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Hollywood Story – Here, we are allowed to become a real Hollywood Star! Hollywood Story – for everyone who dreamed or still dreams of going from an unknown actor to a bright star, an Android game is provided on our website. Feeling the life of an individual character and the whole city is quite accessible because downloading the game is quite simple via a direct link. Actions are developing in the famous town in the film industry – Hollywood. Once in it, you don’t have to rest. Hollywood Story is an excellent simulation that fully reflects the absolute path of finding your place in the sun. Having chosen a character, you must constantly work on yourself because it’s so easy not to get on stage.

Keep track of your style, change your appearance, from the hairstyle to the image as a whole, while not forgetting about human relationships, pleasant and not so – all this awaits you in the Hollywood Story game. With new acquaintances with the correct characters, recent locations will open – more expensive clubs or restaurants where you can develop skills and improve your talent, thus bringing yourself closer to the red carpet. At the same time, you have to plan your budget and rationally distribute the earned funds. In the Hollywood Story game, everything is like in life: you need to be at the right time in the right place and know with whom and what to negotiate. Hollywood Story from our site and try yourself as a star.

Hollywood Story MOD

Despite charging me TWICE!!! The app obe let me into the gold members areas. Very disappointed as I had really been enjoying this game.. I don't understand this game anymore,when am about to open it can't open how, when about to open says oops update your before playing but there is no update please do something or I will uninstall the game please do something am tried of update but I can't any update solve this trouble cox the game can't open again please and I can't play anymore how wait you guys. I installed the game chef town and completed till level 4 and still I dint get diamonds moreover the day before even after visiting the runway I dint get my Fashion tickets. I missed one day of Fashion tickets. Also when I changed my phone irrespective of logging my game on Facebook and Google it wasn't saved so I missed all my purchases and diamond and my previous game too. I requested you to merge and restore my game but no reply from your end.. The gaming is engaging but the items are on higher rate, I will advise they should reduce the price and other stuff it's making the look so difficult and tiring. I cant tell something about this game . very very very superb but you want to make some changes in it like low mb without network and many more changes.

Hollywood Story APK

Gave me my skills level back however all of my baby clothes are gone. And one pet. Of course those diamonds were NOT RETURNED for me to repurchase those items. Thanks!!!. Storyline are messed up. Energy regen are slow. Finding some items take too long and some items are very very expensive.. Fun game to play but all the dresses are so expensive and you have to buy clothes so diamonds should be easier to get.. Good game, very great honestly! but instead of adding new outfits, I suggest you update and add more story and plots since some people already finished all the stories! that's all, the game is great but just too expensive, but who am I to complain, and also please add some skip choice on some specific tasks that needs us to buy something with real money it's really bothersome when in order to finish a specific task I need to pay real money! :].

Hollywood Story APK

Absolutely love this game! I've played for a long time and it never gets old. Thank you developers for making such a great game. I especially love that you can play it without constantly having to buy stuff in the game to have fun. Thank you!!. After playing for a couple of days, it gets to the point you can't get anywhere without spending real money to buy in-game currency in the form of diamonds. Most dresses are between 150-200 diamonds, which equates to $20 a piece in cost per dress. The gane expects you to constantly buy new dresses, several a day to keep the story progressing. While the game is fun at times, the constant push to buy diamonds in order to buy new clothes is not worth the frustration.. So i really loved this game Before . But one thing when ever i enter the game it only lods in 10 minutes. And when i buy Dimonds I dont even get them. . And when ever i buy new houses they don't even give it to me. Uninstalling now. . I Like This Game So Many Way To Fun Have Diamond And Money White Crystal And Pink Crystal Energy I Love So Much Thank For Reading.

Hollywood Story APK

Engery runs out to quick. Items are too expensive and force you to spend lots of money to buy items. Mini games are not fair. Takes away for the enjoyment of the game.. The game is very cheap. It is a very bad experience for any child in his teenage. This game gives negative vibes and shows a different world with is not parallel to the reality. This game builds a very different negative perspective in the minds of the child playing this game! Please avoid playing this game.. I like games very much but this game is something like wow!! It was a amazing game I like it too much to play. I like it u don't have to pay every game or scene that u want to try so far but I don't only started today I will let u all know further down the road thumbs-up.

