NameHouse of Fear: Surviving Predato
Size76.24 Mb
ReleaseEscape Horror Games

Will you be able to solve the main tasks and survive in this house of fear? House of Fear: Predator Survivor if you consider yourself smart, you can solve all the tasks in this game project.

To begin with, there will be only three of them, but it will definitely not be possible to complete them quickly. Kill all the enemies in a row, solve the most incredible tasks and run away from your problems. Here you can do everything incredible, solve all possible problems and get cool bonuses. This is a brand new and very scary quest that you should enjoy. Find your own way out, try to do everything right, and move forward confidently.

Soon you will have to unravel the most important secrets, run away from the darkness and not be afraid of anything. Try to solve the most important puzzles, earn yourself an excellent reputation, and then plunge into an incredible atmosphere of fear. This is all the most terrible, scary, and absolutely incredible thing that you will have to experience. Beautiful graphics, a sea of ​​horror, and interesting puzzles, so you will need incredible courage in this adventure. It remains only to decide on everything that happens and go through this project to the very end.

House of Fear: Surviving Predato MOD

This is a really really great horror game I really love it 11 out of 10 is what I would write this. It's so amazing the graphics are bombing I love it if you are into scariness you should really try this game. The game is great but I waited years for the new monster and please add the new monster please am very excited for him. This game is so weak! All I do is walk around a cell. I can't pick up anything or move anything. All I do is it just stand there or crouch down under a table. How boring! So not scary. It is not fun or entertaining either. Lane! . Wooaahh this is my first time to play this game i realy like it a will play it avery day;-) ;-) :-) :-).

House of Fear: Surviving Predato APK

This is super cool and nice graphics and I have a request for the creator of the game can you make a multiplayer mode that I can play with my friend. I'm locked in a room and there's no way out. There's no hints or anything. It tells you to pay all the time and is full of ads every 20 seconds. I love this game,i really enjoyed the sandbox.uou guys really tried It looks so real ...i can't imagine... Lovely. Try playing it and my screen just keeps turning black. I hit my screen and it lights up for 1sec and then it goes black again. Must have a bug or something wrong with the game.

House of Fear: Surviving Predato APK

December to February a few minutes to hear about the same and prosperous New a good day I extend to February. What's the monster going to look like we're coming soon for the monsters coming out I'll give it a five star with this game is good I played it slasher the skeleton venom. This is pretty good, the graphics,controls and even the looks on the monsters 0_0 Also you even get to pick three types of predator and have multiple difficulties. However I'm wandering what are you guys trying to add cuz I've been waiting for that new predator for a loooooooooong time time still hasn't release, it better be something good other then that is worth downloading this game, give scary vibes too. This game is amazing but he scared out of me lol and he was very sk scary lol but i died game already bruh.

House of Fear: Surviving Predato APK

This game is actually made well for an indie horror game, although I do wish that there was a option to go into third person, developer please take this idea and use this.. Badest game i no every one have ever played no logic of this game and if any one sees my coment he will reply yes i am not sure that he will say or not but if he has the experience he will know this but i am not saying that i have the expirience i am saying please to the developer that kindly read my coment and i would like to say that you should more relastic feel in it.. The game was very fun especially its graphics are very good and the FX are good too and can you add some extra stuff like the girl can fight the monster?. Do not install thi game because if you do not have google play game services you cannot play this game. It is a very very bad game.

For all the people that say that theres too many ads just put your phone in palen mode and thats it.. Damn i didn't know the monster could go thru the vents i was trolling him until he go to vents then my reaction is shocking freaking idinr know that damn pls make it multiplayer. A good game there is some ads but what happened to that one game I think it was called the visitors with the red alien worm and it evolves I don't know that game got deleted but yes okay. I can even get out of the room like I just hear creepy sounds and I think it's like raining where every sound you make she'll just it'll just come towards you so I'm not sure what to do I'm playing the game right now like don't even play it like when they kill me I was like oh my God this is not even like rainy like it's scarier than rainy granny.

I hate it it 12 ads that come on every 2-5 seconds an the keys get suck an a ad about sex pops up ever 13-14 seconds fix or i will delete. This game its so good,i can switch ghost dementor,venom,and slasher...but please make new map in the update....i hope you make new map. Would be better with hand held weapons along with the traps. I always die when I'm not around any traps and where I have no where to hide.. Get rid of most ads i can't do anything when every 2-5 seconds and ad comes on, plus the controls get stuck and the game freezes. Please fix or i will delete..

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