NameBeyblade Burst Rivals
ReleaseEpic Story Interactive

Beyblade Burst Rivals is to choose your character and join the confrontation. The most exciting duels, crazy conflicts, and all the exciting things that can await in this project await you.

You need to sort the tiles to apply your unique skills confidently ultimately. In confrontations, you can take advantage of crazy destruction that will help in many duels. Here, you will meet bladers, the most popular anime heroes. Please choose the best hero for yourself, start in these confrontations and become the best blader on our planet.

You have to collect unique blades that will be a real discovery. You will find yourself in a vast stadium, crush any opponent and solve the most critical problems. You need to make combinations confidently, take out the same objects and take advantage of your unique abilities.

Very bright and exciting graphics, completely diverse characters, and many exciting levels. The game includes fantastic improvements to take advantage of in various cases. You will like the anime story, so it’s time to start.

Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD

This the best beyblade game and I give it a 5 star because I love how you can level up the beys and there's a story mode also I hope you guys add more story modes and the multiplayer mode I like battling real people and it's fun my rank right now is 4698.... So I hope we can get matched up soon. Getting back to the game for the nostalgic sake and see if there were any good update. But when I login with my cloud account, most stuff I have collected including Legacy Beys are gone just like that. It seems like you guys has abandoned the game just like what happened to SIO2.. This is the most cheater game I ever see and when this game is cheating sometimes I am rage and I feel like I broke my phone. Absolutely stupid idea. It's nothing like a bayblade game in any way, That puzzle thing is so lame. If I could give it negative stars I'd be -100. Its good its one of the most played game on my phone ive been playing it for 6yrs really its awesome game and i hope the game devoleper will send me a rare ultra beyblade pleasee. But i will never delete this game but plss send me a rare ultra beyblade.

Beyblade Burst Rivals APK

Full of hackers bro literally its being impossible to rank up in world just cause of hackers why are you not banning their id's. This is the first game i willingly watch ads in, not too many of ads and the reward ads are really so good. Besides game is also great. Must try.. Great game over all I love all the graphics and specialities in this game however one problem is that it never got beyblade burst db and the game is just getting dry without any new updates but it's an amazing game overall I just hope there's new content coming soon. It's too difficult every level now I can't beat 5 star blades 5 star bey with huge levels u can't reach its not fair also the opponent's have infinite no matter how much u battle and u don't and they have so powerful scill I'm Tring to save Jems for the platinum pass but it's impossible each battle literally cry please fix this I'm begging u also 0 stars.

Beyblade Burst Rivals APK

Pls fix the game mostly about the hack or people using mod to win pls dev do banned system on the game. The game is super good but i am clicking but it refused that i start and i am waiting for the answer.. The game is good overall especially when you can get passes using in game money but i put it in 4 stars though not because its a bit hard for me but because when i try to redeem codes i cannot type certain letters. Bro game is overall good but a little request please provide more turbo chest or boxes in the game. And please update soon.

Beyblade Burst Rivals APK

This was super game , but not all beyblades are equal power and individual speciality , no new special events are coming . Overall this is my best game. Conduct tournaments like weekly and monthly. Daily (if possible). And conduct some tournaments to win some turbo bey loots. Moreover there is no equality in multiplayer session too. And the chance of get beys from loot is less than characters and avatar. We need more options to get all kind of loots. And also stop hackers from getting into multipleplayer session those idiots really suck. Focus on creating a equality in multipleplayer session. And give some updates please.. Great game. I only wish you guys would add every beyblade amd character from each series. That would make it so much more fun to go after our heros from past shows.. It is very very very very very very very very very very very very very good good good Good good good good game.

I'm giving it a 5 star review because I loved playing this game and I still play it occasionally but it doesn't get updates anymore and if it doesn't get an update anytime soon I'm going to give it a worse rating please just update it. Its a super nice game . I like it. But one problem that sometimes there is redeem code option in settings but sometimes not even after deleting and reinstalling its not so please fix this. I would give 5 stars but for the ads I gave this 4 stars but other wise it is a very good game. Yah bahut Achcha game Hai Lekin Yeh Hai Ki yah bahut time leta hai is game mein bahut timing leta hai.

I hate this why all the pro bey and plantinum bey don't give me what I want is your system error I want genesis valtryek. It's fantastic but sometimes the game quit in the pvp , and i hope that we can have some sparking bey's. I like this game very has good graphic nice playing control it's easy to earn diamonds and money by battleing with online and offline tournaments...... I like the game but in few days I completed the story. After that playing multiplayer frequently is boring. You should add more level or regular events..

It is toooooo op animational game and some times it's easy and sometimes it's hard but it's a game with a good story it's really having all the anime heroes and beyblades and avatar.. This game is extremely good, I payed this game so much but their is two things which is not good for this game, 1. This game is online but this game should be offline (except tournament) because every funtion in this game is offline function 2. If this game can't be offline please just not show ads because a online game doesn't make any sense of ads 3.The update are very slow at least we got 1 bayblade in 6-7 months... I don't know what to say about this game all things are perfect but i am facing a problem that each time I open the game my game just crashes after 15 minutes and close automatically it happen with me 20-30 times and it's so annoying. this game is the best game only thing you have to add that the bladers bey avatar we cant get them easily because loot box alway open 6 hour add a system of multiple selection.

Pls remove unskipable ads it's so annoying I can't even breath if you can do less ads maybe ill give 5 star, I really hate when after finishing one match i already got an ads it should be 2 or 3 match at least i can breath a little. Needs to add some ways to grind faster , nerf the time to open beys , and or YOU SHOULD ADD BEY STORE where you can buy the bey you want without being confused of the chances of getting the bey you want. And this game could be better if you add the bey controls Wich you can command your own bey instead of a single attack that takes turns , also it may be good if I could customize my own bey . Adding a training center would be a lot more better. Thanks I love the game so much:) LET IT RIP !!!!.

Download ( V3.11.2 )

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