooooh this game will make you ANGRY.

Angry Birds 2 APK

I was looking forward to playing the game however at the beginning it gives you a set of cards to choose from. For some reason it does not allow me to pic a card and is stuck there.. I will gladly buy the game if only you are selling it and not try to empty my account. in game coin selling should be stopped. If you want to sell for 50 that's fine. But the endless trying to sell me coins is just rubbish. Game frequently crashes for no reason causing me to lose progress. very laggy at times also even with good Internet. Can't play this online why? and in offilne Iam in level 10 but a chest came telling me to choose a card but the cards arent opening. For the chest Iam stuck in level 10.

Angry Birds 2 APK

Update 10/16/2023 It took a month to get my account un-banned, and now that I'm back in, there are tons of changes. I'm withholding judgement on most of them at the moment. I still don't know if having both Google and Facebook connected will cause an issue like before, but just to be safe, I'm only connecting to Facebook for now. Gameplay complaints: There are hats that you can ONLY get during the event. There are constant EXPENSIVE offers popping up every day. Hat events are a lot more often.. My birds power never increases by 20 when they get the event hats during the event, it increases by less than 10 which is so unfair. I contacted support last week and still no response. My other gripe with this game is how Mighty Eagle is so unfair, why am I competing with people who have birds that are 10+ levels above mine? I'm always at the bottom of the scoreboard because of this, why can't it be more fair like clan battles or the arena???. straight up the support for this game sucks you can win then the game will freeze and you'll have to start over using more of your stuff you've already used to win or if you buy things and don't receive them they never reply or fix it.... I love Angry birds but now I only have 5 lives. Anytime I watch a video to get an extra bird to finish. The video is either blacked out or it freezes and I loose my game. I used to play for hrs with unlimited lives. Now I only play 10 mins and I'm out.

Angry Birds 2 APK

There is a cursor in the screen all the time. So much distracting. I complaint at support and seems like somebody is not happy about it. I keeps on losing all the competitive areana wins which was cake walk for me before complaint. So obviously somebody is trying to mess up. Just giving a chance before uninstalling.. I couldn't play due to f...g endless pop-ups and other trash. I just wanted to play berds that's it. Don't install !!!! This is NOT a game this is advertising.. The Angry Birds 2 was in another amazing way through which you upgrade slingshots, birds, use cards, defeat bosses and you can even hatch hatchlings and give the little ones apples to eat! I say, as Red says, "It is a 10 out of 10." And also, amazing graphics. This is my favourite game in the whole wide world.. Was great when i lost all my progress after playing for like a year when logged in to the facebook account accidentally. The google account log in reverted to a very early progress, Irresponsible team for wasting people's time..

I love all the Angery Bird games . They are all fun and have great graphics and characters. They are fun to play and some levels are hard which keeps the game fun.. love it ..... My and Angry Bird relationship is very very very connected because when I am a child I play many Angry Bird game but Romeo raised the games but Angry Birds 2 is like is like a fire game because I like this games so much I I did they play when I am free so that's why angry bird is very very cool game and I read this game 5 star. verey good game Esther wu likes it probably tj maybe Mrs atumnc angrybirds 2 pls updates 3d graphics shooting pigs fly in the sky unlimited graphics coins etc unlock mods mobbs pls most likely Minecraft 1.12.2 forge labs youtube java edition likely poket edition 29 dollers 39 dollers dulex edition Minecraft bedrock rocks angry birds 2 is a good game.. It's kinda fun to play for a minute or two every once in a while but it's definitely just a cash cow. Endless pop-ups for bundles and gems and all kinds of stuff. Plenty of ads but usually those don't bother me. The part that really sucks is that they do the whole "you're out of hearts, wanna buy some so you can continue to play the game"? That's just ridiculous, period. This isn't a 1980's arcade lol....

It's taking me yearso get into Angry Birds but I am sooo addicted to this game!!! I can't believe it took me so long!!! . Nice game for time pass some time they're tempted me to buy gems for hi power so many hard level need patience and ignore play same day then they level gos automatic easy that's game police to temp people to buy gems gold coins haaaaaaaa. I hate this game completely as the chest came it was stuck and the chest is also not opening I'm unable to play or to select any other option.. This game is literally my childhood I love this game it's really fun and exciting the graphics are amazing you should give a chance its amazing.

good anger management since I hate pigs due to a farming incedint. anyways, my only complaint is that they need more reptile representation, since my pet gator Lyle says he'd like to throw himself at pigs too. warm regards, - Birkenbluff. I bought 20 apples for 140 gems in the daily deal store and i never got the apples still took my gems tho go figure. I play on pc, not android, but this is the only way i could find to contact you. Never ever buying a daily deal again thats for sure. I absolutely love it.i would recommend some gifts on holidays and adding free skins as well for new players and even though I lost my progress I still think this game is great but recently for the arena weekly challenge I didn't get my rewards so you guys have a lot of bugs to fix right now.

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