Tormentum - DEMO APK Mod (Free Purchase)

Last update September 26, 2023

NameTormentum – DEMO
Size48.87 Mb
ReleaseOhNoo Studio

A great adventure that will never be forgotten. Tormentum – DEMO your nameless hero will find himself in a very gloomy world, where there is absolutely everything and even incredible nightmares.

He has absolutely no memory of who he is, what his name is, or where he came from. Visit a variety of places, and try to discover the truth not only about this world but also about the hero himself. Depressive darkness, and incredible emptiness, as well as everything that this story can present to us. It all starts with the awakening of our character, who was closed in a terrible cage. She was chained to one large airship. Most likely, he was here against his will, besides, he is moving in a completely unknown direction. He still begins to remember something, but not everything that started it.

The airship lands in some strange castle, which will turn out to be a real prison for him. From this moment begins this story, in which you will have to find everything real that happened to him in the past. The amazing world of this gameplay, the variety of creatures that inhabit it. You will find manual graphics, which will be divided into 75 fields. A large number of puzzles, mini-games, and everything else awaits you ahead.

Tormentum – DEMO MOD

Looks like it could be a good game, even if the graphics are a bit amateurish. But, I didn't get very far before the unresponsive touch points became too frustrating, especially when trying to get back to a scene after focusing on an object. There was a piece of mirror I just couldn't pick up because it's too close to the edge of the screen frame, and one attempt to defocus/zoom out just gave me the audio settings. Won't be buying the full version just yet.. I mean, it seemed pretty interesting, but the demo was too short for me to know whether it was worth it. I didn't get emotionally involved, and I just wasn't convinced that I needed to buy it. The graphics were good, though.. Very different look, feel, and challenges. Could just scroll over and over to enjoy graphics. Haven't pulled the trigger yet for the entire game. We'll see. very short demo. the puzzle with the cages was bad - there is no clue to the order you have to pull them down in or that the order even factors in. ive seen better escape games for free. not impressed that they would want $5.49 for the full version of this below par game. Plzzz make full version, I WANT IT SO BAD, reminds me of, I have no mouth and must scream, or dark seed series, but with puzzles. Will totally buy!!!.

Tormentum – DEMO APK

Okay, so I'm buying the full version later. Just wanna say that your demo is really short. Other than that, it's great. Can't wait to play the full thing.. Such a good game, a point and click type of adventure, with interesting puzzles taking you through a mysterious story in a Dungeons & Dragons environment. You are given the oportunity to make several "good" or "bad" choices and you'll face the consequences afterwards. Too bad there's no such thing as a grey area though. Replayability factor is good so you can experience what I believe being two endings. The most admirable thing about the game is its artwork, if you are into a high fantasy type of artwork, where most of it resembles real paintings.. Same problems with my Samsung Tablet as everyone else that tries to play this game has had... I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME... PLEASE FIX IT!!!. If the rest of the game is anything like this demo, yes it's atmospheric but the puzzles are far too easy. I just can't justify purchasing it based on this demo..

Tormentum – DEMO APK

Qu lag! Ti dng Zenfone 2 ZE551ML m chi sao git qu. Game ko ti u ha cho chip Intel ah? Thm vo , mi tn iu hng kh l m. Hy fix n trong bn update sp ti. - So lag! I use Zen2 ZE551ML to play but very lag. The game is not optimized for Intel chipset? In addition, arrow navigation is pretty blurred. Pls, fix it in next update.. Not the most challenging of games - pretty short demo though - if it gets better than this, then show a little of it.. Its Atmospheric Ambiance is Apocalyptically Evil. I am a Blackened Death-Doom guy and this point and click adventure game is fantastically ominous .if this demo would only be made in a free full length game I know millions around the world would be captivated with this epic game. This should be free however you [the developer] can re-edit this game and add some hints in it so that would be the basis of your redemptive financial gain with this business minded orientation. Expecting this outcome very sooner. I'm just buying the full version now. The download is almost 10 times the size of the demo, and as the engine is going to be similar in both, my rough guess is that the full length games is far more than ten times the size. I am a bit concerned the demo was too easy, but maybe that is like most 'full' games, where the first level is generally tutorial.. Anyway, for the price, you can't even buy 2 pints of beer, and I don't know how slowly you guys drink, but I'm sure this game lasts a lot longer, and will get you less grief from the missus!.

Tormentum – DEMO APK

Does not make me want to play the rest for 4.44 as the intro was insultingly easy. Atmospheric? Yes. But not attention grabbing enough to warrant paying for it.. Demo was very short, would be tempted to get full version. Just far too overpriced for a game, especially when there are better and MUCH cheaper games about.. Its a great game but I wish i could play rest of the game...its say like the most of the good game its not aviable in my country...shame.... Amazing graphics and well thought out. Definitely way above average. Try this demo. I think the full game is worth the money..

...puzzles were too easy, flashing points indicate where to click and the demo was way too short. Would easily rate it higher if it was more challenging and longer.. I've bewn a user of Google Play for 5+ yrs. This is the first and probably only time i will ever give anything 5 stars. Completely different from the other adventure genre games. Puzzles galore.. Looked interesting at first...I love puzzle games but this one isn't fun. The theme is really weird and there is no option for hints...uninstall!. If you like playing puzzles to the theme of the Antichrist rock on. This is not a game...its indoctrination to think this kind of godless demonic worship is cool..

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