NameDark Riddle

The worst neighbors will annoy you. Dark Riddle, of course, everyone knows what kind of problems your neighbors can create. Sometimes you get incredible silence, but mostly the most wicked look and crazy weekends. In this game project, you will meet someone who keeps surprising secrets.

You must get into his house completely unnoticed, go through all the traps, and get to the bottom of the truth. You will like this crazy thriller, and the game will take place in the first person. You have only one task, by any means to find out the secret of your neighbor. As soon as he moved into a new house, some oddities immediately began. He now lives across the road, but he does not understand at all what is happening there. The neighbor is irate, never leaves his side, and constantly hears strange sounds near his house.

One night you saw him pulling a strange bag out of his house. It becomes terrifying, but it is also clear that something weird is happening in this house. We must solve all the puzzles, discover secrets and find out what this bastard is hiding. Beautiful graphics, a lot of exciting moments, and a great pastime.

Dark Riddle MOD

Hello paga games this game is better than my game free fire so I played and completed for so many times good game keep upgrading this game bye. It's really nice game tho but the problem is that it TAKES TOO MUCH TIME TO LOAD ....! And I have played it a lot it's a good game but it stuck a lot.. Continue the ,4 part please I finish the all chapter space I will win the chapter pls continue the 4th chapter. Unknown levels are there I like it Unbelievable levels,super interesting game Super,super, super super game I like this game. This game is vary good but this is I solved the basmant but I dont lern the basmanbut the game is so intresting I give 5stars.

Dark Riddle APK

Outstanding game and interesting ge in the world I have ever played ... I need chapter 2 of Dark Riddle Game Thank you so much Paga Group to make this game .... It reset my game randomly and now i lost so much progress i had so much items in my game fix this and I'd give the game 5 stars. This game is really fun I play this game like 2 years ago and can you please make the Minecraft level 2. Nice game forever but it doesn't have this kind and send me back mad at home i have sendoff with super display and send my love for you dear friend age 20.

Dark Riddle APK

This game is not work please do something with this game only I see her house so i g8ve 1 star THANKYOU. It is very exelent game and when we go to the Basement it is some hard other levels are so easy. The great game of India is these.i like this game so so so so so so so so i Iike the great game.. But it is not download in my mobile but I will rate 5 star because when you look the games is amazing..

Dark Riddle APK

This is how DR 3 goes its been 5 years and a detective has come to suspect the neighbour but he has a security robot for his not so looking good house but you need clues from other people but they are not amused by you going to their property. Change it back to old city old city is way better than the new city also remove the neighbors pet cat and also bring back the tutorial button also when the spring event will come can you guys remove the case guide When Are You Gonna Finish The Case Guide With New Characters Mary And Mr Brancy. I've played this game for 1 year and 4 months it's really good I deleted the game for more space on my iPhone 12 I got an iPhone 14 I almost forgot to download this game well ill give it 4 stars it's because if I get caught 1 or 2 times i can't respawn for some reason I have to restart da game it changes either 1 or 2 on my iPhone 14 pls fix it. This was a good game.... I have play ever... But the problem is that plsss.... Remove the ads by the way the game is soooo goood and fantasy... Thanku paga games.... .

The tiny rocket with asteroids stage is impossible to solve it would be 5 stars if it was easier i tried the same stage like 56 times and everytime i cant complete it. Gud i like it love you sthis game mddag hakkg jgdsahjlo hhdsh.bbdfjuuk .kvcdfg kgrrr you have any problem of the week is going on with you and I hope your day goes by that I thought of. It very good game enjoying to attack on dark riddle please continue with the same level 4 when you make level 5-6-7-8-9-10 ,. Desc Sca Ebn zdkmvx Djhdskmmk Sangdmjhvnmm SAhahnmcdd Good morning beautiful Aehhdm SrzzYdhxc And yes. Fresh Gdnnmvx. N, MvvnsksjckvxkiJjcvjkxkbnkcmzkvknk no ono Fjv vgehv. Tnvj inu.

Amazing game I ever played. But I have a complaint i.e. When we went into basement duplicate neighbour should be out from basement . This game is very interesting and good . When I am bored I always play dark riddle to make my mood . I love this game very much always. I am very satisfied with this game.. I play in my childhood cuz kill neboirhoos addicted to this game.,vampire Viji and the book of a movie.. It perfect fake hello neighbor it's perfect but can I get advise on how to beat the alien ship part. yah game bahut achcha hai problem problem hai ki ismein kuchh bhi hota nahin hai kam kar rahi ho 5 star.

Loved the game..I really enjoy it but can u add the an option in the game where we play online or invite our friends like there are two player who goes in the house and one player who catches them with real people who are doing it not the computer system . I mean that we can also be the one catch the person and invite our friends. Nice job this is great you guys did a great job creating this master piece.I already finish level 4.Thank for adding clues to this game.

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