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An incredible world of multiplayer games where you can visit real theme parks. Each of the users will be able to conquer this three-dimensional world, which will try to resist you.

First, you will need to download Roblox for Android, and only then will you embark on this incredible world of design. All players will be able to design their parks, compete in the world of professional racers, and become real stars or a superhero. In addition, you are allowed to build the real house of your dreams, where you can spend your free time with friends.

The main thing here is the imagination, as well as an incredible fantasy that will help you build a unique creation. Here you will be able to play with all your friends who will also be able to explore these virtual worlds.

First, you need to create your character, customize his avatar, and dress him in something decent. To do this, you will have a huge selection of a wide variety of hats, suits, and much more to make it beautiful.

Communication with friends is very simple here, so any user can communicate with you. You can download Roblox for Android for free, but then you will experience real pleasure in this world with your friends.

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I love that there are many games on roblox and there is a good amount of time on the wait for the game but because I had to make a new account I am giving it a 3 star and can you stop making updates. ROBLOX IS 1.5 GBS. Im mobile player so my game is very laggy but It's still a good game. And also sometimes my outfit disappears after I put it on it's kinda annoying.. AMAZING GAME!!! I gave this game 5 star cuz all the games are fun , well put to together and JUST A AMAZING:). I love roblox have to pay 25robuxfor bloxbury and for some all reason I win the games but don't get no robux and you have to pay real money for robux.. We need to talk. You banned the wrong account concerning unauthorized and disputed purchases. The account responsible for those actions is still active..

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The best game i ever seen, and it's on 3 stars because the oof sound is deleted so it will be on 5 stars only if you return oof sound and when i make outfit it always reset it without clothes. I first thought this was a trash game after I played some good games I loved especially because I love to make my own games... Hello Roblox.. I really like this game but I knew that your atr deleting Brookhaven wish is makes me really sad about it.. Pls pls plsss try your best for not deleting the game.. It's not our problem if kids are afraid of scray faces. they just could not play it. This is the best hangout spot with friends I swear pls pls. The only game that I spend hours on it... Thank you for your understanding May you listen about all the reviews that talk about Brookhaven.. . This game is good Thank s If this game was not out what would I do Thank you for putting this game on the app store.

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MAN!! THIS game is amazing good graphics amazing features and expoloring open world Games but this what I hate when updates come and 3-4 hours takes btw unfortunately it's not this case of problem because it's just enjoying the game my fav experiences are brookhaven and evade. Roblox is the best game ever.We can design our avatar and play games whatever we want to play and we can purchase robux to look our avatar even cool with cool items and with robux we can buy premium in games and the real premium in the roblox we can buy.This game plays youtubers too.The rules:when we play a game in the roblox we see someone is bullying u or hacking or exploding then u can report him/her and then they will get ban for 1 day and if u said I'm a hacker in game then u will get ban.. Really nice game,I used to play this like 5 years ago and when i started playing again the nostalgia hit hard,great game!. yug dengan sangat penting di tempat untuk tidak dapat menjadi tidak dapat di tempat mereka tidak usir mereka di tempat mereka di dalam dekapan pemuda di tempat mereka di dalam sebuah tempat di dalam p gambar di tempat mereka di dalam sebuah buku dalam dekapan tanganmu masukkan hanya untuk tidak dapat menjadi satu lagi di dalam sebuah buku dalam sebuah buku dalam sebuah tempat di dalam dekapan tanganmu masukkan ke dalam.

Roblox APK

HELP!!! I CAN'T FIGURE HOW TO UNLOCK NEW WORLDS IN UNBOXING!!@ I love Unboxing Simulated game. I love the bold colors used for decorating in both games. I do not know how to trade proficiently. I CANNOT PLAY ADOPT ME ANYMORE. THE ITEMS ARE TOO LARGE AND I CAN'T GET TO MOVE TO AREAS. I PLAY ON MY PHONE!!!!! H E L P !!!!!!. Amaaaaaazing I have this game for 4 years and it's amazing but can you put a BIG update plz It'll BE GREAT . this game is very good, and online but when you sign up you will keep getting hacked and when we log in the user name and the password is getting wrong and discount come's and it's very hard to get robux and maybe hacker's will hack us it's very annoying I gave this -5/10(negative 5) and why bully's are there to and when I trying to get inside of the game when I'm bored and I saw I got hacked and I lost my friends . This game is average you could make alot of friends but sometimes the game is not that good but overall its not that bad.

