NameMr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2

Continuation of the most terrible adventure. In this adventure, Mr. In Hopp’s Playhouse 2, you’ll have to follow your intuition and not to even imagine any possibility for scary toys to fool you.

You will find the most mysterious history of the town of Blacklands, which will be interconnected by three toys. That is why you will have to think carefully to solve this long-forgotten riddle. In a variety of ways, you will have to avoid the game Stripe, the crazy rabbit Hopp, as well as the panda named Bo. It is necessary to make sure that they cannot reach you, otherwise, your adventure will end quickly. Move quickly through the abandoned house, collect valuable items, go through the most difficult obstacles, and run away from evil heroes. All the most interesting is ahead of you, do not be afraid of anything, and go through a terrible adventure to the very end.

Mr.  Hopp’s Playhouse 2 MOD

I love the game it is one of the first horo gams I have played and it is really really good .. It's a good game but there is a problem. When I was in the struggle with Dee I lost and I was sent all the way back to when you have to get all the items. That was a bit disheartening and I won't play it for the rest of the day. Please fix that and make the medallions easier to collect please but other than that this game is very cool.. This is the very good game but i uninstall it because I have done this gamen with out meddelions i uninstalled it so iam so but i am 7 years did any one know the Underworld???? I have done this game so what should I do now ?? I was just kidding I have done all meddelions i have done this game in just 2 days i am saying true. This game is very very very very very very very much good but the reason is the second meddalion was hard and the ??? (Underworld) was hard in where we get stipes Bo and hopp it's hard to defeat them btw the game is very very very very very much good. This is a fun game and horror games but i like horror games beacuse im a boy this is my dad phone and im eight years old and im from philipines and next year we ganna go to canada.

Mr.  Hopp’s Playhouse 2 APK

Because I played this game before and it's a really good game The play when I want to play it it's not that actually that bad. This game is nice but I raise 3 star when I get to the ( get Billy's ball) when I got the ball when Mr hoop hold me in the closet thing I kept clicking and did not let me go until I try and try I did not complete the level. I think this game is great but I gave it four stars because the mini games are hard and I can't seem to beat any of them I think if you could make the mini games easier it would be great.. Fun and scary to me I had a little bit of trouble with chapter 3 the six and I am still stuck on the loop.

Mr.  Hopp’s Playhouse 2 APK

I HATE THIS GAME SO MUCH IF I CAN GIVE THIS 0 STARS ILL UNISTALL THIS ALSO THIS GAME IS TOO HARD MAKE IT EASIER . This game is the reason I drove into the rabbit hole of horror games! Back when I was little I installed it and tho it's a horror game its not too scary and its very fun and just difficult enough and there are multiple endings depending on what you do and it's pretty fun to go back and get some secret endings (I am not spoiling anything) so please do play it and support the crearors its really amazing. I really loved the game And I honestly have no problems with It Sometimes The chapters are really But I still love it I honestly Beated the game The true ending was really difficult I love the story I love the character where playing The Anoying part was The one Where Mr hops Grabed me is really hard to tap And the part where Dee Tried to Get me Was really hard I got 5 tries There I rated this 4/5 because I Really Got annoyed to the tap part thing Still love the game By the way!. Btw I love that game that's awesome and cool and when I played first time I got a sacred but not much as I thought and like it's a very good game it have cool character and other etc but cannot it have some updates like the owner of the game cannot update the game? Sorry but that's why I give that 4 stars :/ bTW but THAT IS STILL COOL AND AMAZING:).

Mr.  Hopp’s Playhouse 2 APK

I love this game very much. It is the best horror game in my life ooh my god I like this uououou.. It's scary but I love horror games good for me the jump scares that gets me scared a lot 5star for me scary but cool200/10 for me. I really enjoyed it keep on going moonbit it just pops I enjoy it although it's scary it's not that bad but there is no ads no glitches no errors . This game is fun but there is one bug or problem in 'the loop' if I complete it, it will just kick me out and I had to restart again is this has to complete more times or is it a bug please fix it.

This game is more horror than the first one and has more details and things. I really enjoy this game and when I first started I already knew it was going to be good at the main menu.. Great game very entertaining but the reason i gave it 3 stars is because in the underworld chapter where after i kill those minions another one spawns immediately which is annoying because the medallion has a GODAMN COOLDOWN there are also obstacles which makes it 100 times worse so please try do something about it maybe like make the cooldown faster. I love this app so much since i love moonbits games,i am a fan of mr hopps and im obssesed with the designs and how it was frightning. Mostly i love the story of this at the ending and at tge start was amazing moonbit never dissapoints me for real.. Hey Moonbit... I would like to give you suggestions for this game. 1: Make the 6th medallion minigame easier. 2: Change the animation and art for the jumpscares. 3: Add more checkpoints like whenever I die in the minigames for the medallions I go back to where I found the medallion... that's all I can say overall it's an amazing game.

