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Last update September 26, 2023

NameTormentum – DEMO
Size48.87 Mb
ReleaseOhNoo Studio
Tormentum – DEMO APK
Tormentum – DEMO MOD
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Tormentum – DEMO

A great adventure that will never be forgotten. Tormentum – DEMO your nameless hero will find himself in a very gloomy world, where there is absolutely everything and even incredible nightmares.

He has absolutely no memory of who he is, what his name is, or where he came from. Visit a variety of places, and try to discover the truth not only about this world but also about the hero himself. Depressive darkness, and incredible emptiness, as well as everything that this story can present to us. It all starts with the awakening of our character, who was closed in a terrible cage. She was chained to one large airship. Most likely, he was here against his will, besides, he is moving in a completely unknown direction. He still begins to remember something, but not everything that started it.

The airship lands in some strange castle, which will turn out to be a real prison for him. From this moment begins this story, in which you will have to find everything real that happened to him in the past. The amazing world of this gameplay, the variety of creatures that inhabit it. You will find manual graphics, which will be divided into 75 fields. A large number of puzzles, mini-games, and everything else awaits you ahead.

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