NameMurders on Budapest
ReleaseBuff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)

Adventure quest with atmospheric gameplay. Murders on Budapest is a very exciting and atmospheric adventure quest with interactive gameplay, made in the messenger format.

The developers have prepared for you a non-trivial plot and an entertaining investigation. During the game, you will help the main character solve murders, restore the chronology of events, and so on.

The main game events unfold in a certain estate, where a group of people ended up in the hope of waiting out a sudden storm. Suddenly, a mysterious murder occurs on the estate. Everyone present is in a panic and confusion because now each of them is both a potential target and a possible killer. Your task is to conduct a thorough investigation and find the killer.

Murders on Budapest MOD

Very unique and fun game! I wish there was a ticket winning wheel to get free tickets without watching ads or purchasing tickets everyday.. Its worth your time. Really entertaining, breaking the 4th dimension all the time, and you can never really know where the story is going, and YES; the decisions affect the story. However, one negative comment I have is that once I get to my first ending, the dialogue is already known for the most part. So I speed through it and when my tickets run out I don't wanna watch a 30 second add just to play again for 20 seconds. Hope that makes sense. But still this game deserves a lot more recogniti. The story line is really engading and interesting but I can't buy tickets with ads only money. Like why can't I watch ads to buy tickets, aren't you Devs still earning from their??... For that I'm uninstalling the game asap. Too meta for me at times but still good. Multiple endings is a plus but it's too much pain to watch ads to accumulate tickets only to not get a different ending.. Really enjoyed the game very much. 4 star because it has many endings and have to play many times to get a proper ending. Although a great game.

Murders on Budapest APK

Love the game although I wish choices don't consume that much tickets, you have to stop and watch an ad to gain 30 tickets which will end in a couple of choices. But overall great and fun game . Ti thy c nhng cha hiu v lc ti c 30 th n pht tr li b -5 v ti cho 4 . Absolutely fabulous game, the story is really good and subversive. The game is also clearly self aware and funny at times. It's not the fastest game you'll find nor does it have the best UI you'll find, but the core story and choices of it are legitimately one of the best out there. Easy 10/10 from me. Its interesting. The story is full of breathtaking mystery. But I havent finished it yet. Somehow I am enjoying it..

Murders on Budapest APK

i really love a good story and concept, and even a good use of ads system. we get what we want you get what you want, benefits.. Love the story but getting free tickets is a hassle. Whenever I use ads it just says no fill every time. It would've been a perfect game but it gets so annoying to get tickets.. You need tickets to continue and the only way to get them is to watch ads or pay. There is no timer to make you wait or if there is, you don't see it. I left it for a few hours but when I came back I still had 0 tickets. Unless you like ads or you rich, not worth it. Hi, I bought some tickets in the app and they are not credited in my game. I send the email and not answer my questions..

Murders on Budapest APK

This game is very good,I really like this.I like these type of games like Detective games.I really thought like who is the killer but you should improve the ending story instead of rahee there should be another murderer.. First off something really strange happened: it never installed the game apparently, but I played through till the first ending? Kind of sad to lose all of the achievements and the first ending. If not for that wierd bug, this is a 5/5 star game. It is witty and entertaining, thought provoking and truly enjoyable. Yes it is fairly easy, but it's an interactive story not a full blown RPG. You interact via choices. The story is epic, the characters rich and funny. Overall would recommend!. The story is quite good. I like the characters and the settings. But is less scarier than I thought it would be. Still I like the gameplay. But ngl the story 7 days is better in my opinion.. I like this game it's good and I love the twist cool story but some times the story goes everywhere would play again.

Fantastic story line. I personally didn't like medicated ending or extreme ending which paints main character as mentally ill. Bonus ending was also unnecessary. Could have been more fun if npcs were not aware that they are in a video game. There is no need to bring main character's alter ego into the story. Apart from these minor defaults, I find the story immersive and thrilling. Especially the killer part. Story especially the mystery part was logical and sensible.. I love this game so far so many plotwist!! I already finish this game make more this kind of game please!! I give it five stars I RECOMMEND THIS!! DOWNLOAD THIS . I love this game soo much . Tyere is a good story and I'm feel like I'm reading a manga and with the background music it being amazing . And i want to improve my english skills with that. So Thanks so much. For the first time I'm writing a comment for a game so quicly i guess. Thank youuuuuuu . It's buff studio, makers of "7 days", it's always a good time with them. It's artfully done, easy to use, and definitely what you think it is. If it's anything like what they've done before, I promise it's something to check out..