This is a really great game! My only BIG issue is that when I have already collected all of the six medallions the question mark chapter isn't unlocked I don't know what to do so please moonbit. Fix this issue please! Overall an amazing game!. Game is very fun every device that I get I download it only problem I have is that it's the loop I really hate the loop I don't like it very hard it's very fun. Five out of five love it, very entertaining ofcourse . plus I am British and love it. It does make your heart race a bit in the chase scenes and the part I loved the most was the 'underworld'. Great. Keep it up . So i really like to play this while im in the car or im free with my chores and etc. Tho theres one problem when i play and some of the characters jumpscare me well the volume increses randomly and its scares me alot overall its a great game 5 stars! <3.

Agak ngeselin kadang tombol jump nya gw kepencet.Laen kali bikin fitur buat edit tombol nya ngeselin tau mna respawn nya jauh bat lgi. It's kinda good I like it I like the chapter three curses btw I rate this 5 I like the ending too I Was wondering how to get all the endings soon. the jumpscares are so scary how ever sometimes when I was by the door and the maid caught me when I was trying to go to the menu it's doing the door sound and I have to restart the game but the game is good yeah. this game is great! but, i dont know why, i cant continue to "Whispers". I have finished The Loop. I am very mad, because The Loop is a very hard level...

Play till the end chase but i've already seen somebodey get the ending more games coming soon? Just a hint!...i promise i won't tell anyone!. Ok,this is fun and all but I can't pass the level where mr.hopp grabs me it's so hard but the home on is waaaaay harder like waaay harder this one's easy-ish that's it byeeeeeeeeeeeee . This is so fun! but i have a problem at chapter 6 the maids are covering one of the door than I need to go and I keep hiding in the cabinet this is so hard for me and I keep stuck at this level so I have to delete it now so moonbit please fix this problem. ACTUALLY WHEN I WAS IN THE FIRST MINIGAME OF THE 1ST MEDALLION I WAS JUMPING BUT I WAS SLOW. IDK WHY BUT WHENEVER I JUMP IT TAKES 1 SECONDS THEN I JUMP AND I HATE IT ! although make a clip of mr hopps x mr striped and esther x isaac in youtube pwease.

I love how the secret chapter has a final boss and much more but can you make a update I really want to see a update that's why I gave this game a 5 star cause the pixal and bosses.. I will give it more stars if I have to but this is the best Mr Hopps Playhouse game of all time.. Right so I rated it one cuz ots almost impossible to get out of the elevator DO NOT RECOMED HAD TO DELETE IT BEACAUSE ITS ANNOYING. It's a fun horror game and some things are hard and easy so it evens out my only problem is the 4th medal special stage its really difficult and I can't do it, it has almost no time to get to the space and crouch. Can you make it so it has more time?.

its a 4 because its a good game i love it but the only problem is i wish u could press E to inaract but you have to click it hope i spelled that right lol anyways so ya its a cool nice game i love it and pls get that fixed ty. Best game ever I miss the Fandom but this game kept me entertained and I'd very intriguing the story kinda messed me up bc I didn't know if ruby was first b4 Esther but I put the pieces together love this game. This game is good, just one issue. When we get all the medallions and get to the underworld, the devil's keep appearing frequently and I think Esther will need more health. This game is good overall. Amazing game I played it a multiple times the voice actors are awesome the game is amazing the story is soooo creative I collected all the 6 symptoms in the end of the game and i don't get boerd when ever I play it it contains a lot of Jampscare and I like that in the end of the game when Mr hopp, strip, boo, get bigger and we had to collect the candles and the salt (etc..) It was soo hard and soo fun I really enjoyed playing it.

I love this game I never play it before but I don't know how to beat the boss but I like it :). This game is super scary which I love when games jumpscare and already have all the Mr hopps and they are so cool. The first time I played this I thought it will be a normal horror game but it's more then that it scared me so much but it's fun and a really good game all the games are good and I love part three. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST GAME I got all three endings (run away,magic shell and the bad ending) I'm close to getting the good ending/true ending if you don't download this game your insane.

The game is pretty fun just like the actual game but here's the problem when I get the 2nd medallion. It's impossible to beat it how are you supposed to time and not take damage or die and get to the end in 60 seconds? How that's impossible the rest of it? It's pretty good. The 2nd the 1st medallion is pretty good. It's pretty good pretty hard but it's not that hard so if. You can? Fix the time. And gives like a? Minute OK. That will be a great addition but if you don't. That's okay but i'm not. The game is so hard and I can't bet level the loop is so so hard I will delete mr hopps playhouse 2. its a very good game i love all the details in the game and my sister loooves this game sooo much and her favorite chapters are the cellar, the hunt and whispers . I loved this game but I tried to play it again and it would not let me watch an add when I needed to watch an add to make progress and win the game:/.

I love so mush and so scare olso but not scare all time but one problem is the mr,hopp chase time to hard and need jump i need 2 hours play that but fanily i win this game. I give this a 5 stars the game was good but when I get a medalin I die This game is better then mr. Hopps playhouse 5 stars this is a fire game. This was almost not glitchy at all the only problem was that the fourth Medallion it wouldn't let me jump sometimes when I was trying to get it that's why it took me multiple times to get it but the more I played it the more you get easier I got I put really play this game almost six times and still always getting medallions it took me it's about like a month to get it but when I get on my second time it only took me 2 weeks and then when I did in my dirt try it only took me one week I want to d.

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