This game is really nice but sometimes the camera moves wierdly and don't get me started on the online daters but I love it and u should definitely download it. Roblox is a very fun platform with lots of games. I really enjoy playing roblox but there are a lot of reasons why i only gave it 3 stars. 1 of them is Robux. It is real money that you pay for stuff like gamepasses,avatars and more. I use to love getting robux now I think it's a waist of money. There are a lot more Bugs on Roblox so i can't name them all.But I do a Reccomend roblox to those who would like to!. The games great but I have a glitch were if I use my mobile data it gets stuck on joining server but other than that it's pretty fun. The best game ever there are so many obbys killing games and many more .The best game of roblox is 2 games .The 2 games are murder mystery and tower of hell.

I. LOVE. THIS!!!!!! ROBLOX HAS DINOSAURS, GODZILLA, AND X E N O M O R P H S (xenomorphs) I LUV THIS GAME!!!!!! I will play this Everytime! (Except when I do school work....) (And when I want to watch tv and look at vids on my phone and YouTube) THANKS ALOT FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!!! : Edit. I love this app but.... Man the updates... THE UPDATES. At this point they be spamming updates every 5 seconds, of course that was a joke but it updates way too much, maybe calm down a little guys?. Soooo gooood and for free girl if i new what it was like before i would have thought it costed a fortune. I love this but i can't download/update although the games are fun is my opinion dm me.So that basically means i have to quit but i will miss my friends on there but i just hope y'all enjoy baes and i like bladeball And other stuff. Im so done, i hate roblox suspend thingy, i ALWAYS play with vc cause i love to talk with people but i always get suspended for literally nothing. I dont swear, i dont say bad things, i do nothing bad just to get suspended. Moderators are really useless they dont even help...

If you are alone go on Roblox because you have your friends on Roblox. Roblox does' nt have normal friends it has technology friends. I love Roblox and you will love it too im very sure . theres a lot of games but when it updates i can't play it because my phone is quite old and i always have to delete the app and install it again. I LOVE IT! (laggy tho) there is some things that should change like the private server it shouldn't expire cuz sometimes with some games you have to pay like 100 robux or just some robux on it so yeah byeee. It is quite good but It would be a five but there are alot of hackers and scammers so I wanted them to be banned.Stay safe. This is my most fav game l love it so much that l play it everytime and that l wish to finish my study's so l can play it everytime but the problem is that when l update it it says error my connection is good and my phone is still new but it still says error l delete then download it doesnt install this is why lm now quiting roblox and my friends also have the same problem so pls fix it to be able to play in all kind of phones be it iPhones android tablets etc pls roblox l rlly didnt want to do.

Roblox is Soo good! The games I recommend are adopt me Mm2 and Brookhaven! Also you can make so many friends in this game if you are having a hard time Making friends!. It's an excellent game, but there is censorship when typing something into the chat. It would be great if this could be fixed. Have a nice day.. Love the games definitely in my top 5 games and I have been playing this game for 6 years and it has and will always be in my top 10 or 5 all well most of my family play this amazing game and if I'm ever bored this is the game I go to and most of my family members have been playing this game for a n way longer time than I have been on it like once I was on roblox for about 2 weeks and about 7 hours or even more so I rate this app a 4 out of 10 because some off the games kick me off alot . This game is so good but sometimes i lag to much and get kicked like when in murder mystery i through the knife at them but it goes through them and when i spawn everything is grey.

There is lots of games in Roblox and best of all is that you can create your own game or cloth.

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Murder in the Alps


v10.0 • July 17, 2023

Hollywood Story


v11.14 • January 27, 2024

Dinosaur Car


v1.1.7 • February 22, 2024

Adventure Island 2


v1.1.3 • August 24, 2023

Ninja Dash Run


v1.8.8 • January 9, 2024



v1.31.64.65814 • January 19, 2024