Great concept and art, but poor execution. I love the fashions and the idea of the game, but story doesn't flow. No real progression, logic, or continuity, just random scenarios and personalities thrown at you all at once. I spent time increasing acting skills so I could enjoy the game without training. Even though all skills were at max stats, audition required max + 1. Time waster and frustrating to play. Uninstalled.. I Uninstaller the game and reinstalled it to see if I can progress in the game and save my outfits to fb. Awesome game I love how you can dress up the character, and I love how the game looks. I say 5 star. This game is superb . The quality is also good but this game would be better if the price of clothes and other stuff would be less. Also I have one request that please less the price of movie ticket or whatever you call it that is so expensive and the daily tasks are the same so, give different tasks so that the would be funnier than it's now. Otherwise the game's good. Thank You Me ---.

This is the best game i have ever played but there is only one problem the amount of diamonds and the energy if u can increase the number of diamonds we get and the amount of energy.Other than that there is no problem hope u make those mistakes!. I want to give only 4 stars bc I hate something about this game when I was on queen of fashion Street game after 8 months then I delete this game after that when I agin download this game again I load my old stuff and when I checked my fashion game I was at the beginner level I was soooooooo Much mad and furious so this is why I gave 4 stars only ugghhhh........ Love it when we talk about how to make this work and have a better understanding of them in a different ways that you will be a better candidate to the company in a similar position as the same as my current employer is a baby boll I am currently in my current job but we are you for the notebook with to the notebook or are we missing something else to help you to use the notebook from your phone and have a baby boll bag or bag your favourite with the notebook you like and have been a great ple. Super fun things to do in this game no adds and super easy do tasks to get money you can buy new clothes in the clothing shops get your hairstyle tattoos karaoke all sorts of thing in my opinion if your looking at this rn I'm telling you GET THIS GAME you won't regret it also download q game called dream hospital u can look after patients and a mother fashion game if u search style maybe a girl with a pink background will pop up it is like this gam3e also very fun worth it..

nice game but the energy SUCKS I cant do ANYTHING before its like: YoUr OuT oF eNeRgY WoUld U LiKe To BuY sOmE foR aN oVeRprIcEd AmOuNt oF dIAmoNdS? I would play this game more but i cant enjoy it I understand the energy thing but it takes 45 seconds to get 1 ENERGY thats ridiculous and i would even let THAT slide if it didnt cost 15 DIAMONDS to get full energy like COME ON I used to play this game on another device and I lost ALL OF MY PROGRESS and had to start over would not reccommend. This is amazing game that I've been trying and it's really amazing it has a short limits of ads and they give us free Dimond to even they gave us more then 100 Dimond every day ...... and it has to much fun and joy like a real Hollywood actress do many tasks... I like this game from the beginning but after few months I can't install this game again because of the updating process it is extremely poor..not only I'm facing this situation many other people are too.. I love this game but please i request fix the updating process. I have played this game before on other devices and it was amazing but had to delete them. And now I am playing this game on my other phone .just letting you know it such a fun game if your in to fashion then this is the right game for YOU.

Energy runs out too fast must spend diamonds for most things When I obtained my rewards for tasks BUT since I had a full energy bar it didn't give me the extra energy earned from rewards.. Wouldn't recommend this game.. This is such a good game!! I don't even think it shows any ads!(well for me it doesn't) yall should download it. My only request is that they add more hairs cus most of the hairs are a little ugly... It's pretty fun at first but the farther you get the harder it is because it takes so long to get more energy that you have nothing to do but wait for hours. Still I download it like every 2 months and start playing again cause I do love this game.. Fun game, right idea, but the bad words and the diamonds, WAYYY to hard and rare to get. I mean, I only have 2 RIGHT NOW. Pls fix, ASAP... and the energy WAAASSSTTTEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Nice game! In the beginning it's not so much of cost but after sometime it gets really expensive and they give you so many quests in which you have to spend money and in Manhattan the price of the dress reaches up to 100 or 200 diamonds and the energy gets finished and I can't shoot my movie. And then wait for the energy to get refilled. It makes me drive mad. They will tell you to take the fashion arena where we only have one dress to wear and the other dresses to buy are so expensive..

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