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Side-scrolling adventure-style platformer. A toy for mobile devices, which is an adventure platform game in which you have to take control of a small black creature born in the Abyss and go on an amazing journey through the game world with it.

Nihilumbra is starting an exciting game. After the start, you will immediately take control of the nameless creature and, together with it, will try to get out of the Abyss. True, the voice-over will repeat to you every now and then that this idea is useless and you will still stay here since you are part of this universe. But the main character does not give up trying to get out of the haunted place to see new worlds and find peace.

In the end, he will be able to overcome obstacles and get out into the real world. However, even here peace is still far away. And here you have to help the main character overcome all the obstacles encountered on the way, the number of which will be more and more every time. In this world, the main character will have various abilities that you can use to overcome obstacles and move forward. To start the walkthrough, download Nihilumbra for Android and go.

Nihilumbra MOD

Could you guys tell us if we need to purchase the full game so we are aware please and thank you.. This game is fun but they should really make it to where as soon as you download the game you have the full game not make you have to buy the full game. I just played the demo and it honestly seems super fun I'm just having an issue with the purchase button in-game as it doesn't seem to be working and by that I mean it's completely unresponsive- nothing happens when I press it.. Game is good and simple But the touch control do not work properly in the frozen hill last part(level after viii) It becomes unresponsive in the last moment of clearing that level.. tf do you want me to pay for full verson atleast make it a game you have to pay to play it its stupid.

Nihilumbra APK

Great game but when you're forced to purchase full game, it wont let you. I love the game. Fix the purchase function. I don't know if its the simplicity or the complexities of this game that makes me love it but i do.. Nice game. Honestly loved the graphics, buttons could be bigger and the area for dragging your MC left and right should be more wider. I'm not redirected to any payment option so that's disappointing. Love it if it was more upfront with payments.. Love the game. Had an issue where the paid version didn't transfer to my new phone. They responded and fixed the issue in less than an hour.

Nihilumbra APK

Ok this game is good and I purchase the full version and please make the mobile easier and I was like wasting a MONEY.. I love this game, and it really got my attention, but it won't even allow me to purchase the full version. game is too nice but why we should purchase ..irritating ..owner ... hunger of money ....DIE SOON MF OWNER OF GAME... It's a very good game ,but sometimes u will really have to use it brain for it at times((maybe my mind is just slow )) but overall it's a lovely game and I enjoy it.

Nihilumbra APK

Amazing game,if you have a bit of time on your hands play this;it's so addictive and the visuals are amazing 10/10 . This game is really fun and has a good story but the buttons are really small. The game us not free entirely and it won't let me even try to pay for it.. Super fun game. Calming, cool narrating voice, cool abilities, awesome art. My only complaint is that when I click "buy the full version" I don't get sent to a purchase option. Also, it is a little disappointing they only give you a taste before slamming you with a buy wall. Anyway, fix the link to purchase full game and I'll change my rating.. I really like the game, but I would've gave it 5 stars if it didn't ask me to buy the next part..

Beautiful game, I wish it was full version for free or have ads every few times you die but I get why as it would take away beauty of game. They ask money after few levels.. we are here to play for free hope some other will create games without charging any money .. . Fun single-player action platformer. Interesting story with a unique premise. Fun departure from all the idle and clicker ganes. Note: Only the first levels are free. The only problem I have with it, is It wants you to use tilt controls. There is an option to use on-screen buttons, but the movement slider is so small I miss it and fail to move too often.. This game is interesting, to say the least. The mechanics were fun and creative to use. Didn't encounter any glitches or bugs at any point in the game. I'll add more once I complete it..

The game is actually fantastic, but it breaks like if you get off the game, if you leave it, it will basically freeze to a black screen and making your phone crash and unless you have like and Alexa are a bixbe you're gonna get stuck at that home screen until you basically find a way into your phone that allows you to change to your actual home screen show. The game is broken and bugged, but the game itself is good, it's just really badly needing to be working on. Stopped working won't load up just stuck on beautifun screen, annoyed as I've paid for it ,emailed devs months ago with no help on problem. Nice Game, loved the narrative voice. Stuck in lvl VII of THE CITY. As controls are not customizable. Controls could be better for andrdoi. Color pallets collapse instantly after selecting any color, affecting color changing speed. Suggestions: 1.Allow user to modify button placement. 2.Seperate colors and remover from color pallete 3.Allow user to equip 2 color at once(for example let user have 2 slot which hold different color). I'll update and edit post after some time or if I crossed lvl 7. The game play is awesome, but you REALLY have to do something about the controls. I've died several times because it's not registering even though I'm repeatedly pressing it to..

It's a pretty good game with a pretty good story line but it's not the full version so it's very short game if you're not buying the full version.. You put SO much heart into this game! The achievements are fun to get, the games story is well written, and the color mechanic is fun to utilize and explore! Fun and challenging, i HIGHLY recommend getting the full version, i think you could try making other games! I bet they'll be JUST as good as this one!. I played once and then it wouldn't let me play the game again it was stuck on the loading screen I tried to fix it like Uninstaller the game and reinstalling but it didn't work so maybe fix this issue please. The grafics ar nice and i ll'w perches the folvorsion sam day. It lias abinch fun and its cool. And it li'w be my veri first perches.

good game at first, but on the level where your get the ability to remove color it breaks and you can't move even if you do it correctly. This game looks so nice but I can't play it . Everytime I play it, I have to clear data of this game, so I have to play it from beginning. Amazing game except for the payment part not everybody can buy the full version wish you could add more free levels. One of the best games ever I have played..... Love this game and the Ending is beautiful........ What a journey!!!.

I would have gave this a 5 star but I need to restart it every time because I'm not gonna buy full version. Great game but when you get the orange color you can't finish that tutorial for orange because you can't jump up after sticking the crate to the wall and opening the door. Please fix I love this game.. As good on Android as PC. Played this on PC when it was first released, and was overjoyed when I discovered it had been released for Android.. I downloaded the game, and right off the bat, it didn't even load. There's no point in having if I can't play..

Amazing game I don't usually purchase anything in game but after seeing how beautiful the first half was I had to buy the expansion beautiful game whould recommend and buying the second half is definitely worth it . I Love this game it is incredible I love the voice acting and Adventure it is incredible a little soul from the void and getting to other world and what I just want to say is I download this game a long time ago I sneezed one time and accidentally clicked on this game I got a new phone and lost it. A few years later my brother somehow found it and I played I was stuck in the jungle part but got passed it and my parents bought it for me and I love it so much. My Name is Eric Scott.. it was awesome and cool until the ice level I got stuck Ona platform between levels and could get passed it no matter how hard I tried :(. Please Don't Install this Game because this was Required Money. After some level You Complete then this game have Required Money for Play this game.. So please Don't try this game Waste of Money & time....

The game is very good and fascinating oh how I wish I could purchase the full version,I enjoyed the demo though.Thank you game dev for putting efforts to making this magnificent game!. Starts off quite fun but gets really difficult really fast it's those pesky monsters are too fast when you have obstacles in the way and the cloud chasing you it's just to much and takes away all the fun sadly I have changed my mind and won't be buying the full game. this is the most beautiful game in the world the story, the Graphic, the sounds effects its beautiful. i lovee it. I love this game one of the best its hard finding good games but this one is amazeing just wish it was longer and had more colors i dont like yellow that much tho and red is ok but i want to see like one that makes you fly or one that clones you or one that lets you walk past walls.

This game gives a new experience to me ... I was bored playing same type of game but when played it i felt that this something different. Great game Haven't Encountered any of the stuff people have been saying might happen im not sure but overall game is gorgeous With excellent story And game play 4 stars only due to lack of gameplay after finishing story. This game was great until it asked me to pay money to keep playing. Needless to say I paid the the money and now it doesn't work at all. I open it and it stays on the main loading screen every time. I have tried hundreds of times. Also goes without saying, but I think I'd like my money back..

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