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Live an amazing musical life. A Life in Music, you have a great chance to experience this musical story for yourself, which should not leave anyone indifferent. Our main characters Antonio and Silvia will definitely never forget this summer. It was at this point that they met when they were in high school. Both of them love music and are crazy about it. A beautiful 2D horizontal scrolling game with unique rhythmic design elements.

In this story, the life of our heroes will constantly intersect, and with the famous maestro Giuseppe Verdi. His compositions will sound everywhere, and you will have a certain choice of what and when to listen. A large number of heroes, unique locations, as well as truly original tracks.

Explore all nine exciting chapters to learn everything at once and in one go. Excellent graphic performance, you can visit different places and look at this beautiful world. Encounter over 30 cool pieces of music, learn 20 characters, and complete this rhythm toy to the end. It is she who will allow you to open completely new postcards from the life of the great maestro.

A Life in Music MOD

It's great. The graphic isn't bad. The art, songs, moving ,conversation and story line are great. It's feeling me like watching a movie. I really like these kinds of's real wonder even if it's offline. But I'm sad for about sad ending. I recommend all guys to play this game if you want to play relax and stay calm.I really like. But it's doesn't take time much for end.It's short.I just want to play a story without ending. Is it possible??. Man istg idk how to explain this piece of art am just speech less for this masterpiece, plz do more guys, u are geniuses and smart guys, anyone seeing this comment i recommend you to download this game as soon as possible, don't waste time, if there was 6 stars i would give it masterpiece. What a legend app i really love thiss it's sooooooo good i felt various of emotion. i cried several times! I don't how to express what i felt in this app i heavily recommend thisss again this is the best app i install. I literally forgot my problems this is like a comfort app to me.

A Life in Music APK

If it wasn't for that wonderful ending you have this game could've ended up in my favourites. Please either add another ending based on choices or consider a sequel. Even though asking out for this after 4 years may sound stupid I really donot want such a beautiful story to end up with this.. A wonderful game I played in my life.....but this game had a sad ending...and i also cry a bit in the Act 6 and after the Act 9.... Antonio and Silvia a wonderful story game.... really i loved it and thanks for made this like game.....most of the users want to Play the part 2 of A Life in Music.....and me too.....Please make part 2.

A Life in Music APK

Played this game like around last year and I must say it is very enticing. It has a heartfelt and moving story in which two teens are very passionate about music and of course they find each other and start to develop this strong love and affection, however the story might not end in the way you have anticipated it to, so embrace yourself and embark on a new journey... -A Life In Music.. This is alright. I usually like slow/story based games. This game is definitely held back by its translation though. I also think the artstyle is alright at best. The entire game is free though, and has no ads, so I definitely recommend at least trying the game out to see if you'd like it..

A Life in Music APK

Absolutely amazing work! The story telling is really so amazing that it's almost overwhelming. Nice visuals, character design and character building. It is really a work of art. The ending was bit sad tho... Eitherway I don't usually post any comments but this one really compelled me to do it. Well deserved guys. Would love to play more. The story is really amazing, starts as a generic teenage love story but gets a interesting twist on the way. The reason for 4 stars is the musical mini game, the pictures you unlock by playing it are not related to the story, but are cool pictures of the past about the composers that are mentioned in the story. The actual problem is that it's not very well optimized: you can very easy miss notes, especially when there are the double hits. This game doesn't require this kind of mini game..

I had a fun experience playing the game. The story is so sweet and wholesome. I love the interaction between Antonio and Silvia (besides the conflict, of course.). The art style is just amazing. And there's a little musical game, too! I highly recommended to try and play this game.. This is truly a heart touching masterpiece with a great story. In brief, it is perfect blend of multiple emotions along with the involvement of music. This thing makes it more unique. It is the best game I have ever found in play store. I will be honoured and thankfull if you reply to this humble comment of mine. I am humbly requesting you to make another part of this game with a happy ending between Antonio and Silvia.

i love it but i hope y'all can fix the beat part? idk but whenever i play it, my taps cannot read? i'm just sad the fact that i did everything but still it can not. i also hope that it will have a part 2? sequel? please... It was a beautiful game really,but I have a problem,I can't save the game when I take a break.i was on act five and then having to go back in act 1 really frustrate me...if you could fix this problem please thank you.

The graphics and the story is good but heartbreaking too, When I was at act 3 or 4, I knew that Antonio have a crush on Silvia because he blush also Silvia kisses Antonio's cheeks which means They like each other. Act 9 is very emotional and even when Antonio kissed Silvia as a goodbye kiss, I wish there's a part 2 of this game.. Good and emotional game and music is also good but we're fond of a perfect ending and I personally don't satisfy with the ending of this I mean ending has no sense until you have a plan for part 2 if you have then you are worthy of 5 star rating.

i like it, but.. the ending:( why?? :( i thought the opposite way that will happen:( i was so inlove with them being together and it hurts it turns out the opposite way:(((( anyway its a good game despite its short. Absolutely amazing work! The story telling is really so amazing that it's almost overwhelming. Nice visuals, character design and score...... I don't usually post any comments but this one really compelled me to do it. Well deserved guys. Would love to play more..

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