Was skeptical at first playing through chapter 1, the choices don't really matter and dialogues are silly, but soon I was hooked Pretty funny, ngl, love the quirky characters and those ridiculous fourth walls, no jump scares or at least they were... really bad attempts. People can easily pinpoint the culprit, endings are cliche, but overall still fascinating. You did go easy on the ads, didn'you? Not that hard to get tickets but it gets annoying after a while. Recommended . So far I love this game. The story looks intriguing. It's not complicated to play, and thats perfect for someone who doesn't like to be tapping on buttons here and there (If that makes sense). I like simple games, so this one is right up my alley. It's a pretty cool game. You should give it a try for sure. Sorry to say as someone who loves buff studio games, this was one of the worst games by buff studio but don't take my opinion for not downloading the app as everyone feels differently!. This is an awesome game must try I usually don't give reviews but this oneee is aweeesome I suggest to create more like this Maybe part 2 or another like this one I can't waitttttt!!!!!!(> <).

This game is awesome and is best for horror-thriller lovers ...... I am from the ones who hate such games... But after playing this game i realised that horror games are nor that bad as I used to think, I gave it 4 stars because of these 2 reasons 1- users always have to watch ads to earn tokens and play further 2- story is short (according to me) and i think personaly that this game should be in parts with contiuation of story . I hope thees issues will be resolved Thanks Neeti. Boring. Just tap the screen to progress dialogue on a cell phone (even when you're supposed to be standing right next to people). Choose one of 2 dialogue options. Rinse and repeat. (And why are there 2 games exactly the same except the title of one of them has an exclamation mark? Seems sketchy...). Wow such a fun game! They don't make games like this anymore nowadays reminds me of early 2007-10 period. Much love from India . A mystery story game . The story was really good and suspense thriller too. I really enjoyed it . But the tickets buying is not yet good , we should buy tickets to continue the game . We should buy them by paying or watching ad . Many ads . This is the minus point in it . Still developments are required for the best experience . Because we don't know how many hearts we got ! And also we have 6 endings but we should play whole game 6 times for the 6 endings , this is somewhat boring actually ..

The story is exceptionally exciting and the play through is very easy and fun. For those who saying there are too many ads, how a game supposed to earn then? Since you're playing free atleast have some brains for why the ads are.. You get 30 tickets each time you watch an ad so you yourself decide the pace of how long you'll play, which I love because I hate when the game itself decides your pace so then you have to wait hours or a day in order to play which will make you hate the game and uninstall it and leave a review on the bad pacing in the game. Murders on Budapest is funny, breaks through the 4th wall, when you choose a bad choice the characters in the game itself will give you advice in order to get the true endin. I love the story and the plot. The characters are good, too. And I love the jokes! Way to entertain!. Great game not always serious and has its own fun parts which is lovely. Every character has a goof development so its difficult to point out the killer. The creators really kept in mind how people would react to certain actions. Continue the great work..

ha p, ct truyn th v. S hay hn nu t i tm manh mi. The Ending-C gave me the 'Shutter Island' feel. So far the game is good and I love the story with a good mystery.. Really fun and unique story/endings with a plot that isn't your typical murder mystery. The game also doesnt take itself too seriously with its occassional 4th wall breaks and lighthearted dialogue.. I love this game dude wow iam in the starting of the game and iam loving it man the story is so awesome and cool.

An amazing game with the most unpredictable plot twists,I was hooked throughout the entire thing. Thank you for making such an awesome visual novel,I can say for certain that it's one of the best I've ever played through! Thanks you so much for the experience . This is really an awesome game, after being updated it got really better, the story is really good, and because of this, I couldn't stop playing it. The main character's (Doyle) personality is something I haven't seen in many mystery games. I discovered the 1st ending, and there is soo much more to be discovered. I really want people to play this game. <3 !. These types of games are alright but getting tickets as a f2p is a pain when you need to watch ads EVERY SINGLE TIME for like THREE decisions. Daamn this is a very interesting game with a lot of plot twists. The story is awesome, the ads doesn't pop up too often and the ticket system is good. Btw, can you tell me which one of the endings is true (a/b/c/d/e)?.

Omg reviewing first time ever in play store, worth playing this man, seriously I BET U CAN'T guesS THE KILLER TILL THE END , man gotta say , awesome storyline , characters and all stuff , wow full of mystery, suspense, and thrilling too , worth playing ;) great job Dev's !!!. Its fun! A graphic novel, "make your own story" style gameplay makes it interesting but given its length it gets monotonous. Also, it requires you to play twice to reach the best ending. Perhaps, changing the way we earn tickets to make choices within the game can also help to make it interesting.. This is one of the best visual novel games I've ever played. The thrill, mystry, suspecions, investigations and plot twists are super super good. I will continue to play more games from these game developers. 10/10. Love such mystery games that includes various endings. I basically liked parts where every character felt like being a target and sometimes that tricked me. The artwork, background music and the dialogue were absolutely fun. I think my favorite Character was Pluto . The ticket system works well and I didn't face any issue. Keep up the great work! .

I just started playing it but the games in I've played so far from you are all astounding! Keep it up!. Great game I never play game like this it has a good story who made this game he is very good story maker. I really liked this game before and I didn't have any problem to watch ad for 30 tickets but now even through I watch the complete ad it's not giving me my ticket. this game has a good storyline but when I made an in app purchase, the purchase failed, but my money has been deducted, the game only gives a network error notification please fix this bug.

This was an amazing experience! The storyline, the suspense! The plot twists at the end! I love everything you guys put forth. Please always entertain us with your great work and thank you for your great consideration to players who cannot pay.. The best game ever I love it please download ads co.e rarely storyline is amazing means amazing I loveitt. This game was as I expected it to be and I love the art style they used this game surely deserves 5 stars. I like the game but after the chapter 1 or 2 u have to pay to play, that's their wish but it don't let players to play the game ,If they like the game they donate to you it's just advice otherwise your wish.

I like the story and the game but u gotta watch a ad or pay to complete it the ticket should be gainable by timers. Good game and I like the story line more even though I am little confuse of ending rather than its a very good game. This game is really so good! I really love the storyline! The little humorous bits and the moderately scary parts were goodI like the animation and the characters! Installed it yesterday and very pleased with the game, the creepy music is just so well-made! I've discovered buff studio from the game called underworld office which was equally addictive! The only annoying part is that we need to watch ads to get tickets, I wish the tickets we'd get by watching ads was more than 30 maybe 60? ^-^. This very intersting game! It is very good and addictive! It is like a comic! Must download! This one of my best downloads on play store.

Awesome experience, I just beginning but I like it, there's some text in Brazilian Portuguese that's missing some stuff, when they mentioned about the black cat book.. I like this game. This game made some twist, references, and fun. But there is a problem and need to fix it. The Game brings me back to start without finishing the game yet. I almost finish the game. The main cause of this is After the ad is finish, I go back to gain the ticket, but remains loading. So I decide to Quit and rerun the game. When I rerun the game, the game put me at the start. (Note: Luckily, The Achievements, Events, and Timeline did I already meet are did not disappear.). Only on the 2nd part and missed something in the 1st cause you can see if you've missed anything with one of the tabs and I have to say I'm freaking loving it right now . It is a good story and game. But the ads are a huge problem. They take away from the immersion and story. One decision costs 5 tickets and 1 ad is 30 tickets. So you have to watch a lot of ads to play the entire game. Pretty pathetic..

So far loving it. There seems to be no option for skipping through text a bit quicker, and some sound effects can be quite loud, but that can be adjusted in the settings. The humour in the game is my favourite part so far. Edit: I return to the game and a few tickets are gone. I then click on a choice and the rest of my tickets dissapear after it says I don't have enough. I do not understand what the tickets are for, and it doesn't explain anywhere.... This game is great. The story is entertaining and possibly some romance and I feel like that adds a more suspencful feeling to the game.. to continue the story, you have to watch ads or pay. Initially you have full credits enough to get you intrigued. soon you realize every decision costs 5 credits. and each ad gives you 30. in each story there's quite alot of decisions that are pointless. like what to say, because some choices lead to the same result. slightly above avg story though..

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