Pepelo APK Mod 1.3.3 (Unlocked All)

Last update March 6, 2024

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An exciting side-scrolling cooperative puzzle game. Pepelo is an entertaining cooperative side-view puzzle game for Android mobile devices. In this game, you have to go through a series of difficult tests distributed over locations. Each location is one or more tests, after passing which you can move further in the game, that is, go to the next location. A key feature of the gameplay is the cooperative model. Almost all the puzzles present in the game must be solved through the interaction of several characters. That is, you can pass the test only with a friend in a pair. You can also play with other users through the online mode. There are more than 40 unique levels in the game, and on each one, you will find quite difficult puzzles. As you progress through levels, you’ll earn skins to help make your character unique.

Pepelo MOD

My LDR boyfriend suggested that we should play this game and the experience was so wholesome . Whole game was really amazing the concept and art as well . Overall a great experience but the only thing that I felt could have been improved was the controls...some time it's stucky ...Also the Indian server is not working for some reason . Overall we liked it a lot . Thank you. Bhut accha game hai or kuch cheeze mK khuga ki or hoti to better hota jaise ki online mai bhi patner ki help ho jye or level 50 hai pr sare better hai thoda or hard or difficult hona chiye or level zitna zyada hoge utna mza ayega baki mujhe game ko lagbhag 1 week ho gya sare level paar ho gye game kafi accha tha mujhe such mai bhut accha lga ye game Pepelo . This game is very fun but the thing isssss, the level are very stressfull.. but dont worry, this level of stress are actually very fun. So guys, please download this game, i really recommend this and also please bought the paid one too. Im sure yall will like it. It's fun playing with my friend but it became a lot stressful when you have to repeat the same level over and over again.. if you have high patience level then i recommend this game.. overall it was fun. This game is very attractive to play with couples one , i managed to finish all the 50lvls onwards, i think admin need to updated more exciting lvls maybe add more 50lvls until 100's lvl total .... Thats will be awesome!!!.

Pepelo APK

This is a very good game to spend with your partner, whenever and wherever. Everything is perfect. If you guys could make more levels it would be much appreciated. Thank you. Too laggy, art like trash, a lot of times game just bugged out and close immediately. Not gonna spend a single euro into this.. The game is good, but if you play online you can't chat, admin If the game has been updated, please change online mode so we can communicate with friends. It is so cute i always play this when im bored and sometimes i play it with my friends and classmates when they r not busy and they all love it if u play roblox this is perfect for you.

Pepelo APK

It's really nice, then it's suitable for those who already play LDR and I hope there will be more upgrade levels, then I hope the offline one can be fixed, the one that can join using hotspot, I hope it's updated. I love this game, so much. It was so hard yes but it's not impossible, i really love this sm!!! Thanks to developer.. The game was fun but the glitches was quite annoying and you should add a server area in Philippines. You should also add more levels so that my 60 pesos won't go to waste.. I hate this game in every sense i think their game developer is old person this game is literally so frustrating make me angry i hate this game I'm uninstalling..

Pepelo APK

What a gem of a game. I played with a friend and never laughed so much. You have to pay a small amount to unlock further levels, but I think it is probably worth it. The adverts were not too intrusive. If you fancy a fun game, try it with a friend. This game really does not deserve the low scores it is getting.. best gila game ni kalau main ngan gf or bf , loveee gila game ni tapi kadang ii geram jugak sebb asyik kalah je tapi sokay haha. it was fun and i enjoyed it a lot! But unfortunately, the next stage has to pay for the next level, and it's kinda disappointed .

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