NameNinja Arashi 2
ReleaseBlack Panther

Shaving motion and platformer video games have developed through the years. Launched in 2017, Ninja Arashi has turned out to be well-known for its distinctive gameplay. Though just like Shadow Combat, this collection has its attention-grabbing factors. Now Ninja Arashi 2 has been launched, which seems higher than ever! On this recreation, you may be found in the ice jail you might be in to save lots of your son from Dosu.

This recreation has four basic motions, which is the story mode. This has all 80 phases that you must full. The primary phases start to heat you. However, as you climb larger, you will face more durable enemies, unbelievable landscapes, and fiercer battles. However, don’t fret; you’ll get new melee weapons, recreation mechanics, and a new ability tree system. Additionally, a brand new artifact system introduces some unbelievable objects and weapons. In total, this recreation has a tremendous storyline and mechanics that will not allow you to get bored

Ninja Arashi 2 MOD

This game is osssssaaaaaaaaaam and love to plate becouse in this game many traps many hard level i faced somtime i thing How come so much trep here.. Very nice game. But waiting for next version. When will next level available. There must ve option to adjust game buttons.. Very fun game and challenging. Love the ninja parkour, the way you plan on passing obstacles, and the refreshing environment or background even though the traps are quite stressful but overall it's fun. Hope there are more additional levels in the future.. This is best game i have ever seen in my life. Its such a good experience . I requested you to please allow the next levels. This game is very good and next level game I champ all level of ninja arashi1 and ninja arashi 2 but last two level was not made by you I think your company was launch ninja arashi 3 and made last two levels off ninja arashi 2 I think you made more difficult game from ninja arashi I was and ninja arashi 2.

Ninja Arashi 2 APK

Ninja arashi is one of the best games that I have played so far. The graphics, sounds, characters and story are all amazing and awesome. I have played it's first and second parts so many times and never get bored but every time each level of the game becomes interesting and challenging. Ninja Arashi 2 has improved than it's first part in all aspects like levels, graphics, characters etc. Now I can't wait for the upcoming levels and Ninja Arashi 3 with much harder levels and amazing storyline.. It is very good for mobile a best graphix game the trap is always challenging but easy for me and now I wait for level 79 and 80 and Dosu we are waiting . I have already done all levels And I'm waiting for an finished levels with shadow fight 3 So can you make it hurry please. I think this game is the best game under ther world. Some levels are difficult and I like very much. Life is not easy alike this game. Super game have super effects and sounds. In this game you must be ready always. Many interesting levels have Arashi2 than Arashi. Thanks a lot of dear Black Panther Studio workers. With this game my time pass very interesting!!!.

Ninja Arashi 2 APK

This game is very very Good because of Ninja aeshi2 when we play this game to and alag hi feeling ti Hai ya game bhot hi aacha haia.................. I have came tel 79 level but 79 level is not coming please I want to play I want to finish this game I want to know what will happen in last please. This game is one of the best mobile games. I would give it 5 stars but my only problem is that the new all the updates take too much time. As soon as the final levels drop I would come again and give this game 5 stars. All of my friends play this game and if the new levels do not drop in the next month then we all will delete this game and tell all the people that this game is the worst game ever and I will edit this review. i recommed to play this game it's amazing it has total 80 levels it is mind blowing total 4 bosses and there artificiats to improve your health so play this game.

Ninja Arashi 2 APK

Ninja Arashi 2 is really fun and tricky and I really love this game but their is one problem about this game and that is, the character Arashi battles to work with the controller buttons it doesn't respond very well so if you press the button left or right or the attack button then it takes 3 to 4 seconds before it moves when you need it to move immediately so I really battle to play please do bug fixing or find the problem pretty please . I have playing ninja arashi since this game had realest and im enjoying the atmosphere of it. Many thanks to black panther.we are waiting for more updates and ninja arashi 3... Game is good beautiful graphics but add new levels 77 so on its been a long time please otherwise game hard and awesome levels . I have completed all 78 levels. There is no level left to play to me. I need continue lavel or "Ninja Arashi 3". Upload as soon as possible .

Edit 4: waiting for 79, 80 Edit-3 13/07/2023: Edit-2 (24/04/2023): Yet another month has passed, are the rest of the levels, from 77 onwards still in development or has the development been stopped completely? Edit-1 (20/03/2023): When will you guys release the other levels? I have been waiting for a long time now. (First time written on 18/11/2022) This is really an amaing sequel to the previous game. They have done a great job with raising the difficulty as you move from level to level.. Waiting despretly for this game , I have played and complete 3 times first part but now become more pro gamimg ,i liked this game ! Now i really wanta the last levels and boss fight ! And also the challenges ! Please conplete the game ASAP !!!!!. Bro we want 79 or 80 levels are not opening bro how do u play the game and completed bro please tell me bro. Guys if you know shadow from shadow fight 2 imagine ninja arashi vs shadow it will be a good fight or not.

This game is the best ninja game ever, of course it deserves 5 stars. I finished the whole game 3 times before. I test my self everytime on boss fights and it's getting enjoyable, and gaves me so much stress lol. At least try to finish first 1/3 of the game. For me 3/3 is the most fun part. I love everything about this game, thank you.. Best offline game (my opinion) I don't know what's taking them too much time to update the game and release the new chapters pls pls add it ASAP been waiting from ages. Best game ever, but still waiting for ninja arashi 3 and the last levels wo ninja arashi 2. When will it come??? Please be quick. Game is as fun as I remember, but whenever I restart a stage (or apparently just whenever) the audio dies. Saps the fun right out of it. Uninstalled.

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