NameHorse Runner: Games 2023
ReleaseGames Huss Studios

Classic side-scrolling platformer. Horse runner: Games 2023 is a classic arcade platform game with runner elements for Android mobile devices.

You have to go through dozens of levels in the walkthrough mode and an unlimited distance in the access mode. In this platformer, In a passing manner, successive levels await you, on each of which you must collect gold coins. By the way, you will manage a cute horse that needs these coins. In principle, there is nothing extraordinary and unusual in the gameplay.

A typical platform game with an original design and an unusual hero in the title role. You will run around the location inaccessible mode until the hero hits some obstacle or trap. The horse runs automatically, and you have to make jumps promptly, poking at the appropriate button.

Horse Runner: Games 2023 MOD

It is horrible because it is hard to skip into another level. Wasted my data. Download game but there is NO game. Please fix or remove from playstore. Nice game for riving now do happy like your game and other hails for die. It is so calling and making your consideration on something a good game indeed . It's amazing I love how you customize the horse it's a great game, I recommend it . This game is good to play. And there were many twists while playing with the horse jump. Children can play this game and can enjoy a lot...... Super fun game I love the different levels I love it!!!!. Jhhhhhdhdhdhdhxhxhxjxjzjxjddjjdjdjxhxjxhxhxxhhxhxhxhxhxhdhdgdhdjdhsjshsbbdhdjdbxbdjdjdjbshdkdjdhdhdjznjdjgjgjgjgjgg the same to you early to ky bat to kal o i to you early next week and e ok bhai hhhshsbsjsjzjxvxbdkxkdbhdbdnxnxbzbxbnxnxnxnxbxnjdjxbzbnznznz you so Kai and e ok bhai ko bhi ha moj masti ki kholo dwar to kal marje a Tari Ben and I am ne mere vaste to ky Nazrul geeti Anup Singh ha ha moj sene a Tari wali se vivek kumar new git repository is the same to u all a Tari Nam er ekta. Good but once I finished the first level which was a bit too easy, the games made me rate it 5 stars to play the rest! So my real rating is 3. But I can't tell if this is the game but it seems like it, I just have a distant memory of when I was like 6 playing this game on my mum's phone at the doctor's and it was really fun back then, I've been trying to find it for years and years. It's just not good anymore... :(. Its ok. I'm not impressed with supet jake!! He cant jump!! I expected more :-(. I like this game so much no ads like others said and its even adventurous! but there are only 6 levels so... can you please add some more? I shall be very thankful to you.

Horse Runner: Games 2023 APK

Awesome so good ,i like its active game so i like so much but thanks a bunch. It's amazing with all the customisation it's really good! Nice app!!!. it is a very useful app to keep things organized...very nice game. I use this app and found better somany times from others.

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