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ReleaseCrazyLabs LTD
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Hotel Transylvania Adventures

An interesting hotel called Transylvania awaits you. Download Hotel Transylvania Adventures for android, real fans will definitely love this game, where there are many monsters and other creatures.

If you are a real fan of adventure games, then you will definitely like this project. No one could even imagine that Mavis would release completely naughty wolf cubs. From now on, she is under house arrest and will try to have a great time here. Only with your help, she will perfectly run, jump and try to eliminate all the damage. These cubs have caused the craziest damage to the hotel, so everything will have to be done to restore order here.

The whole hotel is filled with different monsters that made a real mess here. Her aunt is just crazy about what’s going on here. We must correct our own mistakes so that these pranksters do not do more trouble. You will meet your favorite characters, have a good jump, and complete all the levels.

Collect coins, repair the hotel itself, so that in the near future visitors will be satisfied with their stay here. Not bad graphics, crazy features, and a lot of cool moments that you have to experience for yourself.

Download ( V1.5.5 )

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