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Pretty fun educational toy. PK XD, the project’s author, decided to create an incredible universe and draw every detail to your liking. All virtual space is very similar to the real one, and the same laws apply here. You can study it and have fun in this world where you must live specify specific time. Each player will receive a lot of positive emotions, will be able to create their character, and will choose not only clothes but also shoes, faces, hairstyles, and much more. You can turn into a unicorn, a witch, or a dragon at one moment. Pick up unusual things for him, masks and swords, and become a superhero.

You can change your wardrobe anytime, but each item costs a certain amount of coins. You can earn them as you progress through the game; besides, you will have to try. You immediately find yourself in a brightutterlyetely safe world where you can easily make new friends. This city is full of entertainment, and you can swim in the pool, eat ice cream, and have fun at the disco. The most exciting activity awaits you, many engaging tasks and hidden objects.


I love playing with my friends and family and this game it really has it all. Not as intense as my fav game genshin impact but really fun I hope you like it to also you can decarate your house how ever you want I am excited to see the new updates from but... It glitches still really good I love playing it. events and super cool and you can go to work and earn gems and money in the game amazing and beautiful so download now!!. This is a bad game ever I played. BCS, this is not a adventure game this is boring game. My 200mb was wasre. Hi and thank you for giving us 200 gems when we logout and can you give us 400 gems plz then i will give you 5 stars first plz give us 400 gems Kind PKXD makers.. Ehavsjdhgdhhddjdjdnfjfjgjfngjjfhfhfjfjfnfjfjjdhzhnxnznxjdjdnxjkd Sjsjdnbdbdbdnndd Dbdndn d dbdn Sbdbd d Djdnndndnd Snnd Djdndndbdb Nsnsnssnsn Sn z go fgvvh fb Dodds aww fb v cc v. M uhh gracias auto fy gf gf did go gxcx xxx cf gf cc cc xxx cm coo coo cm coo coo cm coo coo XL XL go XL go XL XL XL go to up do for to to do so do do do to do do do do do do go do do do up do go do up do do do up do do do go XL go do go up up fhg gghgvfgv. This is a good game but there is some things that made me delete this game that is,there are so many people and our friends and all who makes a virus and gives us bugs pkxd can u fix this?if you I will download again ,and this what I'm am saying is true do not never ever in life itself don't thing that I'm liar to all ......credits:fluttershy.


Super duper I love it , many of them became my friends the first game which I love I loved to dress up I have many friends and pets this is the first game which I play every day I never get tired or bored by playing this game please install this game thanks again and I rate this game uncountable stars . This game is very much nice. I like really to much. Thank you to make this nice game.But the cost are too much for the things. Hi this game is super awesome I love it you want to know what will make this game even more awesome if you make a Sonic the hedgehog update because I saw some Sonic fans out there in the game I really hope you all do this thank you. This game is not downloading for me and I can't play it so i don't like it Sorry but this game is bad 1 star.


Warning : See this review and make things in coin and no gems thing or else you're game will be I like this game but it loads too much and the best things are in real money like miraculous ladybug costumes and hawk moth costume In rainbow high the three girls styles are in real money I hate this part when something Is in real money you should make changes in pkxd like you have to make real money things in the coins in pkxd and you make the things in so many gems we don't have the limit to buy. I love this game but they increase the cost in old pk XD the t shirt just 100 or 50 something but now 1000 ,2000 mm but i don't like to play other games always they are keeping gems for Armors you know it's really hard to get that know . Hey google play I love your games and I love avatar stuff like Making myself in a game like it's so fun to me I love to move my avatar it's just so fun to me like it's my dream world that I could be in but pk xd Like I love all your games that have to do with Making stuff I mean I love Making stuff like I love the I love the iPhone making case like it's so fun I have so many from google play And I hope that you You don't think My information Like I'm not trying to be mean It's it's awesomenes. What a game I have never seen this type of game in my life this is all my favourite game I am playing that game from that time when the size of game is 80mb and now the game size is 362mb what a acheivement the game has taken I am playing this from 4uears all over this is my favourite game.


Salam ana smiti yasmine ou i love you pk xd knt ka l ab pkxd mnin kent 3 ou ka n bri pkxd.LOVEPKXDMOROCCO. When you log on pk xd for the first time you'll should give us 1k gems 100k coins and a nice vhicle. I love love love LOVE this game because the minigames and the games are SOfun! the world is great too, but the best part is that it has no ads at all!. This game is better animation of all waiter iski MB per bahut jyada hai I hate this game Maine Kai bar isko download kiya per download hi nahin hua O Meri Yahi request hai ki aap is game ko please mat download Karen ismein aapka nuksan hai ki aapke mobile ki puri MB Ud Jayegi.

This is cool but a can I get a option of messaging in our own and also can you please stop producing real money options also if kids plays it they don't know so they're clicking all the real money options becoz of it I lost rupees. this game si so cool you guys are so cool I love it I swear si so cool and cute game. It is really good game so,ilove this game many updates are there .I am play the game on 2020.OK bye. It is good but devolp it please i meet a admin but his behaviour is not good because i deleted pk xd please said him change her behaviour .

This game sucks it won't let me make a account when I click on this game I wish I could give it a 0 star rating. K.xljfhpgpcyi h jlchxkxhxohccgjkfxgkxlgxgkzlgzyodlhchlxhcogzothlHxgzllgzglzkfzmczkdzkfztkssfmstmsfsgkrajeygkzkgzfkskfzsfmsmdhxyegxnfjlctw of us are you using a trip to the y axis Bank t shirt for men and women who are typically vinyl decals also ty for tnfgvdxfffcx. I loved this game because we can play this game with our friends. I asked my friends ID and now Iam enjoying this game with my friend. So please play this game and rate 5 stars. I love the game but when I join the game it doesn't allow me to join plus one of my friends had encountered a issue that even after updating it won't let her play.

it's a very fun game it's my favorite game I knew pkxd for years and I loved it but it was banned for few days and I got so angry I deleted it , but some weeks ago I found it I was so happy when I saw it I installed it as quickly as I can. This game can make friends for lonely person , it like a real survival and this game can help me when I stress. Sorry for i was deleted but now i was sad because i would not play pk xd i am so sorry give me one chance i will take care of my pk xd please give me one chance i will take care please give me one chance please i will cry please give me one chance please give me one chance please . This game was really fun back in 2021 but since there are a lot of bugs and glitches I can't play it. And it is getting expensive day by day since there are a lot of people playing this game although the updates are amazing no doubt but the bugs can be please and please make some packs into gems or coins I really like this game and it would be wonderful if you guys fix the bugs. I would have rated 5 stars but bcuz of the bugs I gave 4 stars. Hope you guys improve and don't press Thankyou.

Hi pk xd!! I love this game!! But really wish there was more land and places to go to I know xd rp exist but it always lags for me.... I was wondering if a police station hospital daycare preschool supermakert bigger beach collage Bank Court and maybe more!! Sorry if it's alot I recommend downloading!! It's better then XDrp, also note you need to give the players more freedom... or else it's kinda not fun.... I haven't played this game know what every time I try to go in it it just shows me an ad d. Umm This is a fun game but there is a problem Why u can add a new update And we can Chat anything we want. amazing, fun and more but I dont wish gems were esey to get because another of kids play and its hard.

This game is pretty fun but there is one thing I don't like about play this game for 1 year but I accidentally delete now I am re boundary this game so please add a function that save data. I really like this game this is a cool and if I get a 10000 gems I will be really happy make it please. Adorei cara muito bom mas tem muitos bugs estranhos e ocupa muito espao do celular mas e bem legal para as crianas jogaren e rirem eu recomendo e bastante divertido e d para comprar pets e fazer es kins